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  1. My artwork

    Thank you
  2. Best Default Top Players List

    Just my opinion. If someone has quit playing, I don't care what their level is on anything. I'd like to see just an active player list with 1 month to 3 months tops.
  3. My artwork

    Way back in the early 90's my wife asked me if I would take a jewelry silver smithing class with her. We took the one class and ran with it. Here are some pictures of our artwork. The sun was one of my early pieces. The stone is a drusy lapis. My mailman knows I make jewelry. One day he asked me if I could make a piece for his wife's birthday. He said she wanted a slave bracelet. A slave bracelet is one with a chain that goes to a ring. She liked owls and purple. I have some bronze age and Viking age arrow heads. Here is a bronze age arrow. This was a birthday present for a dear friend. She is such an Angel. Thanks for looking..
  4. More Mini Bosses!

    I still really like this idea. I mirrored myself to death too, but I still like the idea.
  5. Return of EL unofficial NEWS!

    Eternal Land News reporter Ace Jackson back from a long vacation reporting. First a word from our sponsor: I needs a new sponsor!!! What started out as a simple bet has spread into pure mayhem. All across these eternal lands bar fights have been breaking out. I have it on good authority that the west side Brownie gang bet the east side Brownie gang that they couldn’t steal a bottle of hooch from the IP tavern. Reca caught the little miscreants in the very act. Knocking the bottle from the brownie’s hand, she threw it at them. The bottle smashed against the wall. The east side looking for an excuse to take out pent up aggression, attacked the west side. On the mainland at the Lakeside tavern, Garg the gargoyle was relaxing after a long hard night of killing unsuspecting n00bs at the WS sto. When suddenly an UG hobgoblin burst in yelling bar fight. Garg threw his mug at the hobgoblin and the fight was on. In TG the cave orc pair had been hoping for a little orclet and it finally happened. They were holding a baby shower at the tavern with all their friends when a group of gargoyles from the other cave decided to crash the party. A giant in Theli caught the news from a passing hawk. He promptly went to the bar. The band New Feros under the block was playing. Wanting to dance the giant ripped the roof off to get inside. Folks, the events I relay to you next were too terrible to behold. Once inside the bar the giant began twerking. I kid you not, he was twerking. Feros were thrown against the walls and into each other. A group of Leg orcs on an outing from NRM. were thrown down. They shoved back at the feros causing the fight to begin. Word quickly spread through the Monsters Lives Matter Network that the bars were not treating their brethren fairly. Protests were sent to the various taverns. From tavern to tavern, map to map, fights erupted. A great call was issued forth for the civilian defense force. Stay tuned for an update…
  6. Forums lost avatars since https

    Not to thread jack, but I noticed that I don't get emails when I have a forum messages.
  7. Also got to consider that you do not have to spend pickpoints for animal nexus. You're getting off pretty easy. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Very sad to see this. Prayer's go out to his family.
  9. The Responsibility for Rraisa the Spambot

    When I played, I never used Rraisa. I've always used http://greypal.el-fd.org/cgi-bin/querybot
  10. I'll throw my 2 cents in, wth. 1 cent Designated safe spots would be very necessary if your character was online 24/7, whether you were logged in or not. Thankfully, we don't have that problem. For the most part, IP is still the best place to log out. The odds of logging into an invasion and attacked by something strong enough to kill me is extremely low. I'm not saying it won't happen, but highly unlikely. 1cent. I myself wasn't driven away. I will be honest, not having any new content in over a year is disappointing. The last update was very ho hum to me. A dragon shaped casty is not for me. There are lots of things I'd like in an update, but that's another topic. My biggest reason for not being her much is boredom. That's my 2 cents. Good luck!
  11. Traitors Row

    we already have cages in Irsis, just add them to other places that you want people to be seen. All radu would need to do was make it a antimagic, antibeam and #suicide keeps them there. I'd love to see a good old fashioned stockade, but that would require new artwork. Anyways, good luck with it.
  12. Greater feasting potion?

    Most people just go for IEDP. Bones are cheap and easy to come by. Then there are those that use toads. It's not a bad idea, but I'd rather use bones.
  13. More Mini Bosses!

    This would supply months of updates. If radu does several a month, some high level, some low level, it would take a few months to get them all.
  14. More Mini Bosses!

    I have been saying this for a long time. Some, who's names will be unmentioned, have poo poo'd it. They don't like getting mirrored by a fem gob or some such. My suggestion would be that all the creatures and monsters have a "boss" version that shows up randomly. From rabbit to blue dragon, let them all have a boss with a possibility of bonus drops.
  15. IMHO, I've always thought that trade bots should be in market stalls. It looks better and gives the bots more of a trade appearance. How difficult would it be to raise bot names up slightly so that their names are visible or simply pick the stalls without a roof. The above statement is my own personal opinion and has no bearing what will actually happen when all things are said in DONE. If you don't like it, don't come off on me