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  1. kingpin banned

  2. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Agree 100%
  3. I support the lower break rate and increased units per mix.
  4. Live Stream Event

    Uhm, so disappointed, wizard ahem . . . magic pl0x.
  5. Storage Sale

    Stann, Hold onto these for me, please: 46121 Wood Branches 2935 Fire arrows 61984 Bones 818 Gem Sanding Paper 138 Amber 1600 Turqoise 4882 Sapphire 9345 Gypsum 2561 Ruby 4 Halberd 1 Day of Tailoring 397 Potion of Action Points 2 Vegetal Removal Stone 13 Enhanced Sun Medallion 4 Gatherer Medallion 14723 Life Essence 2 Enriched Life Essence 5313 Death Essence 5649 Magic Essence 7825 Spirit Essence 2297 Matter Essence 1100 Water Essence 4067 Potion of Coordination 3118 Potion of Wildness 272 Potion of Evasion 4002 Potion of Defense 2365 Potion of Attack 2017 Potion of Physique 2435 Potion of Reasoning 6 Mixture of Power 17197 Potion of Spirit Restoration 18 Potion of Great Healing 544 Puma Fur 285 White rabbit fur 1549 Skunk fur 617 Snow Leopard fur 450 Red Snake Skin 1 Mage Robe Pants 1 Mage Robe Shirt 410 Rope 2329 Wood Logs 18400 Empty Vial 40 Haidir pass 2 Grapes 1 Black Horse Whistle 160 White Fabric 357 Blackpowder
  6. Hero Points

    Excellent idea. I'm sure we can think of some nice hero rewards.
  7. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    My widget still isn't updating. It's stuck on Day of Schools 4:37 1 invasion mob left. This was from the day I installed it, Dec. 3. I do get updated notifications from it, however.
  8. Ranging fix

    Change, please.
  9. New creatures

    I've tested the new Breaker. I think the idea is terrific but would like to see some tuning. As it is now, it is aimed almost solely at the top level players and lends itself to farming. I would like to suggest the following changes: high dex, med-high toughness, low-med might, low a/d (90-100), extremely high crit to hit, very low crit to dmg, 0-25/50 gc drop, no special drop, no mirror. IMO this will help avoid farmers, it wouldn't be worth training for many, and it would be focused on helping a greater part of the population in their break quests. The goal would be for the mob to hit everyone a high percentage of the time but with small/manageable damage. Edit: My recommendations are based upon the assumption that Breaker was intended to help a significant portion of the EL community in progressing on their break quests, not to introduce a training/farming mob for higher level players. If that assumption is incorrect, disregard my recommendations.
  10. All hydro route to be PK?

    +1, but to me either have rule 5 or don't, all these one-off exceptions are subjective and confusing. Now we need a definition of "actively played" or we're in jeopardy of breaking a semi-rule 5.
  11. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    My point exactly. Thank you, my Turkish sage. It was an offer of protection with no action whatsoever, but even had there been action, e.g. serping, etc. that is all legal and has been so for the entire history of the game.
  12. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    "It was a joke"... That's a defense that's used way too often to excuse bad/unpleasant/aggressive behaviour. In this case, someone threatened K&M guild, ("pay up,or else..."), they took it seriously. Even if it was intended as a joke (which isn't clear at the moment, even it was RAGE guild sending that #IG), it misfired. So now you aggress your target again, implying they are at fault for not seeing it as a joke... get a life
  13. Pay or i harrass you illegal?

    This is possibly the most inane post I've ever read. It's not harassment. It was a joke which was isolated and not repeated at any intolerable rate.
  14. Crafting update?

    +1 rather than increase NPC price.