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  1. attributes bar

    We also have the timer in the HUD, which can be reset after you drank a potion. Also wouldn't work with your chat lines, if you wouldn't use the chat window. There is a shortcut also to open your attributes. You can put that on a diffrent Button if it works better for you. You can also open your attribute window and press Ctrl+scroll in with your Mouse and make the window smaller. You could let it open during your potion use. No offense, but not needed in my opinion.
  2. I really like the idea with the food Level tho. A Action Point Bar isnt needed in my opinion, because you dont have to refill that as much as Food on Speed hax. Could find a place in the "instance mode". This way you can adjust the hight aswell
  3. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    R.I.P Learner May God bless you -Soufian
  4. Who is more trustworthy?

    I think i know Starkie for a very very long time now and bought/sold many Things, ran a lot of instances,Invasion, sharing chars with him and can say Starkie was/is very honest and havent done anything bad to me or scammed me in general. He shared Drops me which i didnt even know about (for example: NMTs,JS from Giants and Day of Reconstruction Stones from Little Dragon Blues) I would always vouch for him.
  5. Ofc i have the perk lol. Works fine on PC
  6. I just reconized when you are trying to switch i glow in the dark perk by using the #glow command, you dont get the Text in console if its on or off. Somebody else has that Problem?
  7. Pelasgos locked

    Hmm ok
  8. Pelasgos locked

    Erm.. you know i am in jayking and even had a Conversation with me and let me Play.. now im banned days ago?
  9. Pelasgos locked

    Yeah thats right. But that are not my chars.. they are from friends Who let me uses them.. if you dont unlock my Main, its ok i wont get more on your nerves..
  10. Pelasgos locked

    Ye that was me.. you have no idea what EL means to me and when you try to log on your char and its locked and i had no idea why its locked. I just felt anger. That i cant Play the game anymore.. all the hours and hours i spent into that game were gone. And im sorry about it. It was a rage move from me. I never do anything bad to the game or even the community.. Its ok for me to not sell/buy/trade chars anymore.. Is there any Chance for me to Come back to EL? Im ok with all sorts of punishments, but i would like to have a Comeback.. I hope you could understand me a bit.ty.
  11. Pelasgos locked

    Sorry, if i would know why this char is locked i wouldnt ask here.. and i didnt had a Conversation with radu over a year since now..
  12. Pelasgos locked

    Hey. My Char is banned and i dont know why... Greetings