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  2. Back in Business Internet is restored. My scripts are running, Top lists should be fully back to normal in the next 12-24 hours. (I have limitations that Learner did not have. These scripts will hopefully be on the actual EL web server later this year, which cannot handle as much as Learner did, so I'm not expanding them to do anything more than they already do.)
  3. thank you for the top player list its really useful would it be possible to have a search name facility as in the old top player list? if not thank you for all your time
  4. More hopefully temporary downtime. During shitty weather yesterday (June 9th), lightning hit my apartment building. Both internet companies with fiber in the building went out. One neighbor's computer is shot to hell. Other electrical issues in the building. My status is fortunate. The internet connection is down of course, and that's all I need fixed. My router may have been damaged, but I don't need it to get back to normal. Unlike the neighbor's computer, my newly built computer is fortunately unaffected even though it was wire-connected to the router. At any rate, Top Player lists won't update until my home internet is restored. They're usually pretty quick to fix issues (which are rare, I'm very happy with my provider, heh) so hopefully it won't take long.
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  6. Eternal Lands Discord Server

    Hi mate just an FYI as great an idea this was theres already a huge EL discord existed for years
  7. Repeatable crash of client on use of alias

    Could you provide me an example via a PM? I can't make this happen but get a "command too long" error.
  8. it is possible while creating an alias that is less then 128 char long that contain variables, which would push it past 128 chars. the alias gets created and on use with a variable that pushes it out or range it will make the client crash so we need to put a check in the client if an alias after inserting all variables are to long or not.
  9. Streamz

    Awsome youtube video.
  10. Streamz

    Hi there I do alot of Eternal lands Live streaming and videos I can do pretty much anything in EL let me know what you guys would like to see on stream and on YT vids Ideas like Instances mixing X number of items to see if we get rare Pk videos Tutorials I can attend any level of instance or invasion, let me know what youd like to see and ill make it happen! Jbx/Guiness You can find my links here Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/guinessfaf Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@butterbean1738
  11. Auctioning Books

    Auction is ended. All sold in game.
  12. Auctioning Books

    all of them - 1gc
  13. Auctioning Books

    If you want to do an offer please reply to this message indicating : 1. book you want 2. amount of gold coin you offer I accept only gold coins, no other stuff. Auction end 4 June 2024 h 9:00 CET. If you offer after this time then offer is not valid. After this time I will contact you in game to exchange book / gold coin List of book in auction: Elf fighting Iron axe construction Potion of summoning Stars medallion build. Iron board sword of ice Tit/Steel Short Sword of thermal Moon med build Steel axe constr Isla prima ring build Titanium molding Titanium smelting Feasting potion Tit short contstr Steel shield construction Humans fighting Tit long constr Bear summoning Dwarf fight Ring of damage building See you in game Skelos (my in game name)
  14. xaquelina daily

    I did get the popup on all 3 of the times I saw this. On the occaision in the screenshot, I literally just dropped the dandelions in a bag on the floor and picked them up again, and zaq was OK with them,
  15. xaquelina daily

    u need to harvest them till u get a popup saying u have them, if u didnt get that msg u werent on the right coordinates
  16. xaquelina daily

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or something stupid I am doing. It's a very common quest and nobody seems to have reported elsewhere so it seems odd, but nonetheless, it looks like a bug from here. So the last three times I have done xaq's daily, there has been strange behavior when completing the harvest and/or turning in the items. First time, I got the "item done" popup, went to xaq to turn in, and found I had only 89 items instead of 90 (I didn't take note of the item because I had no reason to). Not a big deal, took 1 from storage and turned in OK Second time I got the "item done" message after a single harvest. Strange, but I turned in the item (I think it was tiger lily this time) and was told I didn't bring them (that's fine, I expected it). I went to PL cave, got some more TL and turned in normally. By now I was thinking there is something not right. Third time, was today. Harvested 90 dandelions from ida, went to turn them in and xaq said I didn't bring them! I dropped them on the floor and picked them up, and xaq was fine with them this time and awarded the XP. I have a screenshot of her saying no with the dandelions right there in my inventory. Am I being stupid or is there something broken?
  17. IP Banned - Snowdrop

    Okay I removed the ban again. Please make a list of all your alts and confirm their passwords before logging in to any of them. This will happen for any character you try to log in to on this particular IP if you are just guessing passwords or sloppily and/or hastily typing in the password and get it wrong. And make sure you carefully add them to your password manager. Every character you have.
  18. IP Banned - Snowdrop

    In any case, the advice from your other thread is still valid. A wrong password will get you another ban... And, why do you refer to yourself in the third person? Strange, unless of course, you are not the owner of the account or the terrier char.
  19. IP Banned - Snowdrop

    Terrier's alt.
  20. IP Banned - Snowdrop

    Who is Snowdrop?
  21. IP Banned - Snowdrop

    Hi. Snowdrop has a IP ban. Assume it's too many password violations...
  22. Starting Fresh as a Pure Ranger

