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  2. Return of EL unofficial NEWS!

    Labor day woes Ace Jackson reporting That dastardly mod Riptide is at it again, but first a word from or sponsor. No-Burpium Does a long day of mixing with feasting pots give you acid re-flux? Does the sight of a Acelon spawned dragon horde cause the acid in your stomach burn a hole straight through your gut? Portia’s No-Burpium potions come to the rescue. No-Burpium will neutralize the acid in your stomach and get you back into the fight! Visit Portia in Portland today. (Disclaimer: No-Burpium is not intended to actually cure anything. The makers of No-Burpium cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions. You drank the potion it’s your fault for drinking it…...) The dreaded Labor day began quietly enough, when out rang a cry of #REMOVEEEEEEDAY!@!!@!@#@!!! Quickly followed a cold callus reply of “buy a stone and remove it,” by that detestable mod Riptide. The adversity sensitive Invisiblesun got his butt hurt by vile ol’ Riptide. I mean, how could Invisiblesun be expected to pay for a bad day remove stone? We can all understand how deserving he is. Riptide went off to do his job for Haidir in the pk map Tahraji desert. Bold Riptide announced to all that he was in TD waiting. Kenshin trying to score brownie points or something offered to PK the contemptable Riptide. Riptide completed his job and strolled out of the map. I tried to interview him later and the incredulous mod denied any wrong doing as usual. Ace Jackson, out!
  3. Any other drone pilots here?

    Oh nice. You're out my way.
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  5. Any other drone pilots here?

    Not a drone pilot, but I do fly jets out of Boston, and helos out of Rhode Island
  6. Last week
  7. I often search around on Google Earth to find coastline that looks interesting to film with my drones. I found this gem of a location called "The Knob" and I wanted to share it with you.
  8. Top Players Has Returned *beta*

    Will this be done for the PK server too?
  9. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Radu, it's sad a life is lost but I've just heard from another old EL friend that there's also a new life. Congrats you old schmuck.
  10. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Heard about this today from an old EL friend. Very sad. Learner was a good guy. RIP.
  11. Never knew this place existed until last week. What an amazing landscape. Enjoy Captured this with the DJI Air 2s.
  12. IP Banned

    Ok, thank you Aislinn
  13. IP Banned

    Okay I unbanned the IP. Give it about 10 minutes or so to update on the server. We'll see how it goes.
  14. IP Banned

    I'll be happy to give any info that you might need, please, just ask. I really enjoy playing EL to relax. Sometimes i take a break from the game, but i get that nostalgia to come back every now and then. I don't think i have been hacked, because my passwrod wasnt changed, so i think the IP issue might be related to the internet company.
  15. IP Banned

    Thanks for the response Aislinn. I went away from the game about a year ago, for work reasons. i'm connecting the dots that maybe the IP changing issue is related to the internet service, since i've changed the company. I haven't moved to another place or something like that. And i haven't given my password to anybody else, nheither letting other people play in my acc, only i have acess to it.
  16. IP Banned

    Define "a long time" because I see Wullfric logged in up through 2021. Different IPs, of course. Same with Wulffgar and Thordek. Here are my concerns: 1. This IP you are trying to log on from currently is banned for very good reasons. I'm not excited to remove the ban. 2. You've not played on this range before and not all that long ago your characters were online and actively playing on different IPs. We've had plenty of people come back "after a long time" wanting their characters unlocked or IPs unbanned so that some friend who is banned and locked can come back under the new IP and/or name and continue to behave as they did originally when they caused the ban. 2. Somebody else has been playing on your characters while you were away. A little more information might serve you well here.
  17. IP Banned

    Thank you for the response Revi. I've tried to log in, but no sucess.
  18. IP Banned

    Could you try logging in from your current IP? I think your ISP changes your IP regularly. If that doesn't work, please come back: IP's are banned for a reason, so they won't be unbanned unless we are fairly sure the problems won't come back with them. That is not to say you were the cause of the ban (you weren't, we know who was...). Or, you'll have to wait for Aislinn (who'll probably be back in 3-4h) or radu, as they are the only ones who can unban IPs.
  19. IP Banned

