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    Animal and people welfare - animals first!
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  1. Expiring bots

    Transaction ID 47Y26501YJ677025P Ellstren guard, cr_trader and Knighta shop tradebots paid for 2024
  2. World Events

    In the events occurring now in Turkey and neighbouring countries, I hope and pray all our players, their families and friends are found safe.
  3. Recent flooding

    To all Players affected by the flooding in their countries, I extend my deepest sympathies. Lyndy (*KA* guild)
  4. Past Players

    If anyone now playing still remembers him, Luton from Luton, Bedfordshire, died on 1st May 2021 from unknown causes.
  5. EL dreams

    Perhaps this was a precursor to the volcanic action in your near neighbour!!
  6. Bot payments

    Paid for Ellstren, CR_trader and Knighta_shop on 1st January 2020 9LS388995J881931E
  7. Bot wanted

    Contact Bud... I think he wants rid of Stub in NC
  8. A rather strange ip ban

    Hello! I often forget things and not been told off yet, but have started writing passes down in a secret place.... Now the only problem will be if I forget where I put it. Radu has even forgiven me for forgetting to say my name when buying stuff from him lol
  9. New creatures

    I have always wanted a sea creature to leap out at any beach site, not necessarily a very high level, just something to frighten newbies really. I also miss horrible critter spawning from outhouses!
  10. Done

    I realize (american sp*) for moderators, but i am VERY SAD! i wanted invite!
  11. I saw somewhere in forums, the suggestion to return Neno to original form. I would LOVE to see the outhouses producing not just the occasional rat, but some other higher monster. Give the harvesters of dung a reason to be a little less aft Thats a ME TOO for a totally different reason
  12. Done

    Great reporting should put you up for a prize!
  13. Done

    Particularly liked the *furry* Otherwise excellent reporting!
  14. The possibility for a "C3"

    There are two moons i think? pick one
  15. The possibility for a "C3"

    Facebook recently promoted Plarium Throne o/ PS. Tried it ^^ and still much prefer EL, economy, chat, maps (ty Burn)