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  2. All I can add is that on my main char (161 a/d, 52 phy& coo) I do get def exp. from them (not often, true). Even though I kill them in about 2 hits... And as shadowgate said "no damage" doesn't mean "not hit".
  3. hatwood.net

    Thank you so much for your help, Aislinn, both in getting back on here and the info on the stretch issue. Looks like I'll just have to work around it. And that's okay. And after 25+ years in Photoshop, GIMP is painful, lol. Not impossible, just challenging. Llyn
  4. Unarmed female orcs do not give defense experience

    From my understanding this is due to the fact that they are indeed hitting you. They just deal so little damage that if you wear anything you don't take any damage. but could certainly use more testing to confirm that this is the case for everyone and not just me.
  5. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Ei lisättävää.
  6. Confirmed by multiple people in channels 2 and 6. If you fight a female orc, you will only get attack experience, no matter how much you dodge and it is the only monster that behaves that way. As far as I can see, this affects every unarmed female orc, not just one in a specific location.
  7. hatwood.net

    Some more notes of mine that I found: These two posts are really off-topic to this thread but I'll hunt around to find a better spot for this conversation.
  8. hatwood.net

    I'll preface the little I can offer with this: I know nothing of photoshop. I use GIMP in Linux, and my knowledge is pretty rudimentary, at best. There is a steep learning curve and I don't find it very intuitive for newbies or infrequent/casual users, of which I am both. Also, she is going to have to do a LOT of online searches. Youtube videos will help a lot. The problem I ran into is what I thought was a good key word to use for search, the digital artistic world didn't and used different words. Meh. The entire thing will be very labor intensive and time intensive. So no, I never did find any instructions. I had to find my own way and did not do that great of a job of it. As to stretching, the original capes themselves intentionally were made to stretch as to create the shape and pattern of the folds. No way around that. I found three ways to handle it: 1. Avoid any images that would go into the center of the cape and just do images/designs that border the cape using the edges and bottom. 2. Make the image approximately twice as wide as it is long. This will take a ton of trial and error to get the proportions right. 3. Pick an image that still looks good when it's stretched. Making folds on the image: (again, all of this will require a lot of trial and error practice and is very time consuming) 1. Make a layer to go on top of the cape that is semi-opaque so you can still see the folds through it. 2. Use shading options: the higher ridges of the folds highlighted in a lighter color than the main cape color, and the deeper valleys a darker shade. Some basic instructions for GIMP customs: Open Gimp and then open with the item you want to make a custom (I suggest you make a copy of it with a different name so you don't ruin the original) Gimp will ask you if you want to open mipmaps as well. Do NOT open mipmaps!!! You need to create a new layer to add your image. This layer is where you will work on your new image. Make sure you MERGE all layers (new and original file) before saving. Once you have merged all your layers into 1 single layer, make sure you right click the layer in the layers window, and select 'Layer to image size.' This will crop any part of the layer that extends past the image dimensions to the right size. If you have part of the layer extending past the image edge, the custom will appear blank white. When you are done, it is time to save it. However, you have to choose EXPORT file (NOT "save"), to your Documents/Eternal Lands/custom/player/your_toon_name/meshes/ folder First it will ask you if you want to overwrite, you choose yes. Than another panel appears where you set compression: none. Next, on the same panel you HAVE TO choose to generate mipmaps; this is important since not all people have latest graphic card, or they use Poor Man settings, and in this case EL will use those generated mipmaps. Now you can make a folder to see this locally (which means only the person doing this can see it for now). You will need to create a path, no idea what the windows path would be but mine in Linux is ~/.elc/updates/1_9_6/custom/player/your_player-name/meshes/name_of_item.dds *Note* you need to make sure you use the same exact name as the original item you are customizing, and rename the original item to something like original_cape1_green.dds Final result should be approximately 25kb in size, dxt1, and mipmap 1:8 I found this link helpful as well: From: https://journalxtra.com/gimp/how-to-make-a-semi-transparent-image-using-gimp/
  9. hatwood.net