    I'm coming back from a long time without playing and found out that my IP was banned. I don't know why. Can you please unban it? My characters are Wullfric/Wullfgar/Thordek Thank you in advance, have a great day.
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  21. Forum validation requests

  22. Chars getting whited-out

    Some unused options were removed from the last Android client to declutter the options window. Shadows was one of the removed options so it should already be effectually doing what unchecking the trouble shooting option does. Poor_man disables a set of options so you could try these individually to see which is "fixing" the problem. I suspect its the eye candy. Poor man turns off these options, I've striked-through out those already disabled on Android: show_reflection= 0; shadows_on= 0; clouds_shadows= 0; use_shadow_mapping= 0; special_effects= 0; use_eye_candy = 0; use_fog= 0; show_weather = 0; use_frame_buffer= 0; skybox_show_clouds = 0; skybox_show_sun = 0; skybox_show_moons = 0; skybox_show_stars = 0;
  23. Top Players Has Returned *beta*

    Nice one, Burn! I realize it's still in development, but I have one minor cosmetic suggestion that I hope you can add to your TODO list: It would be really nice if the table headers were "sticky". It's a bit easy to lose track of what skills you're currently looking at as you scroll down the page (or if you're like me and doing ctrl+F to find your name), especially when 200 players is selected as the filter. Slapping a position:sticky on the table headers should do the trick, like this.
  24. Top Players Has Returned *beta*

    Finally we see Stivy's levels.
  25. It's in a testing phase, but the Top Players page is now getting auto-updated, and you have choices on how many players to show and during what time period of activity. It's linked in the website menu, or poof to https://top.el-db.com . Based on a combination of necessities for the website, and input from the forum poll to see where people's preferences were, the default's been set to the top 100 players active in the past 6 months. If you prefer a different list, it's possible to go to and bookmark a different one. Some notes on how things work at this time for testing purposes (subject to change): 1- This is not a real-time list. Several factors cause the top list to not show your updated level(s) for up to possibly 30 hours depending on multiple different timings. If you're not seeing the update after 36 hours, there may be an issue to report. I won't check before that. 2- Lists are updated once every 6 hours. Those updates, as stated above, may not include your updated data. You can see the GMT time the list last updated on the page. 3- An individual player's personal stats are only updated about once per 24 hours, and then only if you're seen as being online at some point in the 24 hours since they were last updated. 4- (For #3) To ensure you're "seen online" by the script, you need to be online 6 minutes or more. The online list is checked once per 5 minutes. 5- Lists may have more than the number of players requested to show. This is due to showing all who are tied at a certain level so all get equal treatment.
  26. Chars getting whited-out

    I have the same problem on both my phone and tablet. I have also tried going through settings and even turned off all special effect/sky etc. To try work it out, to no avail. So any guidance/help on this thread would be great benefit to me too.
  27. Chars getting whited-out

    Thought of that but oddly the shadow bug option is not even available now in the troubleshoot section
  28. Chars getting whited-out

    In the game, go to Settings -> Troubleshoot -> Uncheck the box next to "Shadow Bug" If that fixes the white character, then type #save in to chat and press enter, afterwards it should save those settings for the next time you log on If that doesn't solve your issue, someone with more experience will have to assist you. (I don't know much)
  29. Chars getting whited-out

    Had to get a new phone recently and after redownloading EL i noticed this happens if my char is around glowy swords or wearing one myself. If i equip everything then ice serp last my char is ok til i come around other ppl equipped or map change. I dont recall if 'poor man' was active on last phone, but believe it may have & that i had eye candy/toggle effects/ atmosphere settings on at all times and it saved, where now if i dont want chars to go white i have to have poor man on & reset special effects every time i log on. Any suggestions?
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