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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Just found this out now... Wow... that explains why I didn't see him in the cellar. I know I am late, I've been gone. RIP, Learner, buddy.
  2. I am not sure why, but just recently, I noticed that I can't make any map markings in Arius (and its insides). I can manually do it through the file in the Documents folder, but the #mark command will not work in-game. Other maps seem fine (I tried Willowvine Forest just now, and it worked just fine). Is there a specific reason why this is suddenly happening? And can it be fixed? A client restart doesn't fix this.
  3. EFE's giveaway

    I'm guessing 222 Very good luck
  4. new rare manu items

    I am in favour of these idea.
  5. Day of odd bod

    Interesting idea I kinda like it. It's like a red-tagged Lenny
  6. Shop Gift Cards att Radu

    Omg, that would be so cool!
  7. Some lower leveled critters would be nice. I think the lowest are Fluffies? I wouldn't mind seeing some newb invasions like Gargs, orcs, etc. Is it possible for an actual map and not a to cave be invaded? That'd make GIWI a little more fresh.
  8. Kinda agree with Revi here, but when I saw the maximum would be also adjusted accordingly, I would be okay with it. I am not a fighter, but I have heard many people say we have an excess of gold. I don't know either way, but just putting in my opinion, as little as it honestly matters here. I guess Radu would know if we have a true excess of it or not though.
  9. IP Storage for everyone.

    Could you block the flower section of the storage for those above the level? I mean, I can see the 'stress' about it, it would be an ideal place for a non-stop day for sure... I also think it would be a great idea to bring traffic, but yeah, the flower harvesting is a little troublesome (and I really don't think it'd be fair to make them unharvestable). the addictional traffic would be beneficial though, so eh... There's only a couple flowers I would be worried about. But I tell you, some of them are VERY quick, even if they are .5gc each...
  10. I'm not against it, if it's announced like mentioned --coming from a non-fighter
  11. I vote for this idea.
  12. So I was just going to slip this in here: I wouldn't personally mind a quest where Alchemists have to make things for an NPC. I would prefer a counter, like Haidir quests are, but not necessary, since most of the other quests that involve a mixing skill you can just buy the stuff for. But it would be nice if it was like Daritha's manu one, where it's based on your skill level. And of course a daily Magic quest, where you must cast so many of a certain spell (based on your magic level of course). Be cool to see people have to cast like 50 Teleport Spell and such It'd also give a use to several unused spells.
  13. Chatlog

    Is there anyway to find the chatlog on Android? I tried the root that the client says the files are stored in, but there's nothing in the folder...
  14. Looking to Join(Guild Found, ty)

    Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately, Wizzy beat you to it. I forgot to edit my post until I got your pm from Mercator:)
  15. EDIT I'm now a member of NEW, and in no need of a guild. Thank you for your consideration. Hey, guys, I'm looking to join an active guild that follows the unofficial community 'rules' (no bag jumping, no scamming, etc). My character is quite old, and I used to play Eternal Lands all the time. I just returned after a hiatus. I'm a mixer/harvester, so I'd like to be in a guild that allows that or is centered around it, else I'm totally useless to you guys otherwise. My internet is way too laggy to fight anything. My previous guilds were: THC BanE My current guild is: ~O~ (The Circle) I'm only leaving it because no one else is playing anymore, so it seems. Thanks for your consideration. My in-game name is Lexi, and I currently play from the Android app.