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  1. EatsAllBots Paid

    New bot. Unblessed, Paid for by EatsAllLife, This will be a tradebot, Located in TG at 209, 157 Transaction ID: 79S99852W2264850F Thanks!
  2. Looking for a tradebot

    Anyone have any bots they don't want anymore or have let go (unpaid)? I would be interested in getting one! PM me in game or /mercator me
  3. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Some may know. Others may not. Anyways, for those of you who woud like to partske... To begin, I will take a shot of Brandy for Learner. Even though I dislike the taste lmao. Anyways, I guess I just have to say thanks for getting me into my career path and practically watching me grow up. Starting back in late 2012, maybe early 2013 I began playing OL. Throughout that time many eternal friendships were created and carried far outside of the world you provided us. Thanks to you, and many others in the community my interest in game development took off. You even supported me throughout this endeavor, reaching out to me to have simple edits. Such as those silly little Pink Shop Boots. You were so picky about them, but it was my first works for a game that actually made it to the main game. From there, we continued to converse and you peaked my interest in Anime, going as far as to rip some of your disks to digital versions, upload them, and send them to me to watch. I'll forever keep those copies of Witchblade, and continue to share this as a first anime to many others. I actually had ended up having to make a list of anime's you would suggest to watch... Heck, even ones you didn't like but thought I would! Not to mention, one of the first major supporters of my lifestyle, and always providing a listening ear. One day, your fruit cave will be reborn with a tribute of you. As you would say "there is always more to learn". ~Eats
  4. EFE's giveaway

  5. Android client

    How do I send a message
  6. Guild OWN! will use branch of destruction on you.

    I'm pretty sure they only do this to BRoD tagged guilds, I talked to Erebos about this previously anyways... RICH is tagged for other members running their mouth at NCPKA. They also had warned RICH previously... ~Eats
  7. Android web page

    Typo's: "it could mean that even the transactions for the dsktop client nust "
  8. The possibility for a "C3"

    In Channel 6 there was a minimal discussion in regards to a 3rd Continent. As unneeded as it is, I feel this could be a cool expansion to the game, and add some slight variation to the two continents there has been for years, also a nice high level area. This does require some time dedication, knowledge of the MapEditor, and consideration of placement of things, also the spawns, insides, and such for these maps. Also the sizes, and such. I had an idea for this, I will now post this below in bulleted points. First, we could have this as a mini-continent. 3 maps. The names for these maps could be (and relate to what'll be there)"Dragons Den" This is the "Red Dragon" map, it could be designed with a 'hellish' outlook. Basically lava, deteriorated ground, dirt, dark red rocks, dead trees (scorched), and fires everywhere. The inhabitents to begin with, would be Red dragons, DCW, Feros, and other high-heat suited monsters (fluffy rabbits, Cockatrice, MCW?) "The Dark Lands" The second and middle map could be "The Dark Lands", this is where black dragons, and undead monsters could inhabit. This would be a nightmarish design. A dark map, sandy/rocky grounds, dead trees, and then the multiple dead monsters, basically make this a darker Nordcarn (in example of a map). "Tundra" This is of course, where the Ice Dragons could inhabit. Along with colder monsters (ACW, Yeti, White rabbits, WT, etc.) This would be designed with tons of snow, ice, trees, ice rocks, burgs, etc. Now, these are just some basic design ideas, and potential possibilities. We need mapmakers, size, and shape outlays or ideas. I can make these, as I have some experience with the mapeditor... But help is always nice! Please reply with your input and idea's, do you think this would be nice? How about some suggestions? Would you like this? Etc. Thanks! ~Eats
  9. PK contest

    I think I'd prefer a contest where the odds are all within the same time frame. Such as how Wizzy's PK contest went to my understanding... Then have ranges within those. Easily done. I don't know if anyone is willing to do this, but while farming as a wee little nublet imagine the tokens! ~Eats
  10. Android client, 9th release

    The buddy list does go over. I'm not sure if this was there before. But it goes through the buddy window.
  11. Android client, 9th release

    It is kind of hard to see anything on either screen, could you use screenshots instead of a seperate phone camera? (Ctrl+P on PC) (Power button+down volume on android) This might make it simpler to see the display size for Radu
  12. How to play Eternal Lands Alone

    He was asking about building an offline client, for his-personal use only.
  13. Android client, 7th release

    Correction; I found a single error so far. When you hit a number i.e. so say "@@1" the numbers will double and make it "@@11"
  14. Android client, 7th release

    No noticeable errors within the client so far, other than the loading screen looks a bit buggy, but nothing affecting gameplay. The only thing I'd suggest is what was said in channel 6 last night over right clicking for options, like alphabetical storage. Also, maybe an option for skill bars in the HUD? Not required of course, but maybe the select few we can put in the bottom bar next to EMU. Other than that, I'd say it is ready for the full release to Google Play!
  15. Problems logging in on Android

    Make sure she has the current 1.9.4 compatible client. I had this same issue until I redownloaded the most current client.