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  1. New creatures

    Oh forgot one in the chain: 3.5)Female orc legionnaire(aggressive): this is a ranged type monster. This monster is equipped with a bow and can attack from a distance but is vulnerable to close physical attacks. When attacked close slows down damage dealt.
  2. New creatures

    Hey so i still lurk here sometimes and this caught my interest. When I was playing full time I did some sketches and idea noodling with different monsters/creatures. I'll dig some out and post here if i can remember them all: 1) Imp mage(aggressive): range magic damage monster. Has high magic Resistance but low physical Resistance. Can also cast shield and heal on nearby imp related units. generally found in the prescience of a Imp Chief. 2) Imp Chief(aggressive): Imp chief is a summon type monster. Imp Chief can summon Imps and Chitros and rides mounted on a large cave toad. An Imp Chief cannot summon more Imp Mages during battle. Is generally accompanied by 2 or more Imp mage that can heal and shield the chief from various damage. Has a limit on how many Imps can be summoned. Found deep in caves. 3)Volcanic Chimeran(aggressive): Volcanic Chim is an physical damage monster. It is characterized by dark black fur with long horns that grow back and curve at the tips. Larger than other known chims these beasts have been breed in the fires of North Redmoon volcano by Orcs as mounts but are dangerous on their own. 4)Mounted Female Legionnaire Orc(aggressive): This monster is a ranged type monster. Female Legionarre Orc due to their smaller size are able to make great use of volcanic Chims in battle. Riding on its back armed with a bow these orcs can fire from a distance and their mounts protect them when close but are vulnerable to magic attacks. 5)Cave Lions(passive): This is a physical type creature. Cave lions are normally passive but when their territory is threaten expect to be attacked. They are a light grey color and are found in underground caves. 6)Arius Bears(passive): This is a physical type creature. Arius bear are a marsupial bear found only on the island of Arius. They are characterized by longer forelimbs than normal bears allowing them to reach higher on trees for food. Due to this feature they walk somewhat hunched over but also have a longer attack distance when threatened. 7) Hippos(aggressive):This is a physical type creature. Found in the jungles of Kusamura these aggressive creatures are one of the most dangerous non monster type in all of Draia. They are initially fast when threatened but slow down after an amount of time but do very large critical damage. 8)Brownie Mounted on Hawk(aggressive): this is a magic damage creature. This creature can attack disengage and then teleport to range to recover health. Has low health but hard to hit, and bypasses most physical protection. And finally for fun: 9) Leprechaun mounted on hippo(aggressive): This wee little beastie is a magic/physical creature. Entranced by the leprechauns magic this hippo is green and does not drop anything but platinum and gold. It roams during the day but is afraid of lenny so hides at night. The longer it roams the more wealth the leprechaun is able to amass, it is calculated on distance traveled not time alive. It does not teleport but can enter other maps by use of a nearby flag. At the end of the day the leprechaun hides his gold if not killed in a hyperbag. If another leprechaun or mounted leprechaun finds it (walks over spot) it will pick it up and keep it. If attacked the leprechaun will try to get away by stunning the attacker and putting the hippo into flee mode. I did sketches of some so if anyone is wanting to make models of them let me know i'll dig them out.
  3. El and Android poll

    Just a side note. I do like the 3D aspect of the new client but you might consider linking the 2D client in there as well and allow users to select the mode. While i love the 3D one there were several times i was able to play for several hours on the 2D client because it just sips the battery life on a phone. I have a feeling that as with any 3D program EL will drain the heck out of battery life if played for long periods.
  4. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    LG G3 (LG-D851) Running Android 6.0. Works well averaged around 35 fps. If you drop your view angle to see further in the distance it can drop down pretty fast to 7-10 range, but that makes sense as it is rendering more information. Defiantly a step up from the earlier Android client as this one you can fight and see your character. Looking forward to seeing the finished UI
  5. New Summon Skill: Monster Rider

