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  1. some changes

    1) and 3) sounds good; However 2) sounds terrible for md training. Also I don't think it'll change anything to pvp / pk
  2. Peace Day Poll

    Making it not removable with stone makes sense to me for the reasons Revi mentionned above. I guess it's fine when radu removes it and is giving heads up. There are more than 1 instance type raz :P. Instances, invances, lenny, ivan could be made melee-able, not sure how much extra coding that would require though. I also think it's a great time for people to work on the global quest.
  3. Francais!

    Bievenue Grisur, Si tu as besoin de renseignements je reste dispo sous le même pseudo. Il n'y a pas de guilde française à ma connaissance ou du moins de guilde active.
  4. ALL sigils gone!?!?

    It is probably due to the server crash, almost made it to daritha! too bad
  5. Expiring bots

    Takamura, windu x2 renewal 9B262847HF051694L
  6. Gypsum harvesting

    done and delivered, thanks!
  7. Gypsum harvesting

    Taking orders of gypsum (Max 10k), 13gc each. Post here since I'll most likely be afk in game and miss your pm. Please note that I might stop this at any given time or even change price.
  8. 100-120 invance

    Yep this is not the easiest invance for sure
  9. Summoning menu

    Since it seems only 2 summon creatures behaviour works - No attack! - Attack at will! Would it be possible to have some kind of toggle : #summon that switch between the 2 mode, just like #glow ? @bluap
  10. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    Yeah everything that can be worn seems to be broddable. Not sure where I heard the pickaxe of magic was unbreakable, could be a myth.
  11. The Complete List of Undroppable Items

    Thanks didn't expect the capes. While we are at it, are they unbrodable/unbreakable items
  12. KF proposed changes

    Having a non combat zone seems to be a very good idea. I could picture a non pk zone and a pk zone just like dpa and it's surrounding, so that we can have watchers only in some part of the map. And the rest of the map could be as kf used to be.
  13. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Diealot has a point, bring something to kf. It might bring more players, but then again while PKing can be fun. It is certainly costly, I still believe we should have an use for PKI or a new system that can't be farmed that easily (killed by magic, range, or pvp, doubt we can detect bombs or summoning kills), but I digress from the point. So yeah put something in KF that would bring players there. Could be a regular neno (no nexus stone drop), a red dragon ?? Gypsum seems to makes sense (I know aislinn and a few more would approve of this :P), as it weighs tons of emu anyway.
  14. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Sorry to be a party pooper but high level chars, still have the edge as they have much more mana pool/hp and PERKS, they would still have an hard time even in dpa 40, where attributs are capped at 20, (well won't be as bad as a normal pk map but still). Tokens not working in pk map would make a lot of sense or add a reasonable cooldown but sounds complicated
  15. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Since kf is capped at 130, any engineering/bombs/wards items are not working there (afaik from Burn the bombs do not work in any a/d capped area, such as DPa, etc). I felt like it was much more fun to have those wards, not saying that because I am a mage. I felt the same way even before I was a mage. It could bring a whole lot to PK contest there. In short keep the 130 cap and keep the bombs as it was intended