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  1. Auctioning Books

    all of them - 1gc
  2. Server Update Suggestions

    1) gratz wasting the time, he won't even bother reading that on top implementing that 2) people won't start training anyway 3) there is no pk and won't be
  3. Crafting tutorial

    Part - Medallion of Mana. Misses 20 Turqoise
  4. Crafting tutorial

    Part - Gatherer Medallion. Misses 10 Turqoise
  5. Crafting tutorial

    Part - Medallion of Life . Misses 10 Turqoise
  6. Crafting tutorial

    Part - Heaven spawner Medallion . Misses 5 turqoise
  7. Providence Rhode Island

    wow, nice one
  8. hmm, when you leave 180 days , you can still see for example Ambrosius as top player altho his character is fresh, so i guess the site counts with his old stats
  9. some changes

    right, but only problem "#Message from" also counts the grue, had that one for a bit and it's really annoying if you park your char in storage
  10. some changes

    Hey D_K, it wasn't targeted mainly against MD training, but against mana drain itself, as you also can set up double harm, for ur key , you can cast harm (wait 1s or 2s in combat) and make the hot key play action click + cast harm + click, which means insta 400+ damage in 0.00001s or what time u set up. Also, as you know, nowadays pk is only about wards/summons/double harm, nothing more, nothing less, this would change the things a bit Yes, you are right right, as i said earlier, mainly targeted for harm spell About the invasion, i was pointing out two things " The moon is turning red " a lot of players had set up alarm message , and would be nice, when mods take their time to do one ( appreciate that ) , the message could contain that phrase, because if you put only "INVASION" as alarm message... you are @ 6, so you know... Second thing, i was reffering about, would be nice, if there was at least announced either map / or hidden and not something between, and if there is cap , that's it. Channel thing is problem, if you are for example not here, or logged off and you use mercator to get the informations, about invasion, you get not much of that.
  11. some changes

    I am not Kaddy tho, but thx you agree
  12. 1) Mods should properly announce invasions - caps - locations or at least say the invasion is hidden, because this way, if you are not hanging at channel 6, u have half time no chance to figure out, what / where is happening. Also would be nice to return back to " MOON IS TURNING RED " as it used to be, otherwise why we have the sound alerts then? 2) Offensive spells cooldown could be set AFTER casting the spell and using it, it would mean - no prepare MD + insta heal, no prepare harm and insta cast 2nd. That would deffinetly change meta in PVP and POSSIBLY more people would join, as also combat ( stats ) would matter, not only spam wards/ stones / double harm ( mainly targeted for harm spell ) And would also remove macro set-up for double harm 3) set brownie cooldown @ 1s at least - would mean no more sniping FD for stones, and also would balance pvp so u won't snipe person who is maxed and dumb enough to take cotu with 20 a/d toon in less than second
  13. Wrong Channel

    ow ya grud, i once wanted to say i am so sorry, and i miss-spelled and said get the f*** out of my pms b**** and i got booted too
  14. Guiness is Banned

    0) * If somebody skipped reading his text and started reading comments, it's just bunch of crying without any proof, YW 1) 1st thing i am probably going to deny is this one "i dont care enough anymore im done of putting time and money into a game" i doubt you have ever put a penny into a game, which didn't come , from selling gold coins, from borrowed character, but that's behind the point. 2) 2nd thing, i am going to deny on, you have never beat me, the reason, why invance MB rule was brang up, because untill that, radu didn't know about it 3) If you didn't care no more, you wouldn't just leave, u r just pissed, that's all 4) @ NCa , i was waiting there 2 days untill u log back, and than ur "brother" took spot u logged off, u should blame him, or better, don't log there and go back to storage as everybody else does OR wear the rosto, "without rostos which is just to stiff radu out of money and rostos." and you wanna stuff back? what is difference? 5) looks like i missed all the private invasions 6) weird, i dissagree with half of community, even w/ revi sometimes , and i am still around...
  15. Bigger Buddy List

    would like also different colours in buddy list