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  1. kingpin banned

    II don't understand what you saying, Stouxy did recovered the char in question (Asclepius) for Caduceus. And i am sure Caducous played EL after that incident for a while.
  2. kingpin banned

    Violater also had same past of mine, he did scam people and got scammed in the past few times, got caught by using macro and admited it, got his storage wiped and ended by selling his high level character to Kaddy. Now, he is back and all of you cuddles the good vio.
  3. kingpin banned

    Hi guys, im very sorry to come here again but i want you all know i truly regret about what happened and i humble ask for a pardon besides a corrective punishment for breaking the rules besides and allow me play Eternal Lands one more time. I also regret giving out my personal life details and i felt embarrassed after i read all again when i got calm and of course you all doens't care about, now i just point myself for all that gone wrong, as it supposed to be. Along of all the years i've been playing the game i never broke the rules and i would like to have a chance like everyone's. Aislinn, Wizzy, Cherut, Angler, Raz, Revi, Radu...all the mods and the boss master please let me play Eternal Lands again, perma ban if we get int ago this theme again i swear
  4. kingpin banned

    To make things clear, i just bought your character that was taken from you Violater, another guy that we both know and you did shared your passwords with him did whatever are you claiming now, and i just bought it after all. You were one of persons who were asking me in social media if i got banned, if i sell char, macro ban seems a bit odd for you too?! In the name of cover what this dude saying and accusing me scammer etc, i will tell what happened : He had zFish char and i offered to buy that after he was innactive and willing to sell his account, i offered to buy and keep it for my own use and i had no intention of selling for real coz the char were serving me good. But then someone appeared in game and offered 5x what I HAD PAID for zFish (what he agreed) and i ended by selling it. I never wrote a contract or broke any rule, just real life needings call. End of story, rest is about rudeness, cowardice said about my wife since he is the most perfect dude which says into his streams to support a depressive friend and drink water. I can give prints of our deal if needed.
  5. kingpin banned

    Hi everybody, i would like to tell you all what i been doing in last months. First let me start from beginning and explain some details Since the game has turned into small circles of powerful guilds i decided to walk alone path and have fun on my own way. I had shared passwords with a kind hearted man called Hussam, pleasant Nimbus and i really enjoyed for a while. Although for different reasons i ended up by not sharing my chars with nobody else from then, because sharing is never a good choice and wasn't making me happy due my game play way actively. And within the context of playing alone I admit I've used to macro range inside instance, which was very handy to me since I have two computers (common use) in here in home, i truly didn't know about range inside isn't legal, i had in my mind its illegal if you let it playing alone all day long gathering levels by itself, i though if i am watching it and controlling it I could use this, my mistake. Since kingpin character is my beloved punching bag and farm source, i was just farming invasions and instances alone according to my time, my wife permission, studies online, and after Years and Years of playing and enjoying just main character i had decided to invest a bit of effort into mugen (which i was catching some quick lvls in magic and manufacture - mana drains and leather helms, besides that i was just holding gold coins and saving for sell for other players, and i was rushing as much i could, which made me take shortcuts and do wrong decisions on my path in EL, I had expectation of raise a fair amount of gcs and sell for a good rate on parallel market for other players and I am sorry radu for this, i would like to cross your deals only this time specially due my needing, other times, i just sold small gold coins packages sporadically. Certain persons knows i am married man and we (my wife and I) have difficulties to become dads, we are aiming into a treatment of fertilization in vitro, which is expensive where we live. Sounds crazy, but i had a hope to complement the bills by playing the game, and i was very focused. Please, but please i don't wanna sound a motherfucker to use that reason to apologize what i did, but if you are human enough consider that. This is reality, we are drinking daily supplements and I suffer every month when she bloods on the bath dreaming to have a baby. (Flame if you are reading this, no, my wife never cheated on me, i think you better move your hate for people who don't sell you another 150/160 a/d's account). I don't feel interest in bother other peoples game, i don't feel desire in macro anything or share any account no longer. Also im being bombed in social media people who never cared me or cheated on me even asking whatever happened to me, even if I sell kingpin, what program i used and i'm not even replying back. Surra was a player that i met in game and we became friends, he sold his account and i lent lady_flow (one of my alts) to him play, he also has havena, lord_punheteiro, cherao and coe and our trade logs at least to havena is a mess i guess. I don't know what the technical details about logs and what we did, but i did some nights of orc tokens macro with lord, to maximize gold and try luck with serpent stones and maybe 1 or 2 rigs? It wasn't worth it and i stopped like 1 week ago. I think its a bit early to take decisions on what gonna happen to me, from you guys radu and Aislinn specially, mods, i just wanted to let you know i had enjoyed every moment i was online and shared my time with your guys time and my biggest regret was take part of shady macro help. I think i disappointed my small circle of friends and i had received lots of questions in rl about what happened to me, some are worried and others happy who knows, we living the weird end of times pandemic and etc, i had hope to keep playing on my vacation from work, if not, its ok i will keep studying and appreciate everyday things, turn my attention and time into wife, dog toddy and ok it will be a long vacation! Seems cliché to say that but i love the game and if I had another chance, today or tomorrow, or next month i will be back (as Arnold Schwarzenegger) and i swear for god wont use any illegal program. What happened to me can happen to any of you if you use programs to easy your life, i got caught and i am here to be judged and punished, hope you all learned something, its not a reason for laughter since we are people and we fail for various reasons. Thanks for reading a bit long text Some notes *English isn't my native language, used translator; *Mentioned some names, can remove if you feel uncomfortable
  6. Hotkeys

    Curious about that too Vino
  7. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Hello, please can someone enlight my path I've tried latest bluap's update and it show a fatal error message:
  8. Missing gods

    For gods sake! Good thing
  9. I like this..other helms k
  10. Eternal Lands News

    Had good laughs at certain stories, tnx for entertainment RT!
  11. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    2k19 new year new stuff!
  12. Hero Points

    Awesome imo, would be nice runs something interesting on second plan while playing at all.
  13. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Farm giants/yetis for a nmt drop, still in progress
  14. ~

    Well, i try fix something that happened between me and violater and you show up to post about your char Caduceus? Come on...move for another topic please and you got it back plus + pp's that i had added to it + radu help with cheaper shop items + old whiterhino char + ???? idk what more. Ok i was immature enough to realize what i did, so put a rock over paper eh? @Dragon_killer is purelly hater noob, don't increase or decrease anything basically. Incredible how you guys can't give someone another chance to repair some damage, i'm done with this behavior but you all still want to crucify me. Oh ok, yall are the judge.