    So I started an alt named Daryl to be a pure ranger. Its kind of an experiment for me, though I know some have done this already. I wanted to keep a log of my attempt that I can update from time to time to see how I progress in case others want to try this themselves. Getting Started: To lay the foundation for my archer I subsidized him a bit at the beginning. I created Daryl and gave him enough GC to purchase all 3 of the ranging perks plus to pay for some negative perks. My perks from day 1: Power Hungry Godless Gelatine Bones Antisocial Ethereal Ranger Wilhelm Hood Sharp Shooter I also gave Daryl a MM Cape and an Elven Bow. With these basics settled I was ready to begin my journey as a pure ranger... well almost. Attributes: I put 8 PP into Coord to be able to carry arrows. The rest of my PP I earned I dumped into reasoning. Once I max out Reasoning I plan to give myself a little more Coord to up my carry capacity and then begin maxing out Will. But that's for a future Affliction to worry about. As of now I am OA 34 Coord: 8 Reasoning: 46 Quests: Before I could start shooting (because I didn't provide Daryl with any arrows) I needed to do the Bow Legged quest for Kyra on IP. Basically run around WS talking to people and return to her to get 1 Short Bow and 100 Training Arrows. This is the foundation for starting your Ranging journey. This is the only quest you need to worry about at the beginning. There are 3 Ranging quests that give Ranging EXP, but you 100% want to wait on a Robin Tell Day to turn them in for double ranging EXP. But the quets starting NPC are Vaesura (WS) Osold (PA) Wimmip (TG Magic School) Doing these 3 quests alone and turning them in on Robin Tell Day will get you to Ranging lvl 24. Now, I did read a fantastic guide by An Elf you can read for yourself here. There's TONS of helpful information in that guide and I'm not going to rehash it here. I'm loosely using it as a guide for my journey with 1 major exception. I will NOT use the ranging arena to level up. I don't care how badly I want to level up ranging I refuse to stand in an arena and shoot a target. I want to kill things. I want to hunt. I want to make a profit while doing it. So I'll be recording how that goes here. So now I have a couple of bows, I have 100 training arrows. I also have a debt of 50k GC that I intend to pay back to my main account. My goals at this point are simple. 1. Make enough money with these 100 training arrows to buy more arrows. 2. Pay back 50k to my main. 3. Buy a Night Visor. So I begin Shooting Stuff: Daytime I shoot beavers on IP, at night I shoot Rats in the IP rat cave. Rats give better EXP than beavers, but Beavers have a more profitable rare drop in the Beaver Token. I Got lucky in my first 100 training arrows and got a beaver token and a rat token. This set me up to buy all the training arrows I'd need for the forseeable future. At this point I've killed 1021 Beavers and 993 Rats. I've gotten 12 Beaver tokens as drops and 3 Rat tokens. Because of this I've been able to reach Goal 1 and 2 from above, and begin saving for goal 3, buying a Night Visor. I was being pretty focused on just grinding leveling and making money by selling my furs/bones/tokens, but I decided I needed to try to get my OA level up faster so that I could increase my attributes. So I began doing Novacs quest and Haidir Dailies as a Ranger. To this point (5/22/24) I am Ranging lvl 26. I have completed Novac's quest up to the Fluffy Bunny (I plan to kill it today). My levels and stats at this point in the journey: Plans for the future: I really need to get the sigels to heal myself. That's a big issue. Also being able to teleport to portals room will be a big help just to speed up travel. I also need teleport to range to set myself up for pinning targets later in my training. But due to low health I'll never need restore or most other magic.
  23. Safe bot paid

    Paid unlock fee and annual payment. reactivation fee: 8F48361LT7452839 annual payment: 9HU60127FC150754V Ingame name WeaverDAS
  24. Expiring bots

    Transaction ID 1HN1731002728674E Ayperios Paid on 5/12/2024
  25. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I, Trepid, have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement.
  26. By now, the lists should be back to normal. Everything's good on my end, on my new computer build which appears to be running smoothly and much faster than my old 2013 build (imagine that!). Included switching from OpenSUSE's Leap to Tumbleweed so wanted to ensure that was running fine first before getting the lists back to work. (If your player got levels but they aren't recognized in the top lists: The system requires your character be logged in during one of my script's checks before it will recheck your levels, which are done approximately every 5 minutes. Make sure your character is logged in for at least 10 minutes at some point to ensure my scripts notice it, for your levels to be accounted for with the next player list update, which occurs approximately every 6 hours.) The lists are now part of the Red Light District...
  27. System is slowly getting back in place. You may see some updates starting. However, it may not be recognizing recent levels for everyone just yet. No guarantee on those updates being regular just yet either. Should be back to normal within the coming 24 hours. And about 48 hours for the lists to be fully back to normal with rechecked player stats. (Once it's running normally: The system requires you be logged in during one of its checks before it will recheck your levels. Make sure your character is logged in for at least 10 minutes at some point for your levels to be accounted for with the next player list update, which occurs approximately every 6 hours.)
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