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  1. Forum validation requests

    I see no Dudeness registration to approve.
  2. Ip ban

    1. Your IP was unbanned by me as you were told by revi that would happen. 2. Yes, your problem will come back every time you enter the wrong password, also as revi told you already. You MUST use password manager or write down your passwords somewhere. I am not going to keep doing this for you as you are triggering the server's automated password hacking function and I have to log in to the server to undo this.
  3. Forum validation requests

  4. Forum validation requests

    I think you meant OnlyIssira. It was approved. Were you trying to log in with the wrong name?
  5. IP Ban?

    If your IP was banned, you'd get a red message saying so.
  6. Forum validation requests

  7. Forum validation requests

    I get it. I can approve it for you but you won't be able to do things like change your password, password retrieval in case you lose it, or email change. Just so you are aware. Oops I deleted the second one because I thought you made a mistake in using the same email. Please re-register!
  8. Forum validation requests

    I see your new registration but you used the same email as last time, which doesn't work (gmail issues with EL's email). I thought you said you were going to try to use a different email address (one that is not gmail)? Nevermind, you said you didn't want to.
  9. Forum validation requests

    Done, the current Serbon registration is deleted. I do advise you use a "real" email (not a disposable one) as this is also the email you will need if you forget or want to change your password. You can start over now.
  10. Forum validation requests

    I see you registered with a gmail email. For some reason, gmail wants to block our emails. You can try whitelisting EL-Forums@eternal-lands.com which is the email that sends the validation email, or you can use another email. If you choose to try another email, you need to delete your Serbon account you started because the forums will reject two registrations with the same name. Let me know how you want to proceed and I'll keep an eye out for you.
  11. Forum validation requests

    You have not yet responded to your validation email.
  12. hatwood.net

    Some more notes of mine that I found: These two posts are really off-topic to this thread but I'll hunt around to find a better spot for this conversation.
  13. hatwood.net

    I'll preface the little I can offer with this: I know nothing of photoshop. I use GIMP in Linux, and my knowledge is pretty rudimentary, at best. There is a steep learning curve and I don't find it very intuitive for newbies or infrequent/casual users, of which I am both. Also, she is going to have to do a LOT of online searches. Youtube videos will help a lot. The problem I ran into is what I thought was a good key word to use for search, the digital artistic world didn't and used different words. Meh. The entire thing will be very labor intensive and time intensive. So no, I never did find any instructions. I had to find my own way and did not do that great of a job of it. As to stretching, the original capes themselves intentionally were made to stretch as to create the shape and pattern of the folds. No way around that. I found three ways to handle it: 1. Avoid any images that would go into the center of the cape and just do images/designs that border the cape using the edges and bottom. 2. Make the image approximately twice as wide as it is long. This will take a ton of trial and error to get the proportions right. 3. Pick an image that still looks good when it's stretched. Making folds on the image: (again, all of this will require a lot of trial and error practice and is very time consuming) 1. Make a layer to go on top of the cape that is semi-opaque so you can still see the folds through it. 2. Use shading options: the higher ridges of the folds highlighted in a lighter color than the main cape color, and the deeper valleys a darker shade. Some basic instructions for GIMP customs: Open Gimp and then open with the item you want to make a custom (I suggest you make a copy of it with a different name so you don't ruin the original) Gimp will ask you if you want to open mipmaps as well. Do NOT open mipmaps!!! You need to create a new layer to add your image. This layer is where you will work on your new image. Make sure you MERGE all layers (new and original file) before saving. Once you have merged all your layers into 1 single layer, make sure you right click the layer in the layers window, and select 'Layer to image size.' This will crop any part of the layer that extends past the image dimensions to the right size. If you have part of the layer extending past the image edge, the custom will appear blank white. When you are done, it is time to save it. However, you have to choose EXPORT file (NOT "save"), to your Documents/Eternal Lands/custom/player/your_toon_name/meshes/ folder First it will ask you if you want to overwrite, you choose yes. Than another panel appears where you set compression: none. Next, on the same panel you HAVE TO choose to generate mipmaps; this is important since not all people have latest graphic card, or they use Poor Man settings, and in this case EL will use those generated mipmaps. Now you can make a folder to see this locally (which means only the person doing this can see it for now). You will need to create a path, no idea what the windows path would be but mine in Linux is ~/.elc/updates/1_9_6/custom/player/your_player-name/meshes/name_of_item.dds *Note* you need to make sure you use the same exact name as the original item you are customizing, and rename the original item to something like original_cape1_green.dds Final result should be approximately 25kb in size, dxt1, and mipmap 1:8 I found this link helpful as well: From: https://journalxtra.com/gimp/how-to-make-a-semi-transparent-image-using-gimp/
  14. Forum validation requests

    Weird. I approved your account and you should be able to log in now. And yes this is the right place to post.
  15. Character locked

    And there's more!