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Found 2 results

  1. I've been working on a new version of the Android client. This version is based on the latest code for the desktop client, with some of the original changes made for Android included. Having one version of the code will make it easier to maintain and improve going forwards. While there is more to do, its ready for people to use, test and hopefully provide feedback. It's not yet in the Android play store but you can download and install it manually from this link. This version contains all the current client features but still does not have any sound or music; that's on the to-do list. There's a new camera control method that does not used the previous side bars though they can be restored using an option. Instead, you touch to walk; drag left/right or up/down to change the camera view and zoom in/out using a pinch in/out gesture as before. A single touch is the same as a mouse left-click, touch and hold for short period is the same as a mouse right-click; so all the context menus can be opened using a long touch. Dragging up/down in windows is the same as scrolling with a mouse wheel, though this is not yet implemented in most windows only the console works. Touching text fields should open the on-screen keyboard. For the game window, a long touch near the top of the screen will open the keyboard, within the full console swipe left to open, right to close. If you attach/detach a keyboard/mouse while the client is running, it normally closes (to-do to possibly fix). If you start the client with a keyboard/mouse, they will work with the keyboard replacing the on-screen version. The mouse works like the touch functions, not like the desktop client. Again, this is something that needs more work. The standard android back action/button progressively closes the on-screen keyboard then all windows, as did the original client. On Android versions prior to 11, you can access the client user files Android/data/com.el.elc/files/user/main/. If you have used the existing client before, you often have to clear the app storage when installing an update. Once this version is installed, you should not have to do that again as changes are detected and files re-read from the package. User files will be maintained unless you clear storage. Apart from continuing to improve, other things on the to-do list include copy/paste and potentially opening links in your browser. I'm currently updating the build process which will be included with the client source. Build from source instructions Latest Version is QR Code to download https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.apk
  2. The possibility for a "C3"

    In Channel 6 there was a minimal discussion in regards to a 3rd Continent. As unneeded as it is, I feel this could be a cool expansion to the game, and add some slight variation to the two continents there has been for years, also a nice high level area. This does require some time dedication, knowledge of the MapEditor, and consideration of placement of things, also the spawns, insides, and such for these maps. Also the sizes, and such. I had an idea for this, I will now post this below in bulleted points. First, we could have this as a mini-continent. 3 maps. The names for these maps could be (and relate to what'll be there)"Dragons Den" This is the "Red Dragon" map, it could be designed with a 'hellish' outlook. Basically lava, deteriorated ground, dirt, dark red rocks, dead trees (scorched), and fires everywhere. The inhabitents to begin with, would be Red dragons, DCW, Feros, and other high-heat suited monsters (fluffy rabbits, Cockatrice, MCW?) "The Dark Lands" The second and middle map could be "The Dark Lands", this is where black dragons, and undead monsters could inhabit. This would be a nightmarish design. A dark map, sandy/rocky grounds, dead trees, and then the multiple dead monsters, basically make this a darker Nordcarn (in example of a map). "Tundra" This is of course, where the Ice Dragons could inhabit. Along with colder monsters (ACW, Yeti, White rabbits, WT, etc.) This would be designed with tons of snow, ice, trees, ice rocks, burgs, etc. Now, these are just some basic design ideas, and potential possibilities. We need mapmakers, size, and shape outlays or ideas. I can make these, as I have some experience with the mapeditor... But help is always nice! Please reply with your input and idea's, do you think this would be nice? How about some suggestions? Would you like this? Etc. Thanks! ~Eats