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  1. IP Banned

    Could you try logging in from your current IP? I think your ISP changes your IP regularly. If that doesn't work, please come back: IP's are banned for a reason, so they won't be unbanned unless we are fairly sure the problems won't come back with them. That is not to say you were the cause of the ban (you weren't, we know who was...). Or, you'll have to wait for Aislinn (who'll probably be back in 3-4h) or radu, as they are the only ones who can unban IPs.
  2. That means you have a file that is corrupt, or at least has no recognisable servers listed. Thus, the client doesn't know how to connect to the server (there are several possibilities). The contents should be something like this:
  3. I heard something about letsencrypt, and they issue certificates valid for 90 days (but renewal can be automated)
  4. Since this morning, I no longer see any avatars (mine, or others) on the EL forums. And re-uplaiding the avatar image has no (visible) effect. I also noticed messages like this (in Firefox browser console): Also a lot of these, but that's probably just informative
  5. Just wait until Maia asks you for 5 leonard furs... All dailies have good and bad options, the alternative is no dailies (compare grinding summoning or a/d with what you get from dailies...)
  6. Forum validation requests

    Did you actually make an account here? Forum accounts are completely separate from in-game characters.
  7. Peace Day Poll

    That would be quite a big change, making peace day affect even more aspects of the game. It also would introduce "bag ownership", where it has always been the policy that "bags have no owners". I think I'd rather see "bad day removals" removed from the game. Never been a big fan of the whole concept of day-changing stones, though.
  8. Account Recovery

    If it's just a matter of a forgotten password (no locks or bans involved), you'll have to pay Radu 5$ for password recovery and convince him the character is yours. Passwords haven't changed between old and new versions.
  9. El on Chromebook - the night is black.

    I have noticed some changed with particles as well when changing the distance to the source. Not sure that has anything to do with your problem. Something that struck me in your #glinfo output was: Perhaps a driver issue? I don't know anything about Debian, so can't really help you find alternatives. But I did find this link: https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/how-to-debian-newer-intel-graphics.html (old page, 2015!!) One interesting bit on that page:
  10. Peace Day Poll

    Unless there's an invasion. Open day for low level bag jumpers, and not much to stop them
  11. Peace Day Poll

    But their removal can't really be abused. I think this has come up before and it was the reason radu gave not to make a removal for peace day. And we all know that if something can be abused, it will be (sun tzu with invances, flee training in invasions and invances, summoning/casting when a player is overcap, ...)
  12. Peace Day Poll

    I don't really care one way or the other. Not training, and I can easily live with skipping Haidir for a day. Keep in mind that it is one of the few days where no creatures will attack, so much safer to explore, or, for new players, get books. And, don't make it removable, please : - (new) players exploring would not like the surprise - possible luring: get some into a PK map or a dangerous map, then remove day; - also sometimes a portals invasion is started before the end of the day, same issue, and the killing might start too early, not nice towards the invasion master Removing green day or labor day doesn't have the option to damage anyone by itself...
  13. frame rate

    But what's the use in setting it above the refresh rate of your screen (usually 60 or 75 fps) ? The latter determines how many frames per second you can actually see... Setting it higher means that your graphics card has to work harder, so runs hotter and consumes more energy. @Stouxy: better go to 666 in that case
  14. Client issue

    @bluapJust a detail, but iirc the current latest stable release is (that's the one you linked to) (1.9.6p1 was the previous version that got a tag)
  15. Can't connect to server?

    Keep an eye on this thread (but do not post in it...)