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  1. IP Banned

    Okay I unbanned the IP. Give it about 10 minutes or so to update on the server. We'll see how it goes.
  2. IP Banned

    Define "a long time" because I see Wullfric logged in up through 2021. Different IPs, of course. Same with Wulffgar and Thordek. Here are my concerns: 1. This IP you are trying to log on from currently is banned for very good reasons. I'm not excited to remove the ban. 2. You've not played on this range before and not all that long ago your characters were online and actively playing on different IPs. We've had plenty of people come back "after a long time" wanting their characters unlocked or IPs unbanned so that some friend who is banned and locked can come back under the new IP and/or name and continue to behave as they did originally when they caused the ban. 2. Somebody else has been playing on your characters while you were away. A little more information might serve you well here.
  3. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I just emailed it to you.
  4. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    The files will be provided for anyone to download until next update happens. I already have them. I have a screenshot of him standing up outside, unfortunately can't find one of him sitting in the chair in the cave.
  5. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Roja created a statue memorial already and redid the IP secret cave for it, as well. We're just waiting on Radu for an update.
  6. Best Default Top Players List

    I don't understand what you mean by "last login doesn't get tracked by the server". I can see connection logs going back to 2006. And totally understand about focusing short term to get it back online asap. Totally understood, and thrilled to have it back.
  7. Best Default Top Players List

    For default I picked 1 year (personally I'd like to see even further back) and 50 players shown. But I also think it would be very interesting to have an option to go back to an "all time" (meaning go back as far as the server does). I know those of us who have been around a long time like to compare to those who were tops in a given skill that don't play anymore. (Blodoks with summoning comes to mind)
  8. I would live in a hut in any of these locations you've posted. Beautiful and awe inspiring. Imagine living where you can see the ocean going on forever.
  9. Hoppy's Landing

    Wow. 4:01 minutes that went by so fast and you wish would continue on forever. Just gorgeous. These videos you put up makes one really appreciate the glorious beauty of earth and at the same time how impressive mankind's abilities are. The location is so spectacular even our "progress" doesn't diminish it. Very fortunate people to live there. Thank you!
  10. Fogland Point, Rhode Island Photo

    That's beautiful. Seems like a lot of traffic for such a small number of houses. If that's tourists, I don't think I'd like that if I lived there.
  11. Forum Account

    This is the wrong place but I managed to find it. The new forum account is deleted so you're free to change the email now on your original one.
  12. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    As you say, I'm still processing the news as well. Learner, you will be sorely missed and have been a very good friend. We talked about anything and everything and not just about EL, for just shy of 20 years. Rest in peace.
  13. Connection issues.

    What does your error log look like? The file should look something like main_xxxxxxx.log in your "log" folder (same folder that has servers.lst, custom clothes, etc.
  14. Peace Day Poll

    I don't necessarily disagree but I'm just pointing out that it's not the same thing because harvesters and mixers have some recourse. Fighters do not.
  15. Peace Day Poll

    These can be removed, though.