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It's done! Took us 4 months :D

You can watch the video here to see who won :)

Thank you all for being there during the journey and participating in guessing :) 


Hello :)


I've been working on a project of making 1 Million Fire Essences for a while now, and I'm almost done with gathering the ingredients.


I'd like to do a little giveaway with the Enriched Fire Essences that I will create in the process.


I'll be creating 1 Million of essences, and I want you to make a guess, how many EFE's will I create during the process? 


Whoever will guess the correct amount, (or will be closest)- will win 10% of the EFE's created.

Example: I create 50, you guessed 50, you win 5 EFE's. 


One guess per person please. If there's more than 1 person who guesses correctly, the EFE's will be divided to those players.


To finish the project, I'm assuming it'll take at least 2 months from now. Just wanted to announce in advance so more people can make their guesses :)

Please make a comment down below! :)



- StouXy / STX -


( STX Has Child of stars perk and I'll be using Artificer cape )


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Here I'll post the numbers from people who pmed me in the game ( who can't post here )


Alpina's guess:      47

Kenshin's guess:   128

Woelfin's guess:    79

Bizier's guess:   402

Frost's guess: 118

Wo0deh's guess: 134

Xyleon's guess: 112

Moon_Beam's guess: 44

Ultio's guess: 155

Darkii1892's guess: 98

Snat's guess: 222

Binky's guess: 835

Panrell's guess: 155

AppleJoy's guess: 233

Cub's guess: 360

Guiness' guess: 73

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I'm guessing 222


Very good luck :o

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