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New creatures

Normal creatures and boss

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#1 SenZon



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Posted 07 September 2017 - 06:35 PM

I asked radu to create new creatures so he requested for a forums post.
[radu @ 6]: well, make a forum post about what kind of creatures you want
More to do enough said from level 1-179 we do have a lot of creatures in this game but isn't a change of scenery nice? From killing goblins for countless hours to spending months in Fluffy, Feros and Yeti cave. It is always a good feeling when you step up from your previous training creature or when you simply have more options on what to kill for exp and drops.
More invasion, instance and invance possibilities. Makes the game less predictable and adds that extra spice to things. The feeling when Ivan, Badaran, Neno, Casty and Bricker came to the game I was in awe. Just thinking of how to kill these marvelous beast to not knowing exactly what the drop can be still brings shivers down my spine until today! From nexus removals, oranges, day stones to 1 Gold Coin, killing these is always a surprise factor.
New drop possibilities, whether its just gold coins like Legionnaire Orcs and Trolls to books, weapons, arrows and stones. Nothing like the present to implement new drops to old and new creatures.
Learning experience, having to group up or learn the best way to solo a monster is always exciting. I received a few PM's on suggested monsters and the ideas are infinite! We already have monsters that summons monsters, brods, mirrors, I glows etc. But we still have room for plenty more. Mirroring arrows/damage, wielding scythes (bone of death) etc.
I am biased so I can't think of any, so you post why it would not be a good idea.
I will list some examples of just a few things that come to mind when thinking about new creatures. 
Examples :
Orchan, Gnome, Draegoni, Elf, Human and Dwarf can suddenly turn into many new creatures like
Legionnaire Gnome
Battle Boss Orchan
Armed Draegoni
Shy Elf
Mage Dwarf
This keeps it simple for adding since you wouldn't need new models but it still keeps the creature unique. You can multiply all the ideas above by making these creatures ride horses, wield different weapons and armors, different size scaling and clothing selections.
As for what these creatures stats and ability I will leave it the administration and other players to think about but here is a few ideas.
[frost @ 6]: Boss Orc 180/180 a/d
[frost @ 6]: :o
[frost @ 6]: Boss Orchan*
[Hauntzer @ 6]: 25k hp, mirror, glow, tinf, eva
[Kingpin @ 6]: Trump Orc 
[Kingpin @ 6]: or Kim Troll
[iCeVoDkA @ 6]: +1 jof
[frost @ 6]: Legionnaire Gnomes  = Perma Speed Hax and Uses Bone of death :)
[Kingpin @ 6]: anything will be interesting imo
[kav @ 6]: omg, we can make a bernie sanders! he does look like the bald gnome, make him a boss gnome :D
[RipTide @ 6]: invasion monsters with high cammo. fog of war effect
[PM from LittleLooter: invasion only mob - 500 hp, can only be dmged by arrows but reflects 100% of dmg done would be fun :D]

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#2 RipTide



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Posted 07 September 2017 - 06:50 PM

My simple list:


Fog of war. High camo for invasion monsters.


invisible red dragons hard to see. hard to know whats attacking you in a multi fight.


Invisible red dragons, same stats as a regular red drag, just invisible: a/d 150/150, health 3500


Yeti monster named Breaker tough on weapons and armor: Att/Def 160/135, phy 52, coord 52, reason 52. health points 900. High Crit and mirror.

Boss Hawk, uses phoenix model. (not sure stats, just an idea.)


Boss dragons with these perks (breath weapons): a red dragon with mana burn. Black dragon that poisons. Ice dragons with freeze. Blue dragons with glow. Each dragon can cast their spells multiple times.


Red Mars dragon: Attack/Defense 155/160. Health points 4500, p 48, c 48, r 12, w 4, i 28, V 4. carries dragon blade (like casty gsm)  to use mana burn perk.


Black Nero dragon: Att/Def 165/165 HP 4500. p 52, c 48, r 16, w 4, i 32, v 4. has poison (like skunks, red snake), mirror skin perk.


Ice Hail dragon Att/Def 175/170, HP 8000, p 52, c 52, r 4, w4, I 48, v 24. Carries titanium axe of freezing (like casty gsm). Spider paralyze perk.


Blue Titan dragon Att/Def 179/179, HP 15000, p 52, c 52, r 52, w4, I 24, v 52. Carries Scythe and SOM (like casty gsm). Self destruct perk or glow.

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adding stats to monsters

#3 Locuas



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Posted 07 September 2017 - 07:20 PM

Thumbs up for all SenZ's ideas, Very interesting and should bring more fun to game aswell.

#4 bigkav



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Posted 08 September 2017 - 01:27 PM

"The ones who think they are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs


I believe this will open up to more combinations for invances, instances, invasions, drops, methods for killing and variety that the game can sometimes need.

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#5 Diealot



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Posted 08 September 2017 - 11:45 PM

Bosses:Normal creatures:
  • Add varieties of 'armed' and 'legionaire' where not existing on current monsters (legionaire goblin, armed gargoyle, etc.)
  • Add swamp chimera
  • Add mountain, swamp, & forest troll
  • Add Feral cats, slightly higher stats than current cats, and aggressive.
'New' world bosses/creatures:
  • Phoenix - give it regen somehow, high chance to respawn. Let it inhabit the firey places of EL. Give it something fancy to drop
  • Leonard (beta) - a 'friendly' c1 lenny that's non-aggresive and drops a random fur (leonard fur included as a possibility) and maybe some other something. Still a bit difficult, but not terribly hard.
  • Ghost of _____ - a 'clone' of a player currently online, random location spawned. Give it something fancy to drop
None of the above require a new sprite. Coming up with new creatures isn't difficult.
Radu can decide what stats to give everything.

