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  2. Water display

    Search the forums - I had this exact issue and the fixed it.... there is an option for use new water shader in video tab,
  3. Updating the Invance Map

    Pretty sure that input was the point of putting it on the forum before it's actually done. But if you prefer changes without it, and that's how most map work is done, actually, we can go that way instead. Now, force every single participant to have to be careful clicking creatures so they don't accidentally end up off the map because carrying a single ring for you is hard? You went and made it impossible to listen to you, screaming nobody gets input on a forum thread specifically for input. Your input does need to have a viable reason to change what's listed that is for the good of the many, though. I'm unaware of people having issues carrying 1 emu rings. I am aware of people ending up out of the invance because the invance shouldn't include links to c2 places that aren't part of the invance. One of those things outranks the other when the goal is to ensure people stay in the invance unless it's absolutely necessary to go out. (And again, the map would have been more like this from the start, no discussion, had there been active map editors when invances were created.)
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  5. Updating the Invance Map

    Just as an aside, that's the kind of remark that makes it a lot more likely your comment will be ignored... Pity, as with the start, you had a good point.
  6. Updating the Invance Map

    I use one of the exits you are proposing to remove in basically every invance I enter. Not all players 4060 or 6080 are fully prepared and/or are just new and do not know to bring a teleport ring. Also, not all are capable (or remember, or even know) of ttr into the fort to exit to restock, and asking the gatekeeper to move so that you can exit is contrary to the point of Invance. Many low level players have low max emu as well (Who would have guessed???) and may need multiple restocks per run. This change might not affect high level players, but at best this is exchanging one set of 'problems' for another for low level players. But I guess we don't care about low level players. So go ahead master map maker, make your changes and disregard any input from other people.
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  8. Eternal-Lands Reborn

    youve been warned boys! no talking about steam else revi will tell you off!
  9. Eternal-Lands Reborn

    Last warning: stop pushing Steam. It seems to be all you can spam about, and the game owner already decided against it. By now, you are infringing forum rules 13 (no spam) and 15 (no promotion of non-EL related business). You also don't seem to actually play the game, making this pushing of Steam all the more suspect.
  10. El-service.net maintence

  11. Eternal-Lands Reborn

    Bump, anything new ? I have typed how much was costing a game to be published on Steam. Also found a getting started for Developers for those new to steam. https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/creator_homepage https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/steam_controller/getting_started_for_devs What's the game owner thinks about it ? Coming from the ERA of Radu & Roja if they are still around.
  12. New: Alt Accounts and Quest Tracking - When logged in, you can add the names of your alts via your member page (confirmation must be done for each) - Quest tracking: Check off all completed quests, and keep notes for those you haven't. This tracking can be done for all of your alts individually (the first of coming reasons to add your alt accounts). This is done via the new Quests page, found in the menu under Info > Quests. There's a direct link to the quest tracker on your member page as well. (Information about your alts, which quests you've done, and even what secrets you've found are never shown to others.)
  13. The Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

    Thank you Aislinn I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you are ever down in Rhode Island, you have to visit here. So amazing.
  14. The Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

    Spectacular as always. So many amazing places we never knew existed. Thank you!
  15. The Cliff Walk is absolutely amazing. If you haven't been there or heard about it, here is a website with all the information you need on it (http://www.cliffwalk.com/) This walking path is a must see if you're ever in the area. I filmed this video using the DJI Air 2s and the DJI FPV. I wanted to make something dramatic and exciting. I hope that you enjoy
  16. I think I found the cause of the problem, EL decided to use my integrated GPU instead of NVIDIA for some reason, now I switched, will test how it goes. If everything goes well I will comment here and close topic.
  17. Nice screen shots, but what OS (including version) are you using? And of course the classic question: do you have the latest drivers for your video card? (the drivers coming with the OS are often outdated)
  18. Hello, Vass_71 here. The game recently became unplayable for me because whenever I log in, play for a few minutes, then the game freezes, then the window becomes not responding. No matter how long I wait it doesn't get resolved by itself and if I click then it gives me the option to close the application. This has never happened before on any of my computers/laptops. It only started occurring after the client update (1.9.6.p1). I am using the 64-bit installer from the Eternal Lands official website. Please help because I just wanted to return to the game but this inconvenience came up... Kind regards, Vasil
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  20. Hecklar banned

    Hecklar is unlocked.
  21. Hecklar banned

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes
  22. Updating the Invance Map

    I'm very happy with this, thank you so much!
  23. Hecklar banned

    1. Do you unconditionally swear you will not share your character with that former "friend" and any associates of his who may also try to sneak him in? 2. Do you unconditionally swear you will not try via any means to enable that same former friend to access EL on any character or IP? 3. Will you agree that if any such thing happens, I'll relock Hecklar and throw away the key? Also, I just want to remind you (and everyone else) about rules 4 and 8 and that you need to click on them in the ingame rules window so you can read them in their entirety. 4. Do you agree that you will not try to claim you do not know who I was referring to in this entire conversation at a later date?
  24. Hecklar banned

    @revi i have logged on eventually for short periods of time but didnt actually 'played' @aislinn i trully understand your concerns given the last events involving the character. I dont consider that person (you know who im talking about) a friend anymore. Well, u guys know what happened, i undertand and agree with the actions game moderators took. Now its all up to you to decide if you will allow me to have the opportunity to prove you i will not be a troublemaker. Thank you for your time Best regards
  25. Hecklar banned

    That's what concerns me.
  26. Updating the Invance Map

    1) Entering some random building on C2 because you misclicked trying to click a creature that went around said building, with the only return in the C1 battle hall is the opposite of a feature. Your "also" is directly answered in the post. "Everything that's clickable (houses, flags, ships, etc.) will be made unclickable." The point is to keep people in unless they intentionally try to leave (tele/ring/go into the fort and use the statue). 1a) Iscalrith storage is not more helpful when the only way back in is in MM. The purpose is to keep people where they belong. And get them back in as quickly as possible if they do go out. Arguments that going to C2 on leaving the map is better than going to C1 when you have to be in MM to return to it are going to be pretty difficult to make. 5) We're discussing only map changes here that do not require radu to recode anything. Suggestions that require radu to code something need their own post in suggestions forum. As for the only way to exit the map... again, that's answered in the post, as 1a, the statue back to the battle hall along with all that were mentioned. Just like instances only have the one exit, and that one's even more difficult to get to. Perhaps you didn't grasp what (5) meant, it's still going to be Iscalrith, just when you tele you'll go to the C1 portal to more quickly get back to the battle hall in MM to get back in, instead of C2. 6) Keeping things difficult or annoying just for the sake of keeping things difficult or annoying may have been how things were done in the past, but I do QoL where it's possible. The "keep things annoying" route hasn't exactly helped with player count, and I refuse to go back to those days. If this tiny barely-relevant change makes things a little better, then I see no reason not to do it. If it were a "game-changer", it would be a different story, but it's not, it's just a tiny QoL improvement. And it's not a matter of the day changing to Acid while an invance is ongoing anyway, since those are normally started when there's no day change chance happening. It just allows them to be run should that day already be happening. There's still plenty of annoying days that'll stop invances, like Peace... The end result: This is making the map the way it should have been done back when invances were started, there just weren't active map editors to do it and it got forgotten about. Invance map should never have been clickable to the real Iscalrith, it's an otherworldly MM Battle Hall place. Leaving the map should be discouraged as much as possible, though it's still very simple to leave for anyone at a level high enough to go to one anyway. This is a map mistake due to lack of active editors at the time, that's just being corrected.
  27. Hecklar banned

    And you haven't been playing here at all the last few years?
  28. Updating the Invance Map

    Comments: 1) I always thought of entering buildings as a feature not a bug, particularly the storage entrances. Also, what happens to the other map exits (glac, hulda, Irin, II, and whatever the new boat is that I forget is)? 1a) Statue to battle hall is fine, I guess. Statue back to Iscal sto as is current seems more helpful to me, but I guess it doesn't need to be helpful. 2-4) Yeah, seems fine. 5) Would rather see the low level invances be run on an altered version of the MM map (which can be c1) and keep the higher levels on Iscal/c2. Alternatively, allow both maps for all ranges and have the server pick one of the two at random. Additionally, if all the current exits are getting removed, are the only ways to exit the map going to be death, winning/losing, or ring/tele/beam? 6) Why? Running an invance close to a day change should have risks.
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