    Aislinn did you ever find anyone to create instructions on how to make capes not have stretched images and how to add folds? Llynara wants to make custom capes but doesn't know how to stop the images from stretching. I am asking because she lost her password for the forum. hatwood was last seen online 180 Days 19 Hours 22 Minutes 51 Seconds ago] This is why I am asking you instead of hatwood. Any help you can provide we would be grateful for, thank you.
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  11. cont2map10.elm.txt:251 97|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map9.elm.txt:62 78|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map9.elm.txt:134 37|0,255,0| z-fighting map2_insides.elm.txt:322 335|0,255,0| z-fighting map9f.elm.txt:54 354|0,255,0| z-fighting map9f.elm.txt:302 101|0,255,0| z-fighting map7_insides.elm.txt:27 188|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:157 196|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:52 90|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:51 190|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:72 158|0,255,0| z-fighting mine1.elm.txt:46 81|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map17.elm.txt:96 80|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_mschgar.elm.txt:65 87|0,255,0| z-fighting mine1_sub.elm.txt:55 22|0,255,0| z-fighting map5nf_insides.elm.txt:165 59|0,255,0| z-fighting map5nf_insides.elm.txt:163 14|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:179 49|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:172 50|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:176 52|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:178 52|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:150 185|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:69 269|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map7.elm.txt:298 127|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:72 139|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:48 20|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:168 97|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:164 254|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:291 83|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1_mine.elm.txt:293 266|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:711 270|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:334 317|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:284 437|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:518 75|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:300 227|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map14.elm.txt:175 119|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map14.elm.txt:108 225|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map20_insides.elm.txt:253 32|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map24.elm.txt:150 77|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:209 323|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:223 354|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:111 334|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:276 285|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:206 295|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map13.elm.txt:95 88|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:136 204|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:145 207|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:155 245|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:280 79|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:285 77|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:319 19|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:316 28|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:180 293|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:100 112|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:138 127|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map23_insides.elm.txt:282 151|0,255,0| z-fighting map8_catacombs.elm.txt:29 120|0,255,0| z-fighting map13_castle.elm.txt:76 136|0,255,0| z-fighting map13_castle.elm.txt:116 33|0,255,0| z-fighting map13_castle.elm.txt:33 139|0,255,0| z-fighting map6nf.elm.txt:334 44|0,255,0| z-fighting map6nf.elm.txt:288 223|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map12.elm.txt:235 175|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map12.elm.txt:309 239|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map12.elm.txt:282 209|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:469 447|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:209 272|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:699 178|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:141 169|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:465 686|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:130 172|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:673 154|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:391 265|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:353 415|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:159 706|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:468 380|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:473 418|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:391 657|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:661 571|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:500 502|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:103 545|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:726 437|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:472 465|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:156 126|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:303 756|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:677 541|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:148 114|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:463 678|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:401 669|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:456 717|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:76 136|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:151 133|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:89 566|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:99 501|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:670 588|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:371 622|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:379 415|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:166 133|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:318 242|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:451 436|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:233 717|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:344 528|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:239 643|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:107 117|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:498 243|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:120 552|0,255,0| z-fighting Collected over quite some time. It may be tricky to see them, so take care to be close and view the spot at a high angle, while moving the camera around. Most of these do not need any comment, except the one in WS city and glacmor sewers: these ones are up the wall. Have fun!
  12. Rabbit and wolf chillin in SKF

    Mobs may get stuck after the server has been up for a specific time (server bug, only fixable by radu). Mostly monsters who dont get killed often (and therefor "live" a very long time) are affected, in my experience mostly grizzlies (DP, WS Diamond Cave) and even the Badaran.
  13. Is my character locked?

