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  1. Updating the Invance Map

    I use one of the exits you are proposing to remove in basically every invance I enter. Not all players 4060 or 6080 are fully prepared and/or are just new and do not know to bring a teleport ring. Also, not all are capable (or remember, or even know) of ttr into the fort to exit to restock, and asking the gatekeeper to move so that you can exit is contrary to the point of Invance. Many low level players have low max emu as well (Who would have guessed???) and may need multiple restocks per run. This change might not affect high level players, but at best this is exchanging one set of 'problems' for another for low level players. But I guess we don't care about low level players. So go ahead master map maker, make your changes and disregard any input from other people.
  2. Updating the Invance Map

    Comments: 1) I always thought of entering buildings as a feature not a bug, particularly the storage entrances. Also, what happens to the other map exits (glac, hulda, Irin, II, and whatever the new boat is that I forget is)? 1a) Statue to battle hall is fine, I guess. Statue back to Iscal sto as is current seems more helpful to me, but I guess it doesn't need to be helpful. 2-4) Yeah, seems fine. 5) Would rather see the low level invances be run on an altered version of the MM map (which can be c1) and keep the higher levels on Iscal/c2. Alternatively, allow both maps for all ranges and have the server pick one of the two at random. Additionally, if all the current exits are getting removed, are the only ways to exit the map going to be death, winning/losing, or ring/tele/beam? 6) Why? Running an invance close to a day change should have risks.
  3. Peace Day Poll

    As before, I'm for leaving peace day as is. As a potential change (because a change or anything is definitely for sure 100% going to happen...) make peace day affect only characters below a given a/d or oa level (edit: because that's definitely not exploitable at all).
  4. Peace Day Poll

    Answer to the poll - Leave it as is, or if a change must be made - make engineering items also do 0 damage on peace days as Ozzy suggests above. Opinion on the subject - The problem with peace day isn't actually peace day. It's lack of engaging content for players who's primary objectives are fighting. Negating bombs on peace days would provide one such activity.
  5. Unwalkable Tiles

    Thanks for the fix and update Grum, bluap & team. Sorry for taking so long to install the update, things have been busy. Behavior with less strict pathfinding seems more similar to pre-1.9.6 behavior. Having toggleable button is also nice in case someone else liked it the post-1.9.6 way instead. Seems good to me, can mark this one resolved as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Unwalkable Tiles

    @Burn This is new at least from the 1.9.5 client I was using. (somewhere around p6 to p8 ish?). Have also chatted with a few other fellow explorerers and they also experience the same issue. As far as everyone I've talked to can tell it's popped up with the change to 1.9.6. It's nothing game breaking, but while exploring (or doing other stuff that requires a fair bit of walking around) it's more than a bit annoying to get a green X on a spot you actually cannot walk to.
  7. Unwalkable Tiles

    With the new client update I am able to click on many (or nearly every) unwalkable tiles and get the green 'walk-to' X indicator. I don't actually walk to the spot, or near the spot, just get nothing. This particularly applies to partially covered tiles that are unwalkable as well as the black edges of insides that are unwalkable, however it seems like you can get the X indicator on most unwalkable tiles with a particular camera angle and mouse click location. This includes, under walls, rocks, bushes, trees, mountains, outside of houses on insides maps, and basically every other place I have tried. To repeat, just click on the map tile you know is unwalkable. If there's an item (crate, box, barrel, rock, etc.) on top of the tile you might need to zoom in/out or rotate the camera to get a spot where clicking gives you the green X indicator. It's quite easy to duplicate on walls of inside buildings. In 1.9.5 you could click these places, but you would not get the green X unless it was a proper walkable tile.
  8. El-Wiki.net

    Thanks for the update! Some of the main pages require a search to get to without having that.
  9. El-Wiki.net

