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  1. how about this and some of these not worth making items available as an optional reward in some new tatu missions (mule daily) like sometimes you can get a vial mold as a reward on one mission, the helm required for dorrel mission is also a pass (granted a free one) only affair
  2. now have the new mac client running on macbook pro M1 since i started using the new client when i change the in game options like the camera positions or shadows etc they don't stay when logged out, they used to when i was running it on the older one, last night in game chat someone said i probably have script write protected, i don't know what that is or how to find it,
  3. Photography stuff

    Negative Neighbour
  4. My artwork

    really good work
  5. Raised_by_Bats 2022 Paid

    Receipt number: 4H4418839V700541J any problems reply here or in PM as i don't have a client available to play in game
  6. Photography stuff

    My, how they grow
  7. Peace Day Poll

    peace day shouldn't be removable by players as this can be used strategically to catch players out when they are exploring pk maps etc by the means of the removal the day that should not be removable also is day of the brave, this is a good day also, not just a bad one
  8. Eternal Lands for macOS - Download here!

    new client for older mac OS, mac book pro 2015. I'm running El capitan 10:11:06 and i have other stuff on the computer that won't run on a higher grade which El client do i use for this OS version or dosen't el run on older OS anymore?
  9. Status update

    Thanks for all the Modding duties, its been a pleasure.
  10. Photography stuff

    Web browsing...
  11. Photography stuff

    My night time visitor, 3 am making use of the sigma 105mm ƒ1.4, turns night into daytime without needing any extra lighting, perfect for night time fox hunting
  12. Photography stuff

    alien flower
  13. Photography stuff

    Been after this one for a while, doesn't hang around long for a photograph
  14. El-Wiki.net

    one of the things that i missed the most when the wiki got un wikificated was the ability to change the skill tables for tailoring, magic, crafting etc according to level, base mana, skill level etc was that something that can be change to work again?