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  1. Chars getting whited-out

    Some unused options were removed from the last Android client to declutter the options window. Shadows was one of the removed options so it should already be effectually doing what unchecking the trouble shooting option does. Poor_man disables a set of options so you could try these individually to see which is "fixing" the problem. I suspect its the eye candy. Poor man turns off these options, I've striked-through out those already disabled on Android: show_reflection= 0; shadows_on= 0; clouds_shadows= 0; use_shadow_mapping= 0; special_effects= 0; use_eye_candy = 0; use_fog= 0; show_weather = 0; use_frame_buffer= 0; skybox_show_clouds = 0; skybox_show_sun = 0; skybox_show_moons = 0; skybox_show_stars = 0;
  2. > org.pjbroad.EternalLandsClient That's the snap version. Still doesn't explain why you had the empty servers.lst file. However, with snaps, the servers.lst file is located in HOME/snap/eternallands/common/config/ not $HOME/.elc/. You installed and got working the ubuntu deb version that does use $HOME/.elc/. > What's the system requirements on game? this crashing didn't happen on ubuntu 20 that often in recovery mode You need accelerated graphics but the game works on pretty well older machines, you just get a lower frame rate. It should not keep crashing. Do you have anything specific that causes it crash or any error messages. Have you looked in the log file $HOME/.elc/logs/main_<some random character>.log, anything fatal in there?
  3. Could you be more specific please? What is the full error message? Which package/version are you using?
  4. Hotkeys

    Android is a bit tricky as the client has to unpack the files from the APK at run-time then caches them. So if you just reloaded the apk then it would not have replaced the cached file. When a new client is published with updated data, a flag is set in the APK to delete the cache version. If you are running a version of Android (pre 10 I think) that allows access to the file system, you can put a modified version of the key.ini file into your user config directory. On android that is "/Internal/Android/data/com.purebinary.elc/files/user".
  5. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I'm shocked and deeply saddened by this news. I never met Learner in person but we had countless chats about the game and spinoffs. Wow, terrible news.
  6. Better phone, worse experience?

    Is this while actively interacting with the app? Newer Android versions have quite aggressive defaults to kill applications using too much battery. Have you tried turning off battery optimization for the app?
  7. The android code is now maintained and released along with the desktop client so I'll close this topic. Thanks to everyone that helped with testing and feedback.
  8. Client issue

    They are the same 1.9.6p1 (shown in the client) == release tag). Should really modify the client to use the stand version numbering.
  9. Client issue

    Anyone still experiencing and issue like this, please upgrade to the latest stable release, 1.9.6p1. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61733-new-client-release-1961 Changes/fixes include: Add additional logging when saving user files. The explicit file close needed for the logging may possibly fix "problem with ..." issues. Detect if loading a zero length user file, log to user but don't disable saving. Zero length files have been reported but required user action to resolve.
  10. Fixed in git. Thanks.
  11. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    That would be good, the more people testing the better. Thanks.
  12. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Great, thanks for testing.
  13. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Yes please, the "lights reset fix" mentioned was a possible crash on map change.
  14. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Does the client version you are using show
  15. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Updated version is Fix trade issue where items would not be sent to storage as expected. Reset number of enabled local lights on map change.