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  1. it is possible while creating an alias that is less then 128 char long that contain variables, which would push it past 128 chars. the alias gets created and on use with a variable that pushes it out or range it will make the client crash so we need to put a check in the client if an alias after inserting all variables are to long or not.
  2. Mercator on Discord

    I will change the way Mercator works on Discord in the near future, Basically Mercator will get its own category on the server where he will post into different channels based on the information he will provide. So far i thought about doing an channel Eternal-land day where he will post the day, and the time in el in a way that is at least halfway accurate (a couple minutes off might be there due to the time shift nature of the game and the way i want to implement it). there will be a thread for pears, one for joker, one for lottery winners one for Invances, one for treasures, and one for the rest of global messages (including invasions). that way everybody will be able to select the notifications on what he wants to be informed. and disable the notifications on the stuff they do not care about. If you can think about other features or suggestion wanted let me know i will see if i can /want to do them
  3. Server Update Suggestions

    It rains for me in all instanz maps regardless of inside or outside
  4. Mercator on Discord

    Mercator is now on Discord in the Server https://discord.gg/UcDvD5R he provides there in his own Channel with the features of informing about things happening in game like Special Days, Invances etc. you can also use him to send Messages to players in game by sending the bot a private message of the form. !tell playername your message and if you want you can register your chars in game by sending him a private message containing !register charname mercator will then send you in game a message with an challenge code that is valid for 24 hours and you need to send back to mercator in game as authorization that mercator sends you tell messages to you in discord. there is no Limit on chars that goes to 1 discord account, but once it set up, the first char registered will be the char name used when messages are send to game. the message has the form. /mercator tell mercator challangecode you can remove a char from that list with the command !remove charname the idea behind this was that you can use the notification features of Discord on smartphones to be alerted in time on events. if other features are wanted let me know here.
  5. El-service.net maintence

  6. El-service.net maintence

    Because of maintenance of the place where the bots are hosted (the servers are moving physical place) the bots will be offline from tomorrow Tuesday 26th july European morning time (us night) till probably Thursday 27th July evening (European time). The el-service.net team is sorry for the inconvenience but it cannot be avoided.
  7. Mercator tell spam for some players

    Because of a bug i had to reset the player privileges settings for tell messages and admire messages. If you are one of the few players who had told mercator not to send you messages from any playesr you must reactivate that now with /mercator pref tell=off Same for admire with /mercator pref admire=off Its a good time to tell people about the mercator ignore command too, If you want to block certain players you need to say /mercator ignore add playername and mercator will ignore that player for you, to see who is on your ignorelist of mercator /mercator ignore list and to delete a name from list /mercator ignore del playername Sorry for the inconviniences
  8. Learners Proxy server's are down

    Today i noticed that learners proxy servers are down (i was using the connection over ssl as to secure the game a bit more. People who are using his services need to replace in the file servers.lst which is found in the user directory of the game (Own documents\Eternal Lands under Windows) ~/.elc under linux, and in the libary under mac all lines that lead to other-life to game.eternal-lands.com and make sure that the port is 2000
  9. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I agree a very sad day Indeed, Rest in Peace Learner, I do fondly remember our very good long talks that we had. He will be missed very much.
  10. The Holy Dragon Knights official guild thread

    Well most of the players of HOLY that where active joined me in the Holy Guild of Knight and Merchants, and we do consider us to be a followup guild from the great guild HOLY
  11. Peace Day Poll

    I voted for let it be as it is. Yes i am now and then affected when the peace day comes online as i might have wanted to do an ice or wtf at that day. But a peace day has quite a few things that are positive for a lot of player. I could have voted for let it not affect special invance and instance maps and would be fine with that. But I do dream of a day when there is a full peace day in the real world too . Would be heaven a day without fights there.
  12. Potential QOL Addition

    Yes Mercator has that feature ever since alts came out
  13. Potential QOL Addition

    /mercator alt vinoveritas /mercator alt add altname
  14. Game crash because of my phone?

    for sure not, reason is network problems at the server park where the game is hosted
  15. the ~ symbol causes an url to be not opened correctly (parsing stopps after ~ )