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  1. Forgot password

    Sorry, there isn't a recovery function: as there is no identifying information stored with the characters, such a function would allow anyone to "recover" (read: "steal") any character by claiming to have lost the password. The only way is to contact the game owner (radu), pay 5$ and convince him the character you want is your character. But forget all that, the character "Hadu599" was locked in 2007: http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=hadu599 and https://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/35662-help/
  2. All I can add is that on my main char (161 a/d, 52 phy& coo) I do get def exp. from them (not often, true). Even though I kill them in about 2 hits... And as shadowgate said "no damage" doesn't mean "not hit".
  3. some changes

    Ah yes, forgot about that one... and it's not easy to include color codes in the alerts :/
  4. some changes

    Yeah, well, about the mercator etc., that's a whole different kettle of fish. It's nice that that service exist, but I think it's up to individual mods whether they want to take that into account. Given that it's probably mostly of interest for those who are not logged in... If it's just a matter of setting up an alert for when you are in game, perhaps grab "#Message from"? That will also get you lottery announcements, treasures and such, but most broadcasts are invasion related, I think. Anyway, all that's a different kind of change, compared to the other two you gave. Those actually require server-side changes...
  5. some changes

    Well, for MD training, now you do: cast (cooldown starts) and hit (usually straight after casting, if I'm not mistaken, so fraction of a second if you use keyboard shortcuts) Under Koddy's proposal, if I understood it correctly it will be: cast and hit (cooldown starts). So you shift the start of the cooldown by a fraction of a second. Doesn't sound like it's terrible for training. It is a change in combat, which is the purpose... As for the invasion messages, the announcements are broadcast, so not dependant on a channel. But it's not possible to give all that much information in one message, and we're not supposed to overuse the broadcasts. That's why there is an invasion channel... And there should be a delay between the broadcast adnd start of invasion. That it's often not pleasant/easy to follow during invasions is due to the players themselves, (ab)using that channel for all chat. But yeah, giving the details deemed relevant(*) just before the invasion starts (usually several minutes after the broadcast) would be useful (*: deemed relevant by the invasion mod! sometimes the game is to let the fighters search)
  6. Is my character locked?

    Well, if you don't give the character names concerned, it's hard for us to know what exactly you want. You refer to "Tirun_Collimdus" (with the '_') which is a name currently in-game (so not deleted). Whether it's the first character with that name, I have no way of knowing. The "TirunCollimdus" character (without '_') doesn't exist anymore, possibly due to a namechange (characters with some levels are rarely deleted, undeveloped characters could have been cleaned out). If you don' remember anything about that character, how do you want us to find it? And even if we could find other characers you shared an IP with, given the older stuff in this thread, why should we assume they were yours? You can't prove they are yours ("don't remember anything about the character")... Anyway, it is standard policy not to unlock more than one character involved in a case of multi-playing. (And as an aside, where you get the brass ones to think any of the mods would go through considerable efforts to find such a character, after the nice things we got to swallow in channel 6, is beyond me).
  7. Is my character locked?

    Please check the following two links: http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=tirun_collimdus http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=tiruncollimdus
  8. Also, make sure you install the correct variant, there are two available for windows: 32-bit and 64-bit.
  9. Character locked

    Well, contacting someone with access to server logs takes time, digging through the logs takes time, and discussing what to do with the results takes time. But you wanted an immediate answer, so you got it: NO unlocking So far, we have seen zero proof you actually own the character. The payment of a shop purchase doesn't prove you own the munnin character (or the Skittles93 character, for that matter). All your waving IDs around doesn't prove your ownership either. It doesn't even prove you were actually the person using the Skittles93 character in game. And claiming the situation is as you present it isn't proof either. To spell it out: all you prove with showing IDs is that there is a person with the name you claim for yourself. A video call would at best show us a face to go with the name. Nothing of that proves you have ever played EL, let alone that you own a character in game. For the rest, the little useful information you gave is inconsistent, or just plain wrong. Again: for me, no unlocking of any character, try to convince Aislinn (I was told Radu already decided to let her handle it). A hint: don't post or PM (forum or in-game) until she has posted her decision.
  10. Character locked

    You were told we had to look through server logs, and that that might take some time But allright, if you want an answer NOW, fine: I see no reason to unlock Munnin at all, nor to remove any IP ban that may be involved. Of course, the final decision is up to Aislinn and Radu. Good luck.
  11. Character locked

    That was a quick discussion... The more I see here, the more I'm getting the impression that the "Skittles93" character is actually owned by a banned player. Banned permanently, meaning not allowed back in game. I'll have to ask someone with access to server logs to have a good look... But that may take a while (not many have access to server logs, and they have other things to do, as well)
  12. Character locked

    Actually, it doesn't matter whether you are Whiterhino or not: you didn't change the password, so the "previous" owner still had access. And he used that access. After his last scam he was banned (and he knew he wasn't allowed to scam, it was one of the conditions for his return in game). According to rule 8 that means you basically do not have any rights to the character anymore: I emphasized the most important parts. That assumes you didn't know he used the Munnin character. If you did know, you broke rule 4 as well. Of course, if you are Whiterhino, you are trying to get around a punishment (rule 4)... But like Aislinn said, nothing in your tale adds up.
  13. Character locked

    At the very least some more details could help supporting your story, such as when you bought the character... What proof? All I see is a long rambling text written in WhiteRhino's unique style... And, do you play any other characters?
  14. Character locked

    Seems you talked to Radu and Aislinn already in-game. As I was the one locking Munnin, I can assure you I know who tried to log in on it. In short, last login attempt came from a player who is permabanned, and not allowed access to any characters. Given the history with that player, unban and unlocking of any of the characters involved are not under consideration.
  15. Questions about game future

    While the playerbase is indeed much lower now than in the past, that number "988" you cited is a fluke. Iirc it was an attempt with a lot of alts to test the server under a higher than normal charge (remember that interaction between alts was forbidden at the time). Also, it's very easy to say "such-and-such" need to be done. Thus, it has been done a number of times over the years... The actual doing is a different matter (as you as an entrepreneur should know).