    What about a summoned Horse that could do this that you only have access to after lvl 80 would be cool to have a necro or ghost horse or something but i think radu said he's doesn't want anymore undead at some point. The summoned horse could have stats based on summon lvl and you could ride it but would take damage instead of you till dead. Heal summoned could be used to prolong the life and there would have to be a negative to it dying maybe like a few second stun for the summoner. You would be temporally vulnerable for that time and could not use potions, cast spells or summons. So you would have a pro/con to using it. Another way to increase or decrease the horse stats would be to have an exponential summon formula (dunno if possible) For example: Horse whistle+20 life ess(or death ess if you want necro horse x-D)+5 greater hp pots = Mountable summon with 400hp summon lvl req. 80 Horse whistle+20 life ess+10 greater hp pots= Mountable summon with 800hp summon lvl req. 90 Horse whistle makes radu happy as shop sales, greater hp pots make it a bit more rare to make but would be interesting to try. Another con possible could be as per normal summons it does loose hp over time. Could also do something like add Titanium bars to formula to give horse armor: +30 ti bars= X% defense based on summon lvl +50 ti bars= XX% defense based on summon lvl etc. Dunno just random stuff that came to mind
  6. The idea was not to have mini invances, but just private arenas where people can pk for a fee. No invasion mobs, just players duking it out. Mechanics for entry the same as regular instances: - make a team (minimum two players, max ?) - pick a channel and have everyone join it and make it the active ch. - pick an available room. - select and pay any modifiers (no-drop, extra xp, capped attributes, no summoning ...., all existing modifiers) - pay the fees to the NPC where each player entering needs to have enough gc on them or team doesnt enter. - enter and fight - when a player dies (s)he leaves the arena and ends up in the backroom of the (actual) MM BH - when the timer is up or only one player is left everyone is teleported to the bar. - rinse and repeat The actual map this happens on could be a copy of the MM BH map, like iscalrith invance map is a copy, or a bunch of separate maps. The latter is probably a better idea, with one map per 'room', which would make the modifiers and individual times very simple but use up a whole string of new map numbers. The actual MM BH would remain unchanged, so no issues arise for any other uses of the rooms. It would just be roleplay to say you go to door #1, #2 or #3 Perhaps along these lines?: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58321&p=574141
  7. *Cracks knuckles* Let’s see if I can put this in writing. First off I’d like to say thank you to Radu. This game would not be possible without all the hard work and effort you put in over the years. While it seems this has tapered off recently it still is an amazing accomplishment and I think you should receive the credit when due on what you have made happen. Now for the hard part: During my time as an animation student in college one of the hardest things that I had to do but eventually learned to love was the critique. You learn a lot about yourself and how others perceive you and your work and it can very much help you grow and mature as an individual, if you learn to accept and process the critique properly. So here’s my attempt online of a critique of Radu and Eternal Lands. It’s hard to do in this format for me as there is no back and forth and inflection and intent are hard to read. 1. Appoint or Seek out a Community Manager/Team Radu, while you may be a great programmer your online interpersonal skills are….lacking. It’s a hard thing to hear for some and maybe you don’t care but the community of your game does. While you may not mean to offend or belittle someone and perhaps are sarcastic or feel your just speaking your mind it doesn’t always come across that way. Speaking your mind is one thing, alienating your community with your words is another. This is why I think you should seek out a community manager or team. This team would help you process the information and advice the players are giving you in-game and on the forum and pick the cream of the crop for you to work on implementing. That doesn’t mean that in the end you do everything people ask. But having a go between of people who know you and know how you react and not publicly smashing people on @6 would improve some of the hurt that has been caused in the past. Then after you have talked with them on what you do and don’t want to do and perhaps why; this team could pass that information on in a processed manner that players would appreciate and respond to positively. 2. Develop a better system for user developed content One of the things I had hoped when I first joined the ranks of EL was to help more in the development. I did eventually write several NPCs and a quest before I somewhat phased out but would have done more if I had known what was needed. This could be as simple as a regularly updated forum topic. Lists of art, scripts, coding etc. that needs done could be posted or people to contact if you’re interested. IE: We need a new dragon skin. Contact Acelon for NPC scripts now writing Melinis etc. Perhaps the community management team could also help with this. Someone could claim a project and when completed submit it for review. If acceptable I would be added to game. If not tell why and repost or see if they wish to resubmit. The idea would be for you to get maximum content for the game with minimum effort by yourself and your mainstay dev team. 3. Provide the Story EL has a rich story, but many don’t know it. There is a short novel written but most haven’t read it, as far as I can tell the few chapters that were on the website aren’t linked there anymore. Many of the NPCs reference and allude to this story but it is no longer available for most to read. There are official stories on the forum but some of this should be in-game for people to find. Many games suffer from this problem not just EL. I even read a report on it once. Games develop either along a programming course or a story course. Programming course tries to include some story but it really doesn’t come across well. These games can be technically beautiful but in the end leave the user wondering what is really going on in the world. Story games on the other hand have lots to tell and give the play a rich content base, but generally have buggy game play and lack the polish brought by good programming. Successful game companies generally find a way of meeting in the middle and blending the two together. EL started out with both and seemed to be on the right track but at some point the story died and the programming lived on. Not all the story has to be in-game it can be on forum or in video etc. but it needs to be accessible to the players. (See above for user developed content on how some of this could be easily requested then approved) 4. Where are you personally going with the game? This is my final point. It’s something perhaps you do but you used to post on your development journal where you were going and what you were doing with EL. So I don’t know if you still do this or not. Step back, Look at your game: Are you where you want to be? What are you wanting to do? Where do you see the game in 1 year? 5 years? Have you lost interest in your project? If so can you get back the flame you had for it or is it time to move on? If moving on what is the best course for you? For the EL community? Is your game providing you with satisfaction or is it a stressful thing? If stressful why and how can you fix that? If satisfying how so? How can you get more satisfaction out of it? But I will say this in closing: Eternal Lands has one of the best communities of gamers I have ever been privileged to play with and I have played many games. I have made lasting friends here and think that if change did happen many of the community would come back and enjoy it again. These players leave these comments and try to help you Radu because really we all want to see you succeed. If you succeed, you bring us joy with your game and in return we share our income and time with you so to show that we appreciate your work. Please don’t take the things said by the awesome community of gamers YOU brought together go to waste.
  8. MMORPG programming ..

