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  1. Server Update Suggestions

    Rain is set by the .def file and not whether a map is set as an inside or outside map. So that would just have to be changed on the server-side .def file.
  2. Hatwood

    She will be sorely missed. I knew she recently did some life changes she was excited about, so hearing this news is heartbreaking and shocking.
  3. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I mean the NPC in there is pretty much meant to be a pole dancer haha
  4. Measuring sedi for a rl model

    I'm pretty sure that Sedi's tavern was mildly inspired by "Fangtasia" in the show True Blood where the owner has a throne he sat on and pole dancers around the bar. I vaguely recall that conversation at one point, but only Lotharion really knows
  5. NPC Haidir

    Ha. Clearly I need to post more
  6. NPC Haidir

    Sometimes you just have to use your imagination
  7. The possibility for a "C3"

    C3 would have been great back in the day, but as others have stated, it needs a significant player based to warrant something like that. C3 was mainly being planned for if new races were added, which is highly unlikely at this point. The perfection of the current maps makes more sense (and adding a couple cool areas here and there) for Burn to invest his time in, which we should all be really grateful for! If you haven't already, I'd check out all the additional points of interest added to Idaloran (palace, court house, plantation, etc) and look for some new secrets added with the last client update
  8. very old players

    Welcome back Cranny!
  9. Naralik outsides

    This is fixed for the next client update
  10. capped invasions

    I would only support this if this was a new command, and not an adjustment to the current capped invasion command. If this was a change to ALL capped invasions, I would have to say no. While this would, hypothetically, put everyone on an even playing field in terms of a/d, it would still put the "pro" players at an advantage over the regular undercap players in terms of resources, attributes, and magic/range levels. Asgnny did a 100 capped invasion last week. There was a team of about 6-8 of us clearing the map. Had this system been in place, the people the invasion was actually suited for would not have had as much fun because the pros would be there, too. And there definitely would not have been a chance for us undercappers to take out a bula without a pro trying to swipe it. So if this was made into a new command that could occasionally be put to use... then by all means. Otherwise, I'd rather do without it.
  11. Next time I do one of these wave invasions, I will probably just use Zilding's idea. It seems most effective with what we currently have to use.
  12. Error in direction entering storage

    Yeah, exactly what Aisy said
  13. Error in direction entering storage

    This isn't something that can be fixed easily. Pretty much would require repositioning of every item in each storage, redoing the height map, etc on the .elm file. Basically, a ton of work for something that doesn't affect usability. Maybe if we were redoing all the insides of a map, that would be considered, but at the moment, I wouldn't even begin to try to fix all the directional "bugs" ingame
  14. Poll - New client update?

    There's another thread for it, but the client is being tested still. And I'm working on some map bug fixes. Radu said maybe end of February for the update, but that's if everything is worked out by then

    Cool. Congrats to you three