    Thanks for doing this, . Any chance the sidebar can be edited to either match the old boofed wiki, or at least updated to include the most useful generic pages? This is the page, however it appears you need elevated user privileges to edit it: https://el-wiki.holy-eternalland.de/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Sidebar I pulled up the old wiki's sidebar and it is: Navigation mainpage|mainpage http://smf.el-wiki.net%7CForum recentchanges-url|recentchanges Help:Editing|Help Eternal Lands Wiki:Site support|Site support SEARCH Skills Alchemy|Alchemy Combat|Combat Crafting|Crafting Engineering|Engineering Harvestables|Harvesting Magic|Magic Manufacturing|Manufacturing Potion|Potion Ranging|Ranging Summoning|Summoning Tailoring|Tailoring Items Armour|Armour Books|Books Clothes|Clothes Food|Food Stones|Stones Tools and miscellaneous items|Tools and misc Weapons|Weapons Game components Achievements|Achievements Astrology|Astrology Attributes|Attributes Bots/Index|Bots Creatures|Creatures Experience|Experience Gods|Gods Guilds|Guilds Instances|Instances Invance|Invances Invasions|Invasions Maps|Maps Nexus|Nexus NPCs|NPCs Perks|Perks Quests|Quests Skill Schools|Skill schools Special Days|Special days Time Keeping|Time keeping User interface|User interface Other Acronyms|Acronyms Beginner Help|Beginner help Commands|Commands Customize|Customize External Tools|External tools Guides|Guides Servers|Servers Updates/Index|Updates to EL Much of this likely could be pared down or reorganized for better readability, but it's a reasonable place to start. Thanks!
  10. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Increasing the amount of the 2nd type of these could increase the amount of the 1st of these. Hunters hunting the hunters. Is this a sure thing? No, but I think there's a reasonable chance it could work with KF rules and location (as opposed to II where the 'incentivize to non-pkers' is the strategy at a dead-end in the middle of nowhere). As I said before: Do basically anything the folks above are suggesting cause the current sucks and I have no reason to ever go to KF. What's your suggestion, revi?
  11. KF proposed changes

    I am by no means a PK expert. As I mentioned in the other KF thread, the rules are confusing and the common strategies aren't really my playstyle. For my own 'list-o-KF-fixes' : Your points of eliminate SR/pot cooldown, remove the caps, and make a spectator area all make sense to me. Eliminating SR cooldown would additionally further incentivize use of KF (it's a heckuva lot closer to sto than TD), increasing the likelihood I'd ever actually go to the map. You have a yes from me. Repeating what I've said in the other thread: Do basically anything the folks above are suggesting cause the current sucks and I currently have no reason to ever go to KF.
  12. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    As someone who is mostly uninterested in PK, what changes would it take for me to get involved in PK (in KF or otherwise)? Redesign certain spells (Magic Immunity being the main offender). This deserves an entire topic to itself, really. Clearly indicate fighting conditions/rules of PK areas (KF or otherwise). Drop/no drop, rostos work/don't work, capped a/d, capped attributes, instant summoning possible/not, magic on/off, etc. My mine/engineering knowledge is extremely limited, but as it seems to have been brought up a lot, consider some of the changes those more knowledgeable have posted above. Specific to KF in particular, since that is the topic of this thread. Incentivize the ever living eff out of the map. Possibly including but not necessarily limited to: Put a gypsum mine in KF Put essence/bar factories all over the place Remove aggressive monster spawns, replace with non-aggressive high-profit spawns. Basically make KF a Maia harvester's heaven. Have special very-fast respawn points. Turn off Brod effects for PvP fights whether or not the player has CotU/equivalent equipped. Add Neno as a permanent resident (similar to Badaran in Idaloran) Add BR/SR/HE drops all over (NCA Mercury style). As others have suggested above, possibly carve out areas with different rules/caps/etc. Whether the intent of Matt's '120 cap' suggestion or not, possibly consider making players under a specified a/d unattackable by players over said specific a/d (whether the area caps a/d or attributes or not). Add small non-PK zones to each of the over-land map entrances (as suggested above, but from SKF and DP as well) Or: Redesign the entire map to have different areas with different rules all connected by a Non-PK path network (Think the PVMS biomes room where the individual biomes are PK areas all with different rules, and the upper areas are all non-PK). Include the 'incentivize the ever living eff out of the map' suggestions into the new redesign as well Have PKer of the Month/Year (EL-time) competition. Track statistics somehow, have lottery-style shout-out to 'best' PKer of the whatever time period is chosen. TL:DR Do basically anything the folks above are suggesting cause the current sucks and I have no reason to ever go to KF.
  13. Colored Bot PM's

    Sounds nice. Further distinguishes bots from played characters, which sometimes can be a little confusing to new players on occasion.
  14. How to fix the broken EL Wiki forum

    Do any of you (Maxine/Burn/Ermabwed) have the ability to copy all the pages easily for use on a different site? For example you can download all of Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download
  15. Mimic!

    I imagined it as only being able to mimic natural creatures/monsters and not players (or bots or NPCs or invasion mobs as mentioned). If, however, Radu wants to code it to mimic players (or any other actor) too, then by all means please do!