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  1. Hatwood

    I am so sorry to read this. For awhile there we were pretty close friends.
  2. Ikale has passed

    I remember him well. We were friends. I am very sorry to hear this.
  3. some changes

    Kaddy, none of those suggestions are unreasonable. Yes, I agree.
  4. Daritha wanted a titanium axe. I don't mind buying from players, but there is no option except a pass if no one is selling.
  5. This can probably done with a client update. Console view given light and dark modes. As it is now or white background with black and colored text. The dark blue on black is extremely hard for me to see. I've tried to change the colors, but I can't find an option for it. Thanks, Rip
  6. Wrong Channel

    Everyday you "WC" several times. I honestly don't believe it's a mistake. I think you don't get attention on 3 and do a mis-post on 6 to get some attention. A boot from the game was a wake up call.
  7. Wrong Channel

    SOMETIMES??? You do this multiple times a day. Makes one think you are doing it on purpose when you don't get any attention on 3. Maybe you better watch more closely where you are posting.
  8. Yep, it's a good idea. Could almost add in AP too, for those using a ESM. I don't know how many would use it, but it doesn't hurt to have it.
  9. Water display

    Thank you. I've always had terrible water. This fixed it
  10. Peace Day Poll

    Allow Aislinn to remove it, since she is Admin. She could give a proper announcement/warning to the change.
  11. Return of EL unofficial NEWS!

    Labor day woes Ace Jackson reporting That dastardly mod Riptide is at it again, but first a word from or sponsor. No-Burpium Does a long day of mixing with feasting pots give you acid re-flux? Does the sight of a Acelon spawned dragon horde cause the acid in your stomach burn a hole straight through your gut? Portia’s No-Burpium potions come to the rescue. No-Burpium will neutralize the acid in your stomach and get you back into the fight! Visit Portia in Portland today. (Disclaimer: No-Burpium is not intended to actually cure anything. The makers of No-Burpium cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions. You drank the potion it’s your fault for drinking it…...) The dreaded Labor day began quietly enough, when out rang a cry of #REMOVEEEEEEDAY!@!!@!@#@!!! Quickly followed a cold callus reply of “buy a stone and remove it,” by that detestable mod Riptide. The adversity sensitive Invisiblesun got his butt hurt by vile ol’ Riptide. I mean, how could Invisiblesun be expected to pay for a bad day remove stone? We can all understand how deserving he is. Riptide went off to do his job for Haidir in the pk map Tahraji desert. Bold Riptide announced to all that he was in TD waiting. Kenshin trying to score brownie points or something offered to PK the contemptable Riptide. Riptide completed his job and strolled out of the map. I tried to interview him later and the incredulous mod denied any wrong doing as usual. Ace Jackson, out!
  12. My artwork

    Thank you
  13. Best Default Top Players List

    Just my opinion. If someone has quit playing, I don't care what their level is on anything. I'd like to see just an active player list with 1 month to 3 months tops.
  14. My artwork

    Way back in the early 90's my wife asked me if I would take a jewelry silver smithing class with her. We took the one class and ran with it. Here are some pictures of our artwork. The sun was one of my early pieces. The stone is a drusy lapis. My mailman knows I make jewelry. One day he asked me if I could make a piece for his wife's birthday. He said she wanted a slave bracelet. A slave bracelet is one with a chain that goes to a ring. She liked owls and purple. I have some bronze age and Viking age arrow heads. Here is a bronze age arrow. This was a birthday present for a dear friend. She is such an Angel. Thanks for looking..