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  1. The Ghost Ship

    possible new Giws gwis message: A ghost ship has appeared A ghost ship either appears at a dock or a current ship is used as the ghost ship, maybe this is now more washed out in colour / translucent like the phantom warriors are. A player or players enter the ghost ship by clicking on its now pirate flag or other ghost related flag, as its an invasion maybe no change to the original boat is needed, as this would make coding a lot easier and the hunt to find the ghost ship a bit harder, and it will just be one of those things while the ghost ship invasion is on if you don't want to get caught out you don't risk getting on a ship for the short duration Once you enter the relevant ship you get teleported to a ghost island with ghost mobs on it, this would be what ever makes it easiest for the team (developer ) to code eg maybe regular invasion mobs but ones not already / often used, not sure if just making a mob translucent is an easy process etc The ghost island could be a current map unused in regular game play or what ever the developer decides in way of isolation Main point is the entrant system would be run around to try and find the loc of the ship then its up to players to announce or try to kill as many as they can for themselves as is the current status of map giws, Once the invasion is either over by kill or time the player on the island get teled back to ip or where ever the ghost ship was docked
  2. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    Burn, i'd like to ask you a favour, could you tell be the number of tiles high the rat and snake eye tavern is at the north face Sedicolis [51,43] from trying to measure horizontal to vertical i'm thinking between 15 and 18 tiles high amusing the vertical tile height is the same as the horizontal tile length. been a while since i done anything, main delema has been the scale, i want to do it big enough the detail will be fun to do, i've settled on 1cm square per game tile. the other fun part was making the insides and outside of the taven fit to which i've done that now.
  3. Hatwood

    no words , very sad
  4. Server Update Suggestions

    Raptors, these would make use of the cockatrice skin / model to save work in making a new art piece as that seems to be a big thing in the past. these will be natural yellow monsters like the trice is, they dont ignore anyone, level or perks they have a high a/d, should be hard to kill for a single player, they should have speed hax permanent, Drop? not important from my side, see 'reason for addition' Placement, somewhere like ROT past, or other non daily map, the number of mobs would be like the density of 6 per size of ROT, Reason for adding them, these on ROT Past will make for an interesting helper to invasions, being a yellow / natural monster, they will respawn rather than poof like a red top / invasion mob does, Special ability, this might be the hard part requiring coding that might not exist or be possible?, the ability to know when another mob is in combat with a player, other nearby ones use the known location as a beacon and head to that square, like they do for range attacks. During an invasion i can see these mobs being a right pita if the power level is set right so that if they mob a player they are something to be fearful of.
  5. hatwood.net

    its a shame to see them go for sure, they were a great help early on, its not too hard to chase the spawns down and pin point them, bit more work involved on the bigger maps with more spawns though
  6. Server Update Suggestions

    make day of the brave non removable, it has advantages and disadvantages in game therefore not just a bad day
  7. Raised_by_Bats 2022 Paid

    2023 also paid for (24th may 2023)
  8. which system are you on Aislinn, havent gotten mine to work, is there something you need to add mac not available yet?
  9. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I can see the stage and throne working as it is in a high council / general command type of way if the powers to be used the throne and stage area to address the towns folk for something like council meetings the stripper poles explain the lighting though lol and for sure it makes no difference to game play stuff doesn't match up, just a headache if some muppet like me decides to turn it into a real world object, Burn, is there any part of the el code my side where i could change a line to show grids or tile layers? long shot i know
  10. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    A quandary, i can make an accurate model of sedi tavern both the inside and outside but they don't match as they are two different maps with two different layouts, outside being a generic rectangle and the insides being an L shaped bigger building. my plan is to have the top of the building removable to reveal the insides, this could be done as a miss match which would be game accurate but i have the idea of making the outside tavern match up with the insides in layout. story wise the tavern at one point was extended into the building next to it which fits in with its layout, so that would work, the door can be relocated to match the insides. oh and as for the scale, just sedi alone would be huge to get enough detail into the buildings and map to make it worth while, and hile sedi is one of the small maps the bigger maps like WS, IDA etc are 4 times as big.
  11. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    would have helped if the insides of the buildings matched the outside shape lol, so weird stuff goin on there probably the same builders that worked on the tardis!
  12. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    as i'm on mac and havent been able to access the map editor would it be possible for someone who can to overlay the tile grid on the Sedi map so i can more accurately measure the buildings and other object foot prints for location and size my next project is to build a scale model of the sedi map,
  13. yeah, i don;t use speed hax myself but that is a good shout Aslinn
  14. TraceRt Logs for Lag Issues

    with the lags, if i'm moving i just lag for a few seconds if i'm afk or stopped moving i grue and disconnect, while its mildly annoying few days back when i had three afk for recovering some ap they had all grued and disconnected which now looks like it was that that lead to the el files being corrupted and having to make a new file. when i was playing this client and on the same comp (macbook 2021) i never had any grue / disconnects
  15. Photography stuff

    Who needs Dragons................ ......When you have cats to destroy cardboard castles. Thomas II, our latest addition, had him few months now, my partner has a new job in a vets and Thomas was a rescue cat that had a broken rear leg, he has now had the rod out of it and is fully healed and a little monster.