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  1. New creatures

    YES! Let me get it straight. Is you idea a bunch of hyper-fast naked chickens mobbing players?
  2. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    Bump! Nothing's happening with these marvelous suggestions?! Why's that?
  3. Hi, This will be a short and timed invasion. Rules are simple: 1. There will be quite a few monsters spawned in South Kilaran Field and Carmien Manor. 2. Monsters in SKF will be uncapped. 3. Monsters in CM will be capped at 120. 4. Clear all the monsters within 60 minutes to get a second wave AND bosses. 5. Otherwise, only a second wave. 6. Second wave will include an invasion in Desert Pines capped at 100. Cheers, ~v
  4. Invasion with a timer

    Hi, let's have a simple invasion with a little twist. There will be 5000 monsters spawned in Idaloran: 300 will be capped at 110 300 will be capped at 130 300 will be capped at 150 remaining ones will be uncapped There is a timer set-up: 90 minutes. Once the time is over and there are: more than 250 monsters, you will get a second wave of monsters; all uncapped less than 250 monsters, you will get a few bosses in each of the cap (110, 130, 150 and uncapped) in addition, less than 50 monsters, there will be significantly more bosses and their quality will improve, too. The monsters will be spawned ahead of time and capped below 5 a/d. They will be set to proper caps when the invasion starts. Cheers, ~v
  5. Portals of the dark Lord forum contest

    1. . 2 3. BEAT IT! I DARE YOU!!1~
  6. EVTR has a great potential as an invasion map... if only it was multicombat. Can we make it multicombat, please?
  7. stivy bagjumps

    You're bloody rich as it is. Share.
  8. I think these are reasonable and good ideas. Especially now, with the influx of new, android-based players. I wonder whether we should consider re-doing all tutorials to accomodate them? What do you think guys?
  9. Your comments belong somewhere below.
  10. Reviving Hide&Seek

    Angler supported contests with 5 invasion tokens!
  11. Reviving Hide&Seek

    Lalaith got fed up with the winning series and donated RDHoLaM and a serpent stone DerSachse chipped in with yeti summoning stone
  12. The Most Hidden Features

    Ummm... What I agreed on was the somewhat random name of the key in el.ini. I wouldn't come up with the name myself. I think you mis-interpreted my words Cheers, ~v
  13. Howdy! There are multiple astro that significantly affect our gaming. I would like to suggest a new Online Shop item that would slightly affect it by shifting move your astro forward by 3 or 6 hours depending on the overall length of the cycle (3 hours for 24H, 6 hours for 48H). The item should have a reasonable cooldown, for example half of the time it moves the astro, i.e. 1.5 or 3 hours. The price? I suppose that could be a subject for discussion and depend strongly on demand. Cheers, ~v
  14. Reviving Hide&Seek

    LittleBig's donation received and noted!
  15. Reviving Hide&Seek

    Darrock was obviously tired when she emptied her storage today.