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  1. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    Burn's maps already have a coordinate grid imprinted on them, and the sedi map is 1024 pixels wide for a maximum coordinate of ~185. That isn't precise enough? (open the .dds map file in an image editor like the GIMP, measure where the "100" line is, use that to calculate the conversion factor, about 2.66 pixels per map unit )... If you want a precise model, you'll also need to get the positioning of doors, windows, and so on. A map won't give you those, and afaik, there is no easy way to visualise the game models outside the game (the file format used, .e3d, is abandoned, so you'd have to write your own converter).
  2. Ip ban

    How many would "few times" be? There is an autoban after too many failed attempts, but that kicks in after tens, if not hundreds of failed attempts, not after "a few". The catch with that is that even if the IP is unbanned *now*, it will autoban *again* the next time you enter a wrong password. Anyway, I can't unban IPs, so you'll have to wait for Aislinn or Radu to take an interest.
  3. Ip ban

    Both would have seen a red message about a banned IP when trying to login. And, neither would have been able to log in, unless the character concerned was white-listed. If neither was white-listed, your problem is not due to an IP ban on EL's side.
  4. broken bot

    Two, actually: * Post just once, then you'll get all answers together. * You get that message, when the bot is not at his exact trade spot (not sure if the orientation is important) Keep in mind that the location the bot shows e.g. here is where he is, not where he should be. And as the owner, you should know where he should be... If that's not the problem, you'll have to contact the hosting service so they can have a look
  5. TraceRt Logs for Lag Issues

    The above is a normal MRT output. Lines 2-6 are from my ISP, lines 7-14 and 16-17 are on OVH IPs. The 60+% pacage loss was constant over the afternoon, and when trying with tcp packets, that node still gave 50% package loss A previous run ended up showing a host for line 15 with 100% packet loss: the host in that abberrant line 15 seems to be from "Online S.A.S"
  6. IP Ban?

    We have some lag problems at the moment, those messages look like they are related to that, not an IP ban.
  7. TraceRt Logs for Lag Issues

    Grues shouldn't depend on your computer. They are a network problem, so while you may suffer a disconnect due to your home network, that's rather unlikely. If you get disconnected due to your computer, you'll have to get your network card checked... As for a grue corrupting el files: again, not likely, as a grue doesn't close the client. The more likely cause is that you closed several clients in a very short time. That's an advantage of the old system of running multiple clients (through lines in "server.lst"): all config files are separate...
  8. TraceRt Logs for Lag Issues

    two traceroutes from tonight: First, I'd say normal for me: A bit later: that one was close to a moment where a number of bots grued. The IP is from OVH SAS, as are all the IPs after that one...
  9. I don't know how long ago you signed up, but email can take a few hours to trickle through the different nodes. Also, check your spam boxes.... And once you reply to the confirmation mail, don't forget to follow the instructions (basically: post as guest in the validation thread with your forum name.)
  10. For the achievement to show up, you may have to restart the game client: afaik, information about read books and achievements is sent on login, after that only updates are sent (i.e. new or redeemed achievements), not the full lists.
  11. Did you try using that command ("#item_uid 1"), as suggested?
  12. What does toughness do precisely?

    OK, thanks. I was wondering about the crit to damage, but I knew that you can receive damage even from weak monsters (like on IP, and when you just manage to get outof UW...)
  13. What does toughness do precisely?

    Probably no explanations because the exact effects are secret... About the beaver doing damage: there are two kinds of critical hits (as I understand it!): - critical-to-hit: you won't get an evasion roll, you'll just get hit, with damage calculated normally - critical-to-damage: you'll get full damage, whatever your toughness or armor. Some have found out about this the hard way: die, crawl out of UW (with 5hp), attack a passing beaver, back to UW...
  14. Total War

    The only thing disabled is #enemy_combatant (in 2013), after some were lured into using it (not knowing/remembering their guild was in total war with the guild of the lurer) (*). See https://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58228-server-update/ So for those not fighting in total war, that's the command to re-enable. But that would require a server restart. And ideally a prior announcement, so those fighters that do not want to fight (read "get killed") in total war anymore, can use #enemy_pacifist (needs 50k gc). (*: For those who were already fighters, total war should still be possible. #enemies_list allows you to check for guild enemies, for total war both guilds must have declared the other as enemy).
  15. Forgotten Password

    You have to contact radu (Entropy in forums) to ask for a password change. He will want to see some proof it's your character, and you will have to pay 5$.