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  1. The Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

    Spectacular as always. So many amazing places we never knew existed. Thank you!
  2. Hecklar banned

    Hecklar is unlocked.
  3. Updating the Invance Map

    I'm very happy with this, thank you so much!
  4. Hecklar banned

    1. Do you unconditionally swear you will not share your character with that former "friend" and any associates of his who may also try to sneak him in? 2. Do you unconditionally swear you will not try via any means to enable that same former friend to access EL on any character or IP? 3. Will you agree that if any such thing happens, I'll relock Hecklar and throw away the key? Also, I just want to remind you (and everyone else) about rules 4 and 8 and that you need to click on them in the ingame rules window so you can read them in their entirety. 4. Do you agree that you will not try to claim you do not know who I was referring to in this entire conversation at a later date?
  5. Hecklar banned

    That's what concerns me.
  6. Updating the Invance Map

    I have a couple of comments for you when you are back online ingame. Thanks!
  7. Hecklar banned

    I find it hard to believe you didn't know what that friend was doing. So I have to ask: 1. Why should I believe it's really you that wants this character back, and you're not going to let "a friend" use it or buy it or whatever? 2. Why should I believe the macroing won't happen again? 3. Nobody else who was involved in all this got their characters back. Why should you? Lol the more I look through the logs, the more I see that I don't like. I see your friend is back and tried to log on to your character.
  8. Cant remember Character name

    Not for an ingame character. Possibly for forums. They're separate.
  9. Forum validation requests

    She's all straightened out. Her account is active now.
  10. Account recovery from long ago

    That's REALLY old, 2004 or 2005ish? There was a server crash in July of 2004 and all characters were lost. That said, it looks to me like somebody shared their screenshot for you to use minus the name.
  11. Ip Ban

    Yes, you hit a banned range from 2016. Funnily enough, it was for you I removed the IP ban but you need to give the server 20 minutes or so to update.
  12. New IRC Server?

    No official EL Discord server but many guilds have their own. A few invite others in depending on what they're looking for. As for IRC channels, EL still has freenode but I think some people made a new one over at libera. IRC was never big in EL anyway other than one private guild channel that I know of as well. I don't think either source is going to provide you with all-inclusive community chat. You're best served ingame for that using the chat channels.
  13. IP Banned

    Okay I unbanned the IP. Give it about 10 minutes or so to update on the server. We'll see how it goes.
  14. IP Banned

    Define "a long time" because I see Wullfric logged in up through 2021. Different IPs, of course. Same with Wulffgar and Thordek. Here are my concerns: 1. This IP you are trying to log on from currently is banned for very good reasons. I'm not excited to remove the ban. 2. You've not played on this range before and not all that long ago your characters were online and actively playing on different IPs. We've had plenty of people come back "after a long time" wanting their characters unlocked or IPs unbanned so that some friend who is banned and locked can come back under the new IP and/or name and continue to behave as they did originally when they caused the ban. 2. Somebody else has been playing on your characters while you were away. A little more information might serve you well here.
  15. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I just emailed it to you.