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  2. Expiring bots

    Armada payment: Receipt number: 04R50570GR5816602 (26th March 2023)
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  4. first use

    It could be your ISP is blocking port 2000. Can you try connecting using telnet? You should see something like this: $ telnet game.eternal-lands.com 2000 Trying Connected to game.eternal-lands.com. Escape character is '^]'. G´┐ŻWelcome to the new server! Please report any problems on channel 6.
  5. Photography stuff

    Osprey Nest at Winsegansett Avenue Scenic Vista in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Captured with the DJI Mavic 3 Classic.
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  7. first use

    I removed ~.etc/main, reinstalled again and got the select language and accept rules dialogs( happy improvement), but it sill hangs at connecting to server. I have opened port 2000.
  8. first use

    I downloaded and installed Eternal Lands successfully. When I ran it, I got to the character creation screen. I supplied a User name/password combo and clicked on Log in, assuming it would prompt for account creation, of course that did not happen. now when I run the game it does not connect but hangs at connecting to server... I removed and reinstalled but this still persists. any ideas on how I can correct this?
  9. Photography stuff

    Pomham Rocks Light in Rhode Island captured with the DJI Mavic 3 Classic.
  10. Wonderfull, Thanks Burn
  11. Providence Rhode Island

    Thanks Koddy
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  13. Storage Clean Up

  14. Providence Rhode Island

    wow, nice one
  15. Thank you Burn and Roja. Its a lovely memorial to Learner. And very easy instructions to follow (not very computer savvy).
  16. This works on Android too. The path to make it work on my Android client is: {myuserstorage}/Android/data/com.purebinary.elc/files/user/
  17. I changed the instructions so they should be good for Mac users now, if you tried and had a problem. (If you already installed before this comment on Win/Linux, there's no need to change.)
  18. https://maps.el-db.com/learner.html NOT FOR ANDROID* - This should work for Win, Linux, and Mac clients. (*May work for Android, but I won't personally help support it. See comments below for assist.) Go to the above page, and follow the instructions carefully. The actual statue, with the character, fox, and text below them, was created by Roja. This will not affect your gameplay in any way, it's a decoration change only. No walkable tiles were changed to include this. Adding/Changing 3 files in your client will add the below memorial for Learner to the spider cave on Isla Prima, where he spent most of his time afk and harvesting fruit at the table.
  19. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    No, only the map editor.
  20. Forum validation requests

    I see no Dudeness registration to approve.
  21. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I mean the NPC in there is pretty much meant to be a pole dancer haha
  22. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I KNEW it! Hehe, I did a hacked version of the map editor that would show "deleted-but-not-overwritten" objects when my scripts that parsed elm files located a lot of these objects on some maps. Found what appeared to be stripper poles there, an entire large dining area in the KJ temple that simply didn't exist, other interesting tidbits showing early ideas for areas. Ofc, most deleted stuff gets overwritten so it was limited in what it would show.
  23. Forum validation requests

    Dudeness that is
  24. Forum validation requests

    Dudness got hooked to the game and would like access to the forum. Tried to register a few times, but no confirmation email, nothing in junk/spam folder. Did I miss to apply here?
  25. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I'm pretty sure that Sedi's tavern was mildly inspired by "Fangtasia" in the show True Blood where the owner has a throne he sat on and pole dancers around the bar. I vaguely recall that conversation at one point, but only Lotharion really knows
  26. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I can see the stage and throne working as it is in a high council / general command type of way if the powers to be used the throne and stage area to address the towns folk for something like council meetings the stripper poles explain the lighting though lol and for sure it makes no difference to game play stuff doesn't match up, just a headache if some muppet like me decides to turn it into a real world object, Burn, is there any part of the el code my side where i could change a line to show grids or tile layers? long shot i know
  27. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    A good chunk of the insides don't actually match their outsides. On most every map. How bad they are depends on who did the map. Some don't match shapes either... the house that PV storage stands behind being a good example. external: DX XX internal: D XX X With X indicating the shape, and D showing where the door is. If the external matched the internal, the house door would be directly next to the storage npc on its east side. Zirak's castle is frikkin' huge compared to its outsides. Glacmor skill academy's size makes no sense compared to its externals. Trassian's ton of caves and buildings are a whole new level of not-making-sense. DP CC's location/entrances don't make sense. PL's manu school and upper level of titanium cave take up the same space. It's just how things are... no way to fix it either. (The Sedi tavern has some last minute changes to it as well. I found early deleted work of it that included what appeared to be something more akin to stripper poles on the odd stage with the throne. That stage makes no real sense being in a tavern in its current form.)
  28. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    A quandary, i can make an accurate model of sedi tavern both the inside and outside but they don't match as they are two different maps with two different layouts, outside being a generic rectangle and the insides being an L shaped bigger building. my plan is to have the top of the building removable to reveal the insides, this could be done as a miss match which would be game accurate but i have the idea of making the outside tavern match up with the insides in layout. story wise the tavern at one point was extended into the building next to it which fits in with its layout, so that would work, the door can be relocated to match the insides. oh and as for the scale, just sedi alone would be huge to get enough detail into the buildings and map to make it worth while, and hile sedi is one of the small maps the bigger maps like WS, IDA etc are 4 times as big.
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