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  1. Ikale has passed

    Really sad News I got yesterday :/ RIP
  2. @bluap hi bluap, first of all I want to mention that u did. and do a great job again! Thanks for that. I just tried the new Version and I can say that My game doesnt crash anymore while being in combat, thats awesome. I did find some „holes in the ground“- dunno if it is a thing here but the two ones were in : - You are in Morcraven Marsh Caves [101,140] -You are in Morcraven Marsh [76,112] Just wanted to mention those, if already known forget about those lines I will test more and will Report if I am going to find more issues/bugs! Sam
  3. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Hi bluap, I just installed the new Client for Win (64 Bit). Thanks for the great work. I love the new feature of TTF and input of console at top of window :-) Appreciate ur work! Sam
  4. Hi Bluap. Installed latest Client on my Tablet and still crashing during combat. Every time im fighting Mobs, it crashes. Dunno where i can find logs? Which might help you. I can tell it happens in every fight. When i launch Client and log in, I see some strenge pixels already as well. Sam
  5. Thanks Bluap for the nice work, as usual. I am going to test it too. It works great so far. I recoqnized that I cant move the mini map, once I open it. Its in the left bottom corner, I click on it, can close it for example, but cant move it to the right corner for example. Dunno if thats a thing for all? So far really nice to play with. Thanks again! Sam
  6. Crashing during combat

    Hi all, having the same issue as Yloth described. Playing on a Lenovo Tab M 10, Android 9. The EL App is crashing only while in Combat. Tried different graphic options already. Any ideas? Best regards, Sam
  7. Bet System

    Its probably hard to implement. Well it was just an idea for people who like to gamble, next to the Lottery NPC.
  8. Bet System

    It would be nice when we get a bet system... you can bet on a team going instance, if they get a good or bad drop, you can bet if someone dies or not, if something breaks or not. Same with invances. Finish in certain time or not etc.
  9. Obituary: Looter

    I remember him and his name too. All feelings going out for this nice player. All the best for the family. Sam
  10. Sam

    Yeah, I totally agree with that point, that it was too much. I already talked to Brusu via Phone and cleared it. I wanted to call Woelfin as well, but she blocked my number. If you (Vino) can tell her to unblock me, because I wanna talk to her, would be really nice. Aisy, you are right, I was a bit drunk, and sometimes I cant control my words then. I really didnt want to insult anybody. Maybe its better to leave this channel too, at least when I am drunk. Thanks for the kind words. I hope we can find a solution, which fits to all of us. Have a great evening/day. Sam
  11. Sam

    Hey Aisy, well I am a bit shocked right now. I just checked the logs. I did just a bit of fun with Brusu about Werder Bremen the soccer club, cause Im a big supporter of it, and she supports another team which is closeby in ranking. So all was about fun. And I did fun with Piper about the Dung. It was nothing serious? I behaved so well all the time. I did nothing wrong in my opinion.
  12. Runner Cape

    From time to time radu is doing runners Cape auctions at Channel 6. Maybe u can try it the next time there.
  13. Hey, maybe its possible to get a feature, when u cast "tele to range spell" u can chose a guildie/friend closeby and he/she comes along with u? Just an idea for many more new spells. Its almost like a Warp System u know from other games like new Valorant, old Crash Bandicoot and other games. So this way we could get new magic spells. Furthermore its nice to get new players into the game. Example: I showed a new player the Rubbies spot in NC earlier, with TPTR I just take her/him with me and go fast to the spot, but he/she was only magic lvl 13, so he/she wasnt possible to use TTR Spell. Maybe a -5 rec lvl would be nice tho. Like TTR is 15 required, the player needs to have 10 at least to come along with another player. Just an idea.
  14. Sam

    Hi Aisy, Almost one week passed now. I thought about my behaviour and even reflected myself that I cant go on this way and will stop this way. I miss EL alot, is it possible I can get this last chance some day soon? This last chance means alot to me, I know no excuses. I would really appreciate it since I miss u all. Have a nice weekend. Sam
  15. Sam

    Hi Aisy, I just read my logs. I really apologize to whole EL and the Modteam of course. Not only for last night but for all the last months. After some days of a deserved break for me now, I hope you can give me a LAST chance, promising this behaviour will stop from now on without any slip-ups. Of course I know I said it already, but this Lock makes me sad, since EL and the community means a lot to me. Is there a possibility u can give me this last chance, after some days of break for me? Sam