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  1. Water display

    Search the forums - I had this exact issue and the fixed it.... there is an option for use new water shader in video tab,
  2. Font change on respawn

    Yesterday on day of the dead - when a Japita respawned - the font used for char / mob names changed. This was also noticed by another player by me and happened twice - so is repeatable in these specific circumstances. This could be related to the fact that when it respawns - the 10000 health gain is displayed in a huge font. Have noticed this also for Nasparliu on day of the dead. 'Name' font is Calibri Bold size 1.20 (in settings) Changed font on the left, normal font after relog on the right.
  3. OMG - guess what - EL forums are now https Intrigued by a 3 month validity - but many thanks to whomever waved their magic wand.
  4. Great idea - make Maia only require 1 meat for 1M exp - and you can do multiple times every day.
  5. Absolutely 100% agree in 2022 to have a website that is not https is ridiculous. Pretty much any decent hosting service will provide for free. Sadly Radu does not seem to care about the website... even the shop page is way out of date and a total mess. As for the game- again it should encrypted - and Learner proved that it is possible. The other advantage to this is that it gets rid of the insane solution that EL still uses port 2000 - a port that is often blocked by ISPs - when surely a change to pretty much any other port would be trivial. That being said - I feel that you are being paranoid. So what if transmissions to EL website are unencrypted... hardy state secrets. Simply use a throwaway password for the site and you are fine. Never click through to the shop if you purchase things - simply go in from paypal and you will be fine. As for the in game password - remember it is exactly that a game. You say that you are concerned about your network admins / ISP accessing... if so then you may well have bigger problems than just a game.
  6. It would be very very difficult. The main source of income in game is by fighting, and the fastest way to level. Also sadly - not sure your character would bring anything extra to the game - ie you would not be much use as a true mage helping heal fighters. People have tried before but....... However good luck
  7. Peace Day Poll

    I almost suggested making the day removable only in the first X minutes.....similar idea
  8. Peace Day Poll

    Removable with stone - bad idea as Revi has said. Exempt instance / invance - no point only a few can take advantage as only 2 slots per range Only during day? Interesting - but still fcuks game for 3 hours Does peace day have a purpose? It's not peace - bombs work - so exploring is not without risk still, hydro pointless - mm is cheap as a perk these days so exploring not too tough Limit to certain maps - chaos and requires a load of work Radu wont do.
  9. Expiring bots

    Winterstar & Zartob paid
  10. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Just to say a huge thank you to Grum for is patience in building countless test clients for me - and bluap for making these builds available ..... for the first time ever I see ripples on water - and reflections! To enable this - you need to turn on 'use new water shader' in video tab - and as always - enable frame buffer support and set the quality to 2!
  11. I'd check if it's a network issue.... try telnet game.eternal-lands.com 2000 (main) or port 2001 for test. Could well be that your connection to the server on port 2000 is blocked? (am not a *nix user and on android atm - but pretty sure that's the right address to try)
  12. Water display

    It is a test build - so not generally released. Grum is working on getting it available for all to try.
  13. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Just to say - Grum has been working on this and we have progress on a test client:
  14. Water display

    Hold tight on this one guys..... Grum the patient, Grum the Genius & Grum the wizard has been working on this issue with me..... On a test build of EL - I can see the water, ripples, reflections & shadows....... OMG - so grateful. This just now needs to be put into a proper client build - but there is definitely light (and reflections etc) at the end of the tunnel.
  15. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Short session is uploaded to : https://filetransfer.io/data-package/oKZzTHmh#link Let me know if you need more. Pretty much default el.ini- water shader=2, frame buffer support on.