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  1. Revis use of mod power for personal

    - You jumped on me as soon as I made a remark in @6 - you were muted for that - then you started PM'ing me, not interested in getting another series of insults, I booted you. (the last few "conversations" we had were mostly you insulting me and accusing the mods of being corrupt) - THEN you logged on Guiness, who got locked under rule 4. - A bit over an hour ago, you asked for guiness to be unlocked, which I did within a minute or so You have been insulting in @6 (not so much against me, as I avoid talking there, due to you and a few others) almost since you came back. Exactly the behaviour that got you a long lock on guiness in the recent past. Don't make me regret unlocking guiness (or do, I don't really care either way)
  2. OS X Lion (10.7.5)

    This item in the MacOS faq could be of interest. I read it as "current versions of EL won't support a version of MacOS that old". That same post also gives a link to Sir_Odie's builds, but there's no client version 1.9.6 there. So those clients may not be accepted by the server...
  3. Material points not increasing

    No, it is because you don't really know how attributes and cross-attributes work. The cross-attributes determine your stats. They are calculated by adding the controlling attributes and dividing the sum by two. As this is integer division, a possible half point is discarded. In the case of material points, that translates to: Material points are calculated from the "Matter" cross attribute. That cross attribute is determined by the attributes "Physique" and "Will". For your character, those are at 11 and 8, resp. That gives you a cross-attribute value of (11+8)/2=9.5, rounding down gives 9. Before you added that one point in will, you had "Matter" at (11+7)/2 = 9. That one point added to "Will" didn't increase the "Matter" cross-attribute, so your material points weren't increased. The next time you add a pickpoint to either "Will" or "Physique", your "Matter" cross-attribute will increase, so your material points will increase. In general, it is considered good practice to keep attributes at an even number. Due to the way cross-attributes affect your stats, keeping attributes at a multiple of 4 is even better (there are some more integer divisions involved)
  4. Step by Step how to

    You did try to install the "developer pack" (as suggested in the error message), and not just the runtime? They are different.
  5. Step by Step how to

    You are again asking for how-tos, now explicitly for two different codes in different languages (bot: C#, client: C & C++). You also say that you have issues compiling those codes. That in itself means that a how-to won't really help you; but it would require significant effort to write one. No way... But ok, if you don't want to post the logs you get when compiling, good luck.
  6. Step by Step how to

    There is no such thing as 'the bot code'. I know of several, and they are written in different languages, with different dependencies... Otoh, if you have issues with a specific code under a specific compiler, you could post the error messages you got (the whole log, not just the last few lines, as an attachment)
  7. Server Update Suggestions

    The big difference is that someone using several harvesting chars within the rules has to be present. Macroers go AFK...
  8. Server Update Suggestions

    It makes macroing that much harder, perhaps?
  9. Can't log in - The rules.xml file was not found

    I wonder if the missing xml declaration (below) could cause some of the problems? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> In my understanding, a valid XML file has to start with such a line. And rules.xml doesn't have it.
  10. Can't log in - The rules.xml file was not found

    This line worries me. It looks as if EL wants to use a Windows path, but iirc you use Linux... Perhaps do what it says and correct el.ini?
  11. Colour GM messages

    Erm, not in the general case; like Aislinn, Ive been using both for a long time now. Where it might break is when you use a global filter to alter a text which is also used as an alert trigger. And, having the option to change the colours in the client would be nice. Then again, the configuration dialog is already over-charged, so I'm not sure adding a whole slew of colour settings there is ideal. Perhaps use an external file to be edited by hand (it's how user menus are defined...).
  12. Colour GM messages

    All text comes in over a number of "streams", nothing to do with the in-game chat channels. That json file works with in-game chat channels, which are mapped to the three available chat streams by the client. And iirc, the stream colours are set server side (e.g. different server messages can have different colours). As #GM has its proper stream, it should be possible to change the colour client side consistently. Not as easy for #server (different messages with different colours, though a map "color byte <-> color" should be possible :P),
  13. #Relog command

    Other than for Android, is it really worth it?
  14. If your provider blocks port 2000, there's nothing we can do. But in that case, you shouldn't get any connection to the server. If you do get a connection, but it then fails, something else is wrong. Do you have any trouble keeping a connection with other apps?
  15. Cant log in

    Oh, anf for Vinoveritas/K&M, have you tried a forum PM here? Vinoveritas has an account.