    TirunCollimdus or Tirun_Collimdus whichever name it was in 2005 when I started was deleted because the game said I did not exist when I came back. Whichever name it was you know my character existed in 2005 because of my forum account and the many persons who remember me from playing back then Revi. TirunCollimdus never got a name change. You can see that on the forum where no mod referred to my character by a different name as my forum posts moved forward. Simple searches can easily determine this fact. I found the character's name in a search of a guild list and when I tried to log into I couldn't. How do you know it was mine? You locked it and are telling me that I can't have it because it is banned as one of two characters in the ban issue so you know for a fact it is mine already. If it was unlocked then I could try to login to it and having the password would prove it was mine just like when I got the character Nimir_Raj back just recently which I found the same way and didn't remember other than the name as well. I have no idea why you are pretending to not know I am TirunCollimdus and Isiltari. I also know what the name means and how it was created. I am using the same TirunCollimdus forum account and not a new one named Tirun_Collimdus. There is zero question as to my identity and my ownership of these characters. I didn't know it was standard policy to not unlock more than one but that is actually part of my point and thanking you for making it for me. There is only one character that was involved in that in that case still existing because the other one was deleted. There is no indication in the forum before, during, or after the ban that TirunCollimdus had a name change. It is in plain black and white in this forum that exactly what I said happened did happen. If you are referring to what was said when Radu publicly attacked me for no reason at all and I defended myself then I suggest you check your standards. If you think I said anything about mods in the game other than Aislinn and Radu then you need to check your facts. When I used to play I counted mods as my friends and had friendly and respectful interactions with Maxine, Acelon, Ghrae, Chance, and others. I spent days working to help Radu get cooldown put into the game and helped get it close to half of the players willing even though we didn't quite win and Radu had to do it anyway. I fought for the change to No More Tears breakage for Radu as well. I was always respectful to Radu until he decided out of nowhere to attack me for no reason. How you can sit here casting aspersions towards me when you don't know me I don't understand. Aislinn and I have had very reasonable and sometimes a little lengthy conversations since I have been back as well and that includes after Radu attacked me. I am not the bad guy. I am not a bad guy. I am someone whose life is a miserable hell who was hoping that I could have a deleted character replaced with one that wasn't which were both mine indisputably. I thought this discussion was over and left it as it was until you came to it and started coming after me here. I didn't do anything to you or to anyone else to indicate that I wanted to pursue this any further after my post before yours. I thought the answer was no and it was over and I moved on so I am not the one with brass cojones doing anything. If anyone thinks any differently then I apologize for the miscommunication. I did not come back here for drama. My life sucks bad enough without adding any more stress to it. I am already on blood pressure medication so the bizarre idea that I am trying to create some huge fight with any mod let alone every mod is just completely made out of whole cloth. I hope we can just stop all of this aggressive behavior as I have accepted the decisions made and moved forward. I don't need to keep revisiting it to get told no over and over and cause drama and stress.
  14. some changes

    Ah yes, forgot about that one... and it's not easy to include color codes in the alerts :/
  15. some changes

    right, but only problem "#Message from" also counts the grue, had that one for a bit and it's really annoying if you park your char in storage
  16. some changes

    Yeah, well, about the mercator etc., that's a whole different kettle of fish. It's nice that that service exist, but I think it's up to individual mods whether they want to take that into account. Given that it's probably mostly of interest for those who are not logged in... If it's just a matter of setting up an alert for when you are in game, perhaps grab "#Message from"? That will also get you lottery announcements, treasures and such, but most broadcasts are invasion related, I think. Anyway, all that's a different kind of change, compared to the other two you gave. Those actually require server-side changes...
  17. some changes

    Hey D_K, it wasn't targeted mainly against MD training, but against mana drain itself, as you also can set up double harm, for ur key , you can cast harm (wait 1s or 2s in combat) and make the hot key play action click + cast harm + click, which means insta 400+ damage in 0.00001s or what time u set up. Also, as you know, nowadays pk is only about wards/summons/double harm, nothing more, nothing less, this would change the things a bit Yes, you are right right, as i said earlier, mainly targeted for harm spell About the invasion, i was pointing out two things " The moon is turning red " a lot of players had set up alarm message , and would be nice, when mods take their time to do one ( appreciate that ) , the message could contain that phrase, because if you put only "INVASION" as alarm message... you are @ 6, so you know... Second thing, i was reffering about, would be nice, if there was at least announced either map / or hidden and not something between, and if there is cap , that's it. Channel thing is problem, if you are for example not here, or logged off and you use mercator to get the informations, about invasion, you get not much of that.
  18. some changes

