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  1. Lake George in New York

    Very nice thanks for sharing with us
  2. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    RIP Learner thank you for all you have done for us in EL. You will be missed
  3. New client update available 1.9.5.p8

    Hello so today I got brave and decided to try the new client, I downloaded both of these and so far only problem I have found is when I do #Q I get Unknown: #q 4000/1 Somehow I am sure i did something wrong Windows 7-10 64-Bit installer Windows 7-10 64-Bit executable and DLL files
  4. Storage clearance- all has to go

    Get with me I want all your silver medalions pls
  5. Selling NPC items

    50K he's please
  6. I think this is a great idea. This would for sure help them who sit and wait. Yet it wouldn't affect anyone if they were empty at times. I see no reason not to add a couple more
  7. Obituary: Looter

    Sad news, thoughts are with you HiT and your family
  8. EFE's giveaway

  9. IP Storage for everyone.

    I love the idea of everyone being able to use IP storage
  10. being one of few people who use meters I think decreasing break rate is good. Although I think increasing the number of meters you get per mix would be better. I do feel more would use them because the price would be lower therefor not such a huge loss if it poofs.
  11. Sounds good to me. I honestly don't think anyone will notice the change but why not
  12. Adding 2 new special days.

    This is a great idea. Being the only 2 skills without a special day this makes sense!
  13. Buying S2E's and steel bars

    Just as the title says Buying S2E's and steel bars Pm me in game
  14. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    I also want to say sorry you felt you were not kept informed I honestly remember typing alot in #gm and sorry you felt this way.
  15. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    AFK will plan on 12PM est on 11/21/2019 While I am at it let me update team AFK_Ranger Aislinn AFK_Mage Riptide AFK_Summoner BioBoosterBob AFK_Engineer Wakko AFK_Fighter CherUT