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  2. Server Update Suggestions

    How about Greater Feasting Potions that pop a little faster than EMPs. They could give 100 food with no cooldown. Great if you save them up for high food items on Joule's Days.
  3. End of summer sale

    Yes, but please mention it in the payment (when it should start).
  4. End of summer sale

    For the 3-month warranty, can we pay now and have the new warranty start after our current warranty wears off? For example, I paid my last warranty on September 5th, if I do this deal, can the three-month period start on Oct 5th?
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  6. End of summer sale

    Yes, sorry, I edited my post. You can't buy more than one for the same sword, but you can insure fire, ice, etc. separately.
  7. End of summer sale

    Does this apply to also fire, ice and magic swords ? And is this stackable, like paying 2 or more times for more consecutive months ( like paying 2 to 4 times for 6 months or year covarge )
  8. Server Update Suggestions

    But riding horses...
  9. End of summer sale

    Here is the end of summer sale. It starts on 18th of September and ends on 21th. You may NOT use coupons on the deals here. 1. 60 rostos for 200 USD. 2. 50 daily cooldown removals and 50 haidir passes for 100 USD 3. 15 horse whistles (random colors) for 20 USD. 4. 20 efe/eme/serpent/whatever (but must be of one kind) for 30 usd. You can combine them, like get 20 efe and 20 binding for 60 usd. 5. 3 months of warranty for thermal/ice/fire/magic swords only for 20 usd. 6. Two pairs of ubbers for 80 usd.
  10. Hatwood

    Oops, I somehow missed this. I am very sorry to hear. Condolences to the family.
  11. Server Update Suggestions

    Rain is set by the .def file and not whether a map is set as an inside or outside map. So that would just have to be changed on the server-side .def file.
  12. Hatwood

    I am so sorry to read this. For awhile there we were pretty close friends.
  13. Mercator on Discord

    I will change the way Mercator works on Discord in the near future, Basically Mercator will get its own category on the server where he will post into different channels based on the information he will provide. So far i thought about doing an channel Eternal-land day where he will post the day, and the time in el in a way that is at least halfway accurate (a couple minutes off might be there due to the time shift nature of the game and the way i want to implement it). there will be a thread for pears, one for joker, one for lottery winners one for Invances, one for treasures, and one for the rest of global messages (including invasions). that way everybody will be able to select the notifications on what he wants to be informed. and disable the notifications on the stuff they do not care about. If you can think about other features or suggestion wanted let me know i will see if i can /want to do them
  14. Mercator on Discord

    It would be nice to have options that will allow us to get notifications (either private or public) for pear/joker finds, lottery winners and announcements similar to what the android app does.
  15. Server Update Suggestions

    It rains for me in all instanz maps regardless of inside or outside
  16. Mercator on Discord

    Mercator is now on Discord in the Server https://discord.gg/UcDvD5R he provides there in his own Channel with the features of informing about things happening in game like Special Days, Invances etc. you can also use him to send Messages to players in game by sending the bot a private message of the form. !tell playername your message and if you want you can register your chars in game by sending him a private message containing !register charname mercator will then send you in game a message with an challenge code that is valid for 24 hours and you need to send back to mercator in game as authorization that mercator sends you tell messages to you in discord. there is no Limit on chars that goes to 1 discord account, but once it set up, the first char registered will be the char name used when messages are send to game. the message has the form. /mercator tell mercator challangecode you can remove a char from that list with the command !remove charname the idea behind this was that you can use the notification features of Discord on smartphones to be alerted in time on events. if other features are wanted let me know here.
  17. OS X Lion (10.7.5)

    This item in the MacOS faq could be of interest. I read it as "current versions of EL won't support a version of MacOS that old". That same post also gives a link to Sir_Odie's builds, but there's no client version 1.9.6 there. So those clients may not be accepted by the server...
  18. OS X Lion (10.7.5)

    hmmm... I cant install EL client on macbook with OS X Lion (10.7.5) I get the message: no file systems connected.
  19. I traveled with the family to Chatham, Massachusetts to capture some photos of Chatham Lighthouse and the beautiful sandbars along the National Seashore with my Mavic 3 Classic. While flying, I stumbled across a bunch of seals. I felt so lucky to capture this footage. I hope that you enjoy. PHOTOS:
  20. Server Update Suggestions

    Fix the summoning commands to actually work. I.E. "Summon only my opponent" Allow the "Summoned Creatures" Tab to not auto close after selecting an option.
  21. Server Update Suggestions

    It also would be nice to have the #list_guild fixed.
  22. Can't wear ring of Portland

    You can't wear any of the rings. When "used" '"pointing finger" cursor), they teleport you to the corresponding map (e.g. Ring of Portland will teleport you to Portland, even when you are there already) All the rings are single-use and disappear after use.
  23. Can't wear ring of Portland

    I got a Ring of Portland from a skeleton who dropped it. But when I try to wear it, it says I can't. I looked on the wiki and I don't see any prerequisites to wearing it. What is the issue here? [Edit] Ack! After thinking about it. I just tried using it. Now I feel stupid.
  24. Hatwood

    This is very sad news, she was a lovely person who helped me out numerous times.
  25. Hatwood

    no words , very sad
  26. Can't log in - The rules.xml file was not found

    Thanks for finding the problem with my additional checks, that could have lay hidden for ages. Glade you fixed your audio, we'll need to keep a look out for that.
  27. Can't log in - The rules.xml file was not found

    Yep, I've seen your latest fix in repo, looks good! Thanks (also fixed my EL sound by just recompiling OpenAL without pipewire support, so that's good too) (also also, sorry A. for spamming your thread instead of using edit, in my defense it was 5am)
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