    This just launched recently and looks interesting. might not have the full set of features UDK (unreal engine) has but has lots of open source aspects and is free to try and cheap to buy if you decide to go with it: http://home.aurasoft-skyline.co.uk/
  9. New Mage Spell Ideas.

    Perhaps a way to balance the potential OP nature of these kinds of spells in combat is to have a class of spells that are not able to be cast while in physical combat. This would allow someone who wants to focus more on mage training to hunt and kill monsters while still using magic. Might be tricky with the auto attack after a spell is generally cast, but could potentially be done. Maybe a shield type spell that blocks the aggro of a monster when casting these spells. Some monsters would obviously ignore this spell and I don't think it should be allowed to work in PvP combat. Might be it works until you get to chims or so. These spells would also be blocked buy magic immunity in PvP i would think. There could also be the potential of the individual spell leveling up in power with use but that could lead to richer fighters spamming the spells and leveling them fast.
  10. Zombie Invasion

    Recently talking with Solarstar about the Shadow Warrior idea came up with a slightly different one. Zombie Invasions! What if we took some of the old banned or retired accounts in game and re-purposed them into zombies. They could have random armor or weapons based on what might have been in the characters storage and/or what they have nexus to wear. They could be released as bot type invasion on a map once killed they are gone till next invasion. Code for generic attack bot is available as we have pk bots and the ants so would just have to be modified for this purpose. Might have to be a pk map not sure unless you just take that batch of players and mark them as a creature some how. Could be some higher level accounts with higher difficultly programming, kind of like a Boss Zombie for the invasions with more healing options randomized at beginning of invasion. Dunno about drops or heals or anything just might be fun to play against player type monsters. Oh in-game description: Selain decided to play with summoning creatures of a more dangerous sort.
  11. Eternal lands User Folder

    Hey revi you had it right i just want my userdata in a different location. It would be really useful to be able to set it to the same folder as the game data as i could install the game on a usb stick and not worry about leaving game data on every computer i play on.
  12. Eternal lands User Folder

    Is there any possible way to change where el accesses the user data in windows? I would rather set it to the game folder itself or somewhere other than the users\name\mydocuments\ location. I've tried to search and can't find any where that has it as an option to change. Thanks. ~Elf
  13. Shortcut

    I was recently informed that a player named shortcut claimed to be my alt and used that to join a guild. To be clear I have one alt in this game, It is not Shortcut. My alt is already in a guild of it's own and if anyone tells you they are my alt it is not me.
  14. Possible Invance Rehab?

    I will admit i haven't been playing as regularly as i used to so i'm not in on current invance happenings as much as others here atm. That being said Nova's post hits many of the issues i see as well: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ IF it's possible for the server to do an armor check then great the only one i see having a problem with is the report feature which could be abused if enough players ganged up on a specific person. A personal suggestion having played several other dynamic team muliplayer games this year that might work well with invance and which some hinted at in earlier posts: 1. REPLACE THE GATEKEEPER! put an object or npc there that has an hp value. monsters can still be drawn there but players have to protect it. 2. Apply the XP given based on what the team is able to protect. If it is possible to give the gate an HP value and players are able to protect it why not also place other strategic emplacements around the map? Then if players are able to protect them they gain a bonus in xp or xp given at the end is entirely based on the amount of HP left on the various emplacements. this could be things like the towers that normally go to sto, or maybe modify the castle to have a weak point in the wall in the rear. 3. Monster spawners- The current system spawns monsters all at once and then there is also a chance for a second wave. What if in combination with the above emplacement idea the map has spawners. They could be randomly placed around the map and could be attacked by players only after a certain number of monsters had been killed. Or certain spawners could only be attacked after lower level ones are destroyed. In the mean time larger monsters are continually spawned from the device in waves and XP or overall team GC drops are based on A. how fast the spawners are destroyed and B. decreased XP/GC for every wave a spawner makes. Just some of my randomly out there thoughts again. PS: if some of these above hurdles are conquered in the game programming it could lead to other game play options in the future.
  15. Expiring bots, November 2013

    I believe a blessing was purchased for Serpentlord this year, thought that included an extension if not let me know. PS: Akeso and Serpentlord have been owned by me for several years but they are still posted as holybible97 even though i have commented on this before.