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  1. forgot password

    The only way to recover the password is to convince Radu (in game) that the character is yours and pay a $5 fee. Having checked the stats of the player https://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=dwarfgaurd - it's very low level - you may be as well just creating a new character.
  2. Server Update Suggestions

    A supposedly simple one - make breakers / japita etc identifiable.....
  3. Screen sidebars are blackened

    If a reboot does not fix - then delete the EL config files and login again - you will need to approve the rules again. On a pc the file is el.ini in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Eternal Lands\main
  4. Colour GM messages

    Do bear in mind the client already has built in popup to change normal channels and @guild by right clicking on the channel tab. GMs appear as another tab - so would it be just a case of adding the dialog box to that tab?
  5. Add a #relog command - which simply returns you to the login screen - enabling you to switch chars without closing the client Many times I find myself closing the client down - and then reopening but logging in as a different character, be it to do change for dailies, fnd an item in one storage, or buy stuff and NPC.
  6. I know this has been discussed before - but would be great if #GM & #BC were easier to distinguish in the client. (I did once announce an invasion with #GM not #BC - and wondered why people complained when I invaded) I know that standard channel colours can be changed in the client and also @guild (with its large channel number), could the same functionality be added to #GM, #SERVER, #MOD etc? Or does #GM have a secret channel number - which you can manually add to the channel_colors json file? (I know global filters can change part of the message - but its not as clean)
  7. As food usage is at a constant rate - would it not be better to use the inbuilt timer. I don't play with sound enabled - so no idea if it has an audible alert - but that seems a better way to achieve this
  8. Cant log in

    sounds to me like either a corrupt config file - or possibly a port block on 2000 Try deleting / backing up your config and starting with a new config
  9. in game type #know -t Will save you counting.
  10. I have a dim recollection that the website and in game achievements have different base values.. I have just checked a random user by me - they are silver in game - gold on the website!
  11. eternallands crashes when trying to start client

    Good old Ben - the only one who understands the machinations of a mac *IF* this is the same as a normal PC - you should be ok to move back chat logs (if you want), counters, spells menus, key definitions etc. Just avoid the main config files. Have a look at el.ini - but I would not recommend copying back. Then setup your new config to have the features you want - avoid messing with graphics... also check that file on your other mac. (ie sitlock etc) My guess is you / EL changed something in the config file that caused a mac to fail to load.... but I am a total novice in the world of macs.
  12. eternallands crashes when trying to start client

    A quick google gives : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44430594/mac-opengl-shader-error-version-150-is-not-supported https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55724301/using-opengl-on-mac-version-150-is-not-supported-error Which have slightly different answers to the same question. Either that or bin the mac and buy a proper PC.
  13. Total War

    Part of the problem was as usual - it was not used for the intended purpose. This along with the scamming / luring caused the removal.
  14. Or let tankel lose on the tit axe of eva....
  15. Character locked

    The way I read this is you bought a char, the char was already banned. Not an issue with the EL mods. That char was banned for a very good reason - as you well know. Rather than have a pop at EL - have a pop at the person who sold you a character knowing it was banned....