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  1. Storage sale

    Clearing some stuff pm me here or ingame Weapons 101 Scythe 2 Titanium Serpent Sword of Fire 30010 Fire arrows 61 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 228 Iron Broad Sword 135 Steel Long Swords 15 Serpent Swords 266 Golden Star Mace 10885 Training Arrows Misc 80 Binding Stone 36 Grapes Ores 4826 Cinnabar 59103 Gold Ore 77948 Titanium Ore 370901 Silver Ore 342377 Iron Ore Minerals 17734 Blue Quartz 119175 Emerald 176 Amber 94965 Quartz 129486 Rose Quartz 169865 Diamond 373082 Sulfur 27341 Turqoise 438575 Coal 22007 Ruby 14235 Gypsum 18055 Sapphire Magic 150 Rostogol Stone 4 Day of Faster respawns Stone 5 Day of Reconstruction 2 Day of Half cooldowns Stone 2 Day of Magic Stone 1 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone 3 Day of Tailoring Flowers 52492 Mugwort 85776 Tiger Lilly 350337 Tree Mushroom 239229 Mullein 107936 Ogre Toes 150487 Red Snapdragons 112262 Red Rose 61507 Daffodils 114863 Impatiens 20248 Cotton 157271 White Chanterelle 132528 Wormwood 91730 Lilacs 20418 Toadstool 57236 Rue 115865 Nightshade 45641 Poison Ivy 59753 Poppies 66621 Red Currents 91532 Blue Berries 49229 Dandelion 93742 Tulips 108709 Yarrow 113138 Henbane 17516 Cactus 39754 Blue Star Flower 36578 Blue Lupine 71797 Wheat 2471 Yellow Rose 6898 Black Rose 41256 Valerian 34103 Swamp Candles 70946 Sunflower 292874 White Asiatic Lilly 195399 Chrysanthemum
  2. Expiring bots

    hulkman/vulcano/hollowman paid 7BU11623LU764153B
  3. Who is more trustworthy?

    Hi guys I thought it’s about time this has to be done as I have had about enough now. Very simple who do you think is likely to scam you or mug you off in shares Myself (starkie)or Violater. it be appreciated if you can share your experiences too honesty is the best policy
  4. Alpina and alts banned

    HEs are 9gc #quickmaths = still cheap af besides even doing invasions and instances on a beast char like abarth can easily cover any stock. ??‍♂️
  5. Expiring bots

    Hulkman and vulcano Receipt number: 77S77227YX758070P
  6. As the title says i got 1 left pm me with price here or ingame
  7. Any suggestion in increasing the regular ice and blue dragons drops? I farmer plenty of those with low gc sometimes even 1gc of ice lowest of blue was around 500 I got. For high hp or difficulty monsters they should be more rewarding in general.
  8. Changing the ingredients instead of enriched magic essence why not to enriched energy essence there are plenty of them catching dust
  9. Having a minimum is great. I mean yes the current instance can be profitable but when can you say there is an average when in a way it’s also base on luck in what the monsters drop.
  10. Adding 2 new special days.

    +1 like Cher said the only 2 missing skill days
  11. Ranging fix

    I like the idea especially for invance so I can range from the wall w/o sabotaging the invance ☺️ so +1 for me
  12. New creatures

    i like t i like this idea gives something for the lower lvls to do
  13. All hydro route to be PK?

    This may be abit of topic but... If afk spying is ok then afk farming is ok too technically you are not afk just behind the screen doing other things like stivy and his alts. Again not against you personally. But the rules should apply to all the same. If a mod takes there time to invade where the AFK farmers are to get rid of them then I think the same can be done with the spying alts or even just zap them to IP
  14. All hydro route to be PK?

    i totally agree with that.