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  1. Ikale has passed

    It saddens me to hear this, I hope they are in a better place now up in the Heavens.
  2. Buying/Selling

    Hihi, Selling ACP pots & Big Books of Tailoring. Discounts in bulk. Pm me in-game or forums. Buying storages for GC. People always post sell storages, but none post buying, so... in case anyone wants to get rid of a bunch of rubbish to splurge on some hydro bars in EL or whatnot for the holidays, now's your chance to do so
  3. Hero Points

    I love the idea great incentive to players who are already 179 Overall.
  4. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I RARLEY say this, but i have to agree with Fairytail & Aislinn. I read everything that was written in this forum topic, i don't like the idea. From what i understood the main purpose of this is to get more people in the 100-140 A/D range. Now even if people do enter that range, they will just end up capping out alot quicker if they get bonus exp, on top of all the bonus exp they already get! Also the higher a/d someone gets, the less a/d exp they get on the mob, since they are stronger than the mob. If someone with 100/100 a/d fought a yeti let's say the xp will be 150 att/150 def. If someone with 150's a/d fought a yeti the xp will be 110/110. The chart above favors higher level players alot more than lower, when higher level players have the advantage already. If you truly want more players in the 100-140 A/D range, mind you this is slighty off-topic, i would suggest making the mobs around the 100-125 a/d range drop better drops. (I would suggest it be mobs in the instance only from the 100-140 range so that it's not easily farmed, and you must have a character in that range to reap any of the benefits.). We have seen a huge amount of lower level alts afk farming or just physcially farming lower level mobs to get tokens. So just make an incentive for mid-range mobs. Lower level mob drop good drops. Mid range mobs don't really drop that well. While higher level mobs drop really well. The big plateau on this game is the experience after level 100 to about 130/140. (They are so many dalies now.. with minium amount of effort. Dragonblade & bronze plate at 160+ A/D get close to 2m~ exp in total in a/d without sun-tzu) Becasue from 90-100 it's like leveling from 80-90. Since the exp increase is reduced by 7% to 5%. http://www.el-cel.com/info/experience.php
  5. IP banned

    Most probably yes, although only Aislinn & Radu can help you out.
  6. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    More PP doesn't mean harder invasions.. I'm not sure how or who put that in your mind. Why do you think they are 165 caps? So those who can hardly afford pp's can have slighty easier mobs. Also. to even start doing tailoring.. you need to invest atleast 7.5m into it before you can even start mixing hats, and that's at 30k a book, if there rationality is low they will take forever to read it, and if you do read books 24/7 you can't have power hungry so -3 pickpoints too. If a lower level looked to invest doing that, thats -7.5m, not to mention it takes ages to read the books. Goblin tokens are NOT easy to come by, AND if they do use them, it would be way cheaper to just buy pickpoints straight up from NPC. If a lower level wanted to qualify for this, don't forget they need atleast 5 skills over 100, not including A/D or overall. I alrady did the math and thought this through. sure this will benefit lower levels in the long run, but it won't benefit them if they buy skills to 100.. even then to get 5 skills over 100+ The fast way would cost quite a bit, it's not worth doing it if they want pickpoints.
  7. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    This is not a replacement to hydro nexus, this is in addition to it.
  8. Hey all, So i've been talking to a certain someone (Won't name unless they'd like) and we've come up with an idea. Option 1: Max overall with 2 skills over 150 Players who have 150+ a/d generally are really close to maxing overall~ Option 2: 5 Skills over 100 (Cannot be A/D or overall) Is it easier to get 179 overall or 5 skills over 100? This will just give an advanage to lower levels to become better players later on. Basically if you qualify for either one, you are eligable to get a stone, say form Wraith at Isla Prima, or from shop (Up to players & Radu). That stone works like a pickpoint/overall level. The Stone will have x amount of exp, say 50m-100m~ exp. You must also have the stone in inventory, it cannot be traded, soulbound (So players can't profit on alts). You need to get 50-100m exp to "poof" the stone, once you do that and the stone poofs you get 1 pickpoint, rinse and repeat. Also.. if it's not already obvious, can only get one stone at a time, once it's turned into a pickpoint, can get another. Pros: - Excellent for players who are financially poor - Great for players with max overall - Good incentive to go and train instead of afking (Skarak can't hold all spawns ) - Excellent for people who mix alot, and not so much fighting - Reduces the amount of gc sold ingame - Another way of getting pickpoints instead of 1.75m~ - All lower level players will be better geared later on in the game Cons: - Won't be as quick as paying 1.75m for a pickpoint, acutally have to do work - All players who are maxed overall will be upset this wasn't ingame earlier - When you #reset, it works like a normal pickpint, it's gone. - Does not work with Invance, but it works with Dalies. Thanks, discuss down below, or just vote
  9. Ranging fix

    As much as i would like this change, for my own benefit so people can't range mobs off me or my friends that im fighting with, I don't approve of this change. Being the #1 ranger in the game, and a serper from time to time, there would be no counterplay to trying to serp someone. Now if there was another mechanic that would make the mob vulnerable to being serped, i wouldn't mind if this range fix got fixed, although i can't think of a mechanic off the top of my head that would do that. I would suggest, to make both parties happy is to make a perk say 5 pickpoints like the rest of the ranging perks, that adds say +15 damage and if you are further than 5 steps, the mob has a chance to flee like it does now. The more damage added, the lower chance there is to being serped, since the mob will be damaged more quickly. Thatway if anyone does want to make other people's lives miserable, they need to atleast throw 8.75m into the game, so they can suffer a bit too
  10. New creatures

    Hard to farm a mob when it hits harder than red dragon, yet it drops worse. Imo it's fine as it is, maybe make it a bit easier so lower levels can try it, though if that happens than it will be farmable. It's like a harder version of Yeti, if lower levels want to try the breaker they need to work together. Even if it was made weaker it still has 900 hp still crits really high & tough to hit. While only dropping 0-50 gc, w/o any special drops. Lower levels would make more money killing pumas, and snakes you can sell the furs/skins for like 100-200 gc each. I don't think the Breaker was designed to do the break quest for you. If you want to do the break quest just ask someone to brod you, or trade your damaged armor for new.
  11. All hydro route to be PK?

    Clearly all you care about is your needs & personal gain. The game does not evolve around you. Unfortunately, Radu makes it seem that way at times. Hydro is not the problem. It's the fact that you are breaking rules with your alts. You think someone like me cares about hydro? I don't even have a use for it. If anything it would help the lower-mid levels who fight phantom warriors for gold/s2e, or players trying to make a living. OffTopic It's a shame Radu isn't doing what the EL community wants. Infact i recently got about 7 players who quit, to start playing again. Telling them they are nice updates, stuff is happening to the game, new tokens etc.. yet they are already telling me, "How come Radu is siding with 1 player, when 30 other's want what is right for the game". If it's rostos Radu wants, you really think you get him more rosto's then moderators who host invasion? I see atleast 5 players die every invasion
  12. All hydro route to be PK?

    Couldn't say it better myself
  13. All hydro route to be PK?

    Im in favor. Think it's an excellent idea. He will still be able to spy on alts risking nothing if he wanted, though anyone can kill them and bringing them back from underworld is time conusming. As long as the last cave where you harvest hydro is still safe, think it will bring in more action & rostos into the game.This whole talk doesn't even matter though, if nothing will be done. Just to make it clear for others. The option is make the whole route pkable (other than final cave where you harvest hydro) or leave it how it is. Nowhere does it say make it all safe.
  14. stivy bagjumps

    Polar & Irinamas you dissapoint me. You help Stivy get richer, but not your fellow Alphabet.
  15. I'll miss you all ...

    Sorry to hear, im sure you'll come out on top and fight this off. Just remember when you do, we'll be here waiting