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#6 saxum



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Posted 09 September 2017 - 12:32 PM

This has been missing for a long time since there is nothing special for leprechauns (not used for novac or haidir, etc):


King of the Leprechauns - after killing # of leprechauns (or randomly after killing a leprechaun if that is too hard) he appears invisible and if he hits you with his magic dagger he steals gold coins from you and then runs away.  He has speed hax without cost. Like lenny he has diss rings and will disengage from a fight. He disappears after period of time but if killed will drop a pot of gold coins and maybe even a platinum or two.

#7 vinoveritas



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Posted 09 September 2017 - 04:07 PM

hydro monster.   Big rolling ball which ignores all Walls water etc and can move wherever it wants, cannot be destroyed, and hits everyone with half of their Health Points.

#8 starscreamer



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Posted 10 September 2017 - 11:22 AM

legionaire phantom warrior
ignores a/d, unpinable, 140's a/d.

#9 Pyewacket



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Posted 13 September 2017 - 08:10 PM

I particularly approve of the inclusion of new creatures which make further use of the current book research areas, such as the fighting books for the races. This turns what were once pvp only knowledge to also include pve. Think that is a good idea, personally.

#10 dragon_killer



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Posted 14 September 2017 - 05:40 PM

What about a super strong lenny (1k hp) or something that spawns instead of the regular leonard once in a while, could also have better drops

#11 Kaddy



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Posted 15 September 2017 - 04:11 PM

There could be some monster named anything you want - make it have different perk everytime it spawns so you don't know what is coming! Would be actually pretty epic to make it have different item drop pool according to the perk and make the perks non-ingame!

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#12 Elf_Ninja



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Posted 16 September 2017 - 07:15 PM

Hey so i still lurk here sometimes and this caught my interest. When I was playing full time I did some sketches and idea noodling with different monsters/creatures. I'll dig some out and post here if i can remember them all:


1) Imp mage(aggressive): range magic damage monster. Has high magic Resistance but low physical Resistance. Can also cast shield and heal on nearby imp related units. generally found in the prescience of a Imp Chief.


2) Imp Chief(aggressive): Imp chief is a summon type monster. Imp Chief can summon Imps and Chitros and rides mounted on a large cave toad. An Imp Chief cannot summon more Imp Mages during battle. Is generally accompanied by 2 or more Imp mage that can heal and shield the chief from various damage. Has a limit on how many Imps can be summoned. Found deep in caves.


3)Volcanic Chimeran(aggressive): Volcanic Chim is an physical damage monster. It is characterized by dark black fur with long horns that grow back and curve at the tips. Larger than other known chims these beasts have been breed in the fires of North Redmoon volcano by Orcs as mounts but are dangerous on their own.


4)Mounted Female Legionnaire Orc(aggressive): This monster is a ranged type monster. Female Legionarre Orc due to their smaller size are able to make great use of volcanic Chims in battle. Riding on its back armed with a bow these orcs can fire from a distance and their mounts protect them when close but are vulnerable to magic attacks.


5)Cave Lions(passive): This is a physical type creature. Cave lions are normally passive but when their territory is threaten expect to be attacked. They are a light grey color and are found in underground caves.


6)Arius Bears(passive): This is a physical type creature. Arius bear are a marsupial bear found only on the island of Arius. They are characterized by longer forelimbs than normal bears allowing them to reach higher on trees for food. Due to this feature they walk somewhat hunched over but also have a longer attack distance when threatened. 


7) Hippos(aggressive):This is a physical type creature. Found in the jungles of Kusamura these aggressive creatures are one of the most dangerous non monster type in all of Draia. They are initially fast when threatened but slow down after an amount of time but do very large critical damage.


8)Brownie Mounted on Hawk(aggressive): this is a magic damage creature. This creature can attack disengage and then teleport to range to recover health. Has low health but hard to hit, and bypasses most physical protection.


And finally for fun:

9) Leprechaun mounted on hippo(aggressive): This wee little beastie is a magic/physical creature. Entranced by the leprechauns magic this hippo is green and does not drop anything but platinum and gold. It roams during the day but is afraid of lenny so hides at night. The longer it roams the more wealth the leprechaun is able to amass, it is calculated on distance traveled not time alive. It does not teleport but can enter other maps by use of a nearby flag. At the end of the day the leprechaun hides his gold if not killed in a hyperbag. If another leprechaun or mounted leprechaun finds it (walks over spot) it will pick it up and keep it. If attacked the leprechaun will try to get away by stunning the attacker and putting the hippo into flee mode.


I did sketches of some so if anyone is wanting to make models of them let me know i'll dig them out.

#13 Elf_Ninja



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Posted 16 September 2017 - 07:42 PM

Oh forgot one in the chain:

3.5)Female orc legionnaire(aggressive): this is a ranged type monster. This monster is equipped with a bow and can attack from a distance but is vulnerable to close physical attacks. When attacked close slows down damage dealt.

#14 dragon_killer



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Posted 16 September 2017 - 11:43 PM

Rofl want that hippos now

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