    Well, for MD training, now you do: cast (cooldown starts) and hit (usually straight after casting, if I'm not mistaken, so fraction of a second if you use keyboard shortcuts) Under Koddy's proposal, if I understood it correctly it will be: cast and hit (cooldown starts). So you shift the start of the cooldown by a fraction of a second. Doesn't sound like it's terrible for training. It is a change in combat, which is the purpose... As for the invasion messages, the announcements are broadcast, so not dependant on a channel. But it's not possible to give all that much information in one message, and we're not supposed to overuse the broadcasts. That's why there is an invasion channel... And there should be a delay between the broadcast adnd start of invasion. That it's often not pleasant/easy to follow during invasions is due to the players themselves, (ab)using that channel for all chat. But yeah, giving the details deemed relevant(*) just before the invasion starts (usually several minutes after the broadcast) would be useful (*: deemed relevant by the invasion mod! sometimes the game is to let the fighters search)
  19. some changes

    1) and 3) sounds good; However 2) sounds terrible for md training. Also I don't think it'll change anything to pvp / pk
  20. some changes

    I am not Kaddy tho, but thx you agree
  21. some changes

    Kaddy, none of those suggestions are unreasonable. Yes, I agree.
  22. 1) Mods should properly announce invasions - caps - locations or at least say the invasion is hidden, because this way, if you are not hanging at channel 6, u have half time no chance to figure out, what / where is happening. Also would be nice to return back to " MOON IS TURNING RED " as it used to be, otherwise why we have the sound alerts then? 2) Offensive spells cooldown could be set AFTER casting the spell and using it, it would mean - no prepare MD + insta heal, no prepare harm and insta cast 2nd. That would deffinetly change meta in PVP and POSSIBLY more people would join, as also combat ( stats ) would matter, not only spam wards/ stones / double harm ( mainly targeted for harm spell ) And would also remove macro set-up for double harm 3) set brownie cooldown @ 1s at least - would mean no more sniping FD for stones, and also would balance pvp so u won't snipe person who is maxed and dumb enough to take cotu with 20 a/d toon in less than second
  23. Questions about game future

    Maybe create one of those new fangled "Discord" thingies or start streaming on Twitch and pray someone clicks and watches long enough to want to join the 99 people (and their alts) playing regularly?
  24. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I so rarely come here anymore. Very sad to be informed of Learner's passing. He was a wonderful chap with real personality and a sense of humor. Of all the faces in this community, his will be one i truly miss. Bene dormire, forte somniare in elesia
  25. Is my character locked?

    Well, if you don't give the character names concerned, it's hard for us to know what exactly you want. You refer to "Tirun_Collimdus" (with the '_') which is a name currently in-game (so not deleted). Whether it's the first character with that name, I have no way of knowing. The "TirunCollimdus" character (without '_') doesn't exist anymore, possibly due to a namechange (characters with some levels are rarely deleted, undeveloped characters could have been cleaned out). If you don' remember anything about that character, how do you want us to find it? And even if we could find other characers you shared an IP with, given the older stuff in this thread, why should we assume they were yours? You can't prove they are yours ("don't remember anything about the character")... Anyway, it is standard policy not to unlock more than one character involved in a case of multi-playing. (And as an aside, where you get the brass ones to think any of the mods would go through considerable efforts to find such a character, after the nice things we got to swallow in channel 6, is beyond me).
  26. Is my character locked?

    Yes because the character you see is the one that used to be named Nimir_Raj. I was able to rename Nimir_Raj to Tirun_Collimdus because the first Tirun_Collimdus who was started in 2005 and considerably higher level and better than Nimir_Raj was deleted. I already knew that. That is what I already said. I don't understand what you want me to see. Oh, did you think I simply misspelled my character name when trying to search for it? No. That is not what happened. You can see by my many posts in the forums that I did indeed have a character in 2005 named Tirun_Collimdus. The forum name character field was too short to put in the '_' as I recall when I made my forum account. That is why it isn't spell the same as in game. Everyone here who knows me on Facebook, Discord and EL is quite aware that I am the original and only Tirun_Collimdus. There has never been a character named TirunCollimdus in game.
  27. Is my character locked?

    Please check the following two links: http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=tirun_collimdus http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=tiruncollimdus
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