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  1. End of summer sale

    For the 3-month warranty, can we pay now and have the new warranty start after our current warranty wears off? For example, I paid my last warranty on September 5th, if I do this deal, can the three-month period start on Oct 5th?
  2. KF 130 cap.

    Set that area up for non PK or just make the tile unwalkable around it. I dont know why we make huge deals about client updates. I really wish EL didnt stack 3 years of client update material/ideas before moving forward. I feel like a LOT of ideas get shut down because we don't update the client very often. Last update according to forums was May 8th 2015. =/
  3. Kind of sucks we have to tippy toe when talking to radu and some other mods. Reminds of me when I need to interact with some type of law enforcement in real life. That bad gut feeling you get when you have to make threads like this, or even replying tho them :s
  4. KF 130 cap.

    Thrown in one of those forts for a strictly 1v1 NPC Controlled Arena. Talk to the NPC and put items/GC at stake winner take all.
  5. KF 130 cap.

    You can switch the portal in spot to a fort (its a few steps next to one rn), also keep in mind its still supposed to be PK and deadly. Tele to range, speed hax, invis, etc would have more value and strategy and without drops there isn't much punishment anyway.
  6. KF 130 cap.

    Or make KF/VoTD Side capped and DP Side uncapped? Or uncapped in the main map but have the forts have caps. I like this idea. I like point #5.
  7. No issues here, ran it for a few hours looks clean I love the message options looks clean af ^^' 21:9 Aspect ratios and 3440x1440 resolution looks great https://gyazo.com/eb519b989e7bb2c9dc3e13c97efcd4c9
  8. Ranging fix

    I vote NO don't change this "feature". Everyone already knows how to work around it (just stand close enough). Also this would probably change the "pinning" mechanism we currently have. This has been around since ranging was introduced no reason to change it now because one person got serped.
  9. New creatures

    I asked radu to create new creatures so he requested for a forums post. [radu @ 6]: well, make a forum post about what kind of creatures you want Pros: More to do enough said from level 1-179 we do have a lot of creatures in this game but isn't a change of scenery nice? From killing goblins for countless hours to spending months in Fluffy, Feros and Yeti cave. It is always a good feeling when you step up from your previous training creature or when you simply have more options on what to kill for exp and drops. More invasion, instance and invance possibilities. Makes the game less predictable and adds that extra spice to things. The feeling when Ivan, Badaran, Neno, Casty and Bricker came to the game I was in awe. Just thinking of how to kill these marvelous beast to not knowing exactly what the drop can be still brings shivers down my spine until today! From nexus removals, oranges, day stones to 1 Gold Coin, killing these is always a surprise factor. New drop possibilities, whether its just gold coins like Legionnaire Orcs and Trolls to books, weapons, arrows and stones. Nothing like the present to implement new drops to old and new creatures. Learning experience, having to group up or learn the best way to solo a monster is always exciting. I received a few PM's on suggested monsters and the ideas are infinite! We already have monsters that summons monsters, brods, mirrors, I glows etc. But we still have room for plenty more. Mirroring arrows/damage, wielding scythes (bone of death) etc. Cons: I am biased so I can't think of any, so you post why it would not be a good idea. I will list some examples of just a few things that come to mind when thinking about new creatures. Examples : Orchan, Gnome, Draegoni, Elf, Human and Dwarf can suddenly turn into many new creatures like Legionnaire Gnome Battle Boss Orchan Armed Draegoni Shy Elf Mage Dwarf Human This keeps it simple for adding since you wouldn't need new models but it still keeps the creature unique. You can multiply all the ideas above by making these creatures ride horses, wield different weapons and armors, different size scaling and clothing selections. As for what these creatures stats and ability I will leave it the administration and other players to think about but here is a few ideas. [frost @ 6]: Boss Orc 180/180 a/d [frost @ 6]: [frost @ 6]: Boss Orchan* [Hauntzer @ 6]: 25k hp, mirror, glow, tinf, eva [Kingpin @ 6]: Trump Orc [Kingpin @ 6]: or Kim Troll [iCeVoDkA @ 6]: +1 jof [frost @ 6]: Legionnaire Gnomes = Perma Speed Hax and Uses Bone of death [Kingpin @ 6]: anything will be interesting imo [kav @ 6]: omg, we can make a bernie sanders! he does look like the bald gnome, make him a boss gnome [RipTide @ 6]: invasion monsters with high cammo. fog of war effect [PM from LittleLooter: invasion only mob - 500 hp, can only be dmged by arrows but reflects 100% of dmg done would be fun ]
  10. All hydro route to be PK?

    I have been a moderator for over 10 years in this game. In all that time, I have tried to be fair, impartial, reasonable in every way dealing with the rules as they have been defined, and players, some of which make it very very difficult to be impartial. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not about me. In fact, it is not about you either. This in fact, doesn't belong on a public forum. and should imho be a topic for game moderators, before being dragged into the communal channels. When rule 5 was abruptly removed, there were a lot of consequences that were not considered, Some of which you highlight above. However, there is a precedent set by Radu for alts to be "actively played". As I see it, and others, the use of alts to camp hydro route, or other maps do not fit the definition as "actively played" This has gone on for some time, and I am willing to bring reasonable arguments, and take reasonable measures to rectify what is believed by many, a serious flaw in game play that stems from the removal of rule #5. I am pressing the issue, because it has been ignored for far too long. I have thrown a lot of hours in the past 10 years as a patient moderator, a newbie helper, a rule enforce, an event planer, a contest maker, and invasion host, for the entertainment of all in game. Do you really think I don't care about Eternal Lands as a whole, and only care if I can get easy hydro? This is not about me. This is not about you. This is a topic of game rules and moderation of those rules. Thank you for your services, Wizzy! Thank you on behalf of all of Nano guild. A lot of people have good ideas here, but even Stivy believes that some change is due.
  11. All hydro route to be PK?

    Full PK including fluff cave/mazes/platforms (Maybe move that double spawn fluff somewhere else)
  12. stivy bagjumps

    Pretty greedy you have two rostos, worse friend EU
  13. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    Mod spam chat TBH
  14. whiterhino

    I vote to unban him, he wants to buy my char. :< #Free Tyler1