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  1. Bigger Buddy List

    would like also different colours in buddy list
  2. Portrait of Lord Vermor

    ur id card photo is probably neither 100% same as you look now
  3. KF proposed changes

    or just add #spec command allowed only in kf, u will not be able to do anything and sit, but u won't get attacked
  4. The pKing Express

    i like it ^^
  5. kingpin banned

  6. kingpin banned

  7. kingpin banned

    * If he enjoys the game so much, why macro? * Shouldn't u be banned a long time ago for all sh*t u done over years? * As even other chars benefited from his macroing, i would allow him to create only 1 new character... he said he loves the game, right? So he can love it from 7/7 a/d.... *Tell me kingpin, what income are you for the game? Troublemaker and not using bricks even... lol #EDIT - forgot to mention using mod's attribute check....
  8. EFE's giveaway

  9. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    well... i think u could at least listen to discord if not talking at all, altho we tried to give main calls at least at gm, but i think fair thing would be tell us instead of running and post it to forum, you were saying even before event you are going to quit and you could do it better way than smashing your own team here and using it as reason, good luck in whatever you are going to do aqui and hope you will come back one day
  10. Mod can do what they want?

    I believe because you don't like wizzy's acting and "summons" you are not participing even in his invasions, right? or do you? will you cry-run to radu if his invasion mob kills you, that he is picking on you?
  11. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    ok, so all this is about burn cannot sell these with nice profit then fuck the essences prices for everybody so i have gc if i understand that well... only parts i would agree on is remove serp stone of wolfram bar , mixing merucry formula and (or) maybe rise price of spirit essences...
  12. Books Gerund does not want

    would be also nice if npc was buying "newer" books for example for eng, tailoring etc...
  13. EXP Bonus after the kill

    well, that way i would maybe train at least on tzu
  14. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Lol, the game got like 50? 100 ? players and u keep locking even their alts? servers wouldn't handle them? In my point of view they are not breaking the rules with it, they just check map what the neno is on, but still need to hunt him, track him and if it teles it is pain in ass looks on newly added maps (which are crap to hunt it on like irinveron...srsly?...) if he runs u can even track him couple of hours w/o finding... Make him he won't tele under 1 or 2k hp and i guess they won't use so many alts... Also maybe if you updated EL ency , there wouldn't be so many troubles about these invented rules based on your mood, +Only difference i see between them killing neno (and camping on spawn) and stivy's alts (camping on spawn) that you have $$ from stivy killing players and make them losing brick ++Neno wasn't meant to be killed by 2 people and so wasn't instance meant to be farmed by 1 person (for example Finesse and his 7 or maybe more alts)