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  1. Ranging fix

    My vote is with 2nd word of weaverdas's first paragraph of his original post.
  2. Eternal Lands Gamebook

    Maps for suggested skill use in book one: Isla Prima (train A/D) Whitestone (Marketplace, train summoning) Desert Pines (train potions) Portland (train crafting) VOTD (train Manu) Nordcarn (train Alch) Tarsengaard (train Magic) List of potential mobs for book one: Rabbits, Beavers, Rats, Small Spider, Woodsprite, Imps, Wolves, Goblins, Skelly, Gargoyles. (bear in mind that whilst these are not strictly indigenous to IP in the game, it will represent the random encounter table of mobs to train on, as well as potentially run into on other maps encounters). Attributes for player: Phys 8 + 1D6 (each 2 points above 8 adds on +1 attack +20 HP) Coord 8 + 1D6 (each 2 points above 8 adds on +1 defence +20 HP) Will 8 + 1D6 (each 2 points above 8 adds on +20 HP +20 Mana) Hit Points 20 initial points Mana 20 initial points Attack 0 initial points Defence 0 initial points Suggested Spell list/costs/effect Heal (5 mana) +2D6 HP Shield (5 mana) +3Defence for one fight only Life Drain(7 mana) Drain 1D6 from opponent & heal by this amount Mana Drain (8 mana) Drain 1D6 mana from opponent and top up mana by this amount Bones To Gold (6 mana) +1D6 gold pieces per bone used from inventory at time of spellcasting Invisibility (12 mana) Allows player to bypass 1 random encounter fight Teleport (25 mana) Instant travel to another map area - will have chance of random map teleport from crit failing on roll) Whitestone market will be the only place to buy the limited supply of skill training stones within the first book.
  3. Eternal Lands Gamebook

    I anticipate it to be a literal printed book, but suspect there may also be pdf versions available. That will be entirely in Radus hands though. I'm just putting it together and then handing it over once it is completed. Right now, am just exploring the basics for the open world format to see if it is viable....if not, then I will go with the easier linear approach instead.
  4. Eternal Lands Gamebook

    For those confused by the concept of what a gamebook involves: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighting_Fantasy
  5. Eternal Lands Gamebook

    Radu has given the ok for me to attempt to put together a Gamebook with Eternal Lands content. Similar to the idea of the 1980s fighting fantasy books, where a reader gets to decide on certain plot elements by choosing to turn to different numbered sections within the book, this will hopefully open up a new aspect for Eternal Lands players...a step back into the retro world of paper, pencil and dice! So, there were two possible options in regards to the format for the gamebook. I could either follow the box-standard linear plot progression route that most gamebooks have in common, or, in keeping with the spirit of EL, I could attempt to make a more "open world" gamebook. I'm inclined towards the open world option at this point. So, please forgive the length of this post, since I have had to brainstorm it all down and there is likely to be a mish-mash approach to the construction at this point. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, basic outline is that there will be 14 maps to work with (Seridia). At this point I am going to say that I will stick to 7 for the first book, and save the other 7 for a possible book 2, for which all items/skills are transferable. Of these 7 maps, each one will be tied into developing or training one of 7 different skill types. However, to prevent superpowering on a character, I will be capping the possibilities of skill progression within each book by only allowing a limited number of "skill stones" for using on any of the 7 skills of a players choice. Each map area will have 2 distinctly differing sections, first time run-through and then return visits. First time parts will probably most likely contain linear progression of quests and set themed encounters. Repeat visits will rely on chance random encounters determined by a table of possible mobs. I will also use tables to determine outcomes for success in training a given skill, with the usual die rolls modified by current skill levels to determine outcomes. This allows the player to invest either as a specialist, or allrounder on skills, but they cannot max out on them all, due to insufficient skill stone availability from the market area. Each map area, whether first or repeat trip, will have separate inner areas to explore, sometimes with different results depending again on the random encounter tables. This idea should allow a player to continue building up their wealth and skills whilst allowing return exploration to have alternative encounters within the plot flow. I realise this seems a monumental amount to process but I am not too bad with the old flow charts and logic gates. Yet to decide however, on how to work the combat system side, since it will need to account for skills and/or items. Skills and quests are not mutually inclusive, they will be kept separate so that a player specialising in one skill area is not unable to complete a map area due to insufficient skill for that area, the area is merely a place that allows training in a given skill if the player desires, but will not hinder progress of the maps exploration otherwise. Thus the first visit will progress linear quest conditions, and allow information to be recorded on a players character sheet, as well as provide key skill information so that subsequent visits can bypass replaying first visit sections, giving page reference info for return trips. These return sections will then give the option of training a skill OR exploring the area further. At the end of either option, a player will then be given a choice of adjoining map areas to travel to. This means that if a player wishes to progress a skill AND explore an area, they will have to return to this specific map area after they have trained the skill then travelled to a different area, which can be put down to the passage of time not allowing both skill progress AND exploration (only so much can be done in one day). So, given this, I think it is safe to assume that each map area will also represent one game day, theoretically, as well. I actually had not thought of timescale until this point, though, so kudos for the questions, it has advanced things for me to think through them. The 7 areas of skill training will be in Alchemy, Fighting (attack and defence skills), Magic, Crafting, Manufacturing, Potioning, and Summoning. When a player progresses a skill by using up a skill stone on any given one, a roll check is done and compared to an outcome table to see what improvements (either in terms of ability or items) are added for the player. Current skill levels will be taken into account, which means higher rolls will have to be more advantageous, however, a low roll on skills for first time use is probably going to allow a unique improvement on each one, just to ensure all the ONE rollers are not left crying into their mead at the local taverns). Some of the skills will be complementary to using other skills, such as Alchemy will allow the production of essences, which can then be used in both Magic (for spells) and Manufacturing (for creating various metal bars) and crafting (fire/water essences for the crafting of certain magical items). That is an example of how some skills will integrate, or rather, how I hope they will work in the book. However, since it is possible to pursue some skills but not others, it will also be possible to buy ingredients at the market area, so that lacking a complementary skill will not hinder the use of any other skill practice. There will be separate tables for outcomes of training a skill up, and using a skill, so that someone at a given skill level can produce multiple outcome items from a succession of rolls and continually improve their inventory without having to spend skill stones each time. That way, if you don't like the outcome of your skill use, you can try again until you get the item you were after (or several of them, if needed). I will probably have to limit the amount of skill use attempts for any given visit though, to ensure there is still a feel of time passing and only fitting so much into a given day. Since time can be a factor in the gameplay of this or future gamebooks, as established in previous paragraphs, it is possible to tie in time sensitive questlines, with a count-down to determine success/failure. That might come in handy, or might not be used, but the option is there. Other than the inclusion of skill created items or magic from training, not yet considered how combat works. Obviously there will probably be combat rounds, so that some form of check is made each time, with damage deducted according to outcomes, and there will no doubt be alterations to checkrolls depending on what items or magic a reader/player uses at the time, (as well as those in use against the player!). So there we have it. Did I miss anything important?
  6. New creatures

    I particularly approve of the inclusion of new creatures which make further use of the current book research areas, such as the fighting books for the races. This turns what were once pvp only knowledge to also include pve. Think that is a good idea, personally.
  7. Wattpad

    Bear with me, I realise the title appears better suited to "off-topic" but in actual fact, having just gotten the go-ahead, I've published the grandmaster storyline on the wattpad website (which covers story section yaaay). Hoping to interest enough of a fan-base of readers there that potentially will lead the curiously minded over here to check the game out (as well as having another story on wattpad to add to my portfolio there - and no, i dont get paid for it over there OR here lol). Anyhow, here's the link:- http://www.wattpad.c...way-an-official If I need to alter anything in it just drop a comment on wattpad, or forum pm me here (aimed at entropy/roja) and I'll get on it. Sorry I've been absent from playing, my laptop simply cant cope with the game and at present am not in a position to sort an upgrade til at least 2015-ish. Since I'm creating a topic and discussion is usually expected, and if the PTB's here allow and approve, would anyone else want to consider posting up their work for el on wattpad? If its all ok and you DO, perhaps you could add your own links on this thread? - Pye edit: Wattpad site auto-categorised the story as PG13 since it has the word "Lay" in the title (I assume) - I lol'd but perhaps this is not a bad thing since it wont be sending 10yr olds this way...we have had our fair share of those already over the years
  8. devilofwar & Devil_liveD

    In keeping with the rules of this section, I submit evidence that I personally know both the Devilofwar character and devil_lived character are not alts. Devilofwar was previously owned by the above player, then given back to him by another ace member after he returned to the game again. The devil_lived character was used in the interim by this player, then passed ownership to his brother once the original devilofwar character was returned to this player. This may or may not be the alt issues you're talking about Aislinn, but if it is, I can verify the previous owner and supply their contact details, feel free to forum pm me if this is required. If it isnt the issue, then I apologise for posting but felt it was relevant under the section rules in this case. - PYE
  9. New stones

    I dunno..seeing the Koddy shouts in ch6 is definitely becoming a ritual occurance...
  10. Collateral damage perk suggestion

    @ mango: Not meaning that One perkers set off bombs deliberately, more a case of them finding out the hard way that someone has laid mines in storage or tele room. But I take your point regarding RC items. @ Alchemic: No, since you dont directly set off items that One Perkers do, and you'd also only take a % of their hits, minus item stat reductions (IE armour on moonmed reduces collateral damage from other peoples cavern walls at present). This is aimed at allowing bombers to try and hit 2+ targets at once, whereas, as of now they only have a single target group. Since bombing seems to be an actual career path for some players, why not allow it to evolve in the same way other aspects of the game do? After all, One perk was added to bring this whole Bombing thing into play, let's improve it further for the Bombers out there. It's only fair they should have perks for their chosen gc investment and ingame playstyle. For the record, I hate seeing the "you are in X range of a mine" thingy, and it freaks me to see the message even though I am never planning to take the One perk. BUT I am happy to have my collateral have extra risk if there's extra incentive added.
  11. I'd like to suggest either an additional effect to the current Collateral damage perk, or the option to by a stage 2 version of it, with the following effect added: One perkers setting off bombs around the person with the Collateral damage perk will also cause damage to the person with the Collateral perk. This can be offset by giving the player one or several more pickpoints, and a fairly hefty gc cost to buy it. I know theres going to be replies of "omfg you want MOAR free pp?!" but really, considering the risk involved, and the likelyhood of dying by 3rd party bombers, I argue that the reward is equalled in measure to the risk, if not outweighed by it. There's already uses for mines/snares against One perk players, I think it's only fair to give more options to the players who try to capitalise on mine placement. It also stands a good chance of improving the market for the engineering items involved, and their requisite components. Note: For those interested, I have the collateral damage perk, and am not an engineer.
  12. New achivements.

    what acheivement do i earn for over 60,000 trolls killed? <answer: a straight-jacket>
  13. Client crashed twice during invasion

    I have now been on the test server and confirmed it is NOT red dragons thats an issue with my client. However, during an Instance, when we got to the Nasparliu part, those things DID make me repeatedly crash my client. It appears theyve had an overhaul of mesh and something to do with that doesnt agree with my client. Because it was an instance and all, I neglected to copy my logs for this period, too busy trying to get back ingame and help my team at the time. Since Nasparliu are in instances and also many mod controlled invasions, I will not be able to participate in either until I figure out some way to stop the client crashes. On the bright side, I wont use/need as many rostogol stones either. Not quite the silver lining I would prefer, so I will try a full uninstall/reinstall to see if that fixes the issue, just not quite sure how to test if its fixed afterwards. Any suggestions welcome, meantime.
  14. Client crashed twice during invasion

    I missed the opportunity to test prior to the update release, having only just returned to playing the game. I have looked through the error log, there doesnt appear to be any mention of the dragon meshes, this is the last few lines of the log, but bear in mind I came back ingame after the previously posted crashes and played for a while longer, just not as part of the invasion: Xaphier has contacted me ingame, we are going to go on the test server at some point today when we're both on, and see if we can recreate the conditions of the crash, and work out whats wrong from there.
  15. Hi, Just been pointed here after dying twice in the invasion on 30th june 2011, both times due to client crashing out midfight. The first time in Emerald Valley, I had a red dot approach me on the minimap but no visible creature onscreen that i saw, i attempted to move to see it but it was already apparently attacking me, since i got the You cannot move message, and although i didnt get chance to restore or even see a loss of health before the client crashed out, I still did not see any creature onscreen. When I logged back in, obviously because of the crash, there was no addition to my death counters to confirm what had caused the crash/killed me. Off I went to sedicolis instead, anyway, and started to fight a forest chim. A new red dot appeared on my minimap midfight, and once again the client crashed, this time while i was fighting the chim. Again, logged in back in hell. I suspect the issue may have been a red dragon in both cases, but cannot confirm either one, since it is a Portals invasion so no way of knowing for sure. The only other person who can/could confirm what killed me the first time is Blake, who was near enough onscreen for me to see when i died. However, I have yet to get him to answer his PM's since he is probably still a little busy fighting in the invasion at the time of this post. More than happy to provide any logs asked for to help sort this issue out, just give me directions where to find them and which bits need posting. I realise there are previous threads relating to Dragon animation issues, but since theyre for prior client releases, figured a new thread would be better for this version of the client, on the off chance others end up having similar issues with it. For the record, I am using Windows OS, with Poorman graphics options (due to laptop overheat problems lately, warm weather related).