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  1. Server Update Suggestions

    Uses for EEE and Obsidian: making earth dragon armors. Yes, a new dragon. This one could be in Kusamura and in Grubani Plain or Thelinor. Obsidian could be harvested in Thelinor in some area that is PK. Obsidian could be used in making an Earth Dragon Shield or Earth Dragon Gloves. The earth dragon shield could give limited night vision, increased camouflage or both of those. I would suggest camoflage and invisibility be different effects. Invisibility is magic but camoflage is a physical system that would not be broken by magic. Irilium and obsidian could be ingredients for hydro rings.
  2. Server Update Suggestions

    How about Greater Feasting Potions that pop a little faster than EMPs. They could give 100 food with no cooldown. Great if you save them up for high food items on Joule's Days.
  3. Server Update Suggestions

    My own new suggestion is having a Red Dragon Helm look different than the RDHL&M and make it worth having in the first place. Please! Now there are other changes I support in these lists but I copied out the ones I had first hand knowledge of so I definitely support a lot of the other changes too. Thank you Mr. Privantu.
  4. Server Update Suggestions

    Messed up quoting so I need a delete here.
  5. Server Update Suggestions

    Can we add irilium, obsidian and another flower or two so that harvestables don't have such huge gaps after tree mushrooms and to make new items like dragon shields other than blue. Black dragon scales and obsidian in the black dragon shield. Irilium could be for the ice dragon shield with ice scales of course. We could definitely use more specific protection for different activities. Orchids could be used for ranging potions. Foxglove could be for potion of Tailoring. Eidelweiss could be the plant for mule speed hax potions. There are definitely potions that would be useful still to players.
  6. Expiring bots

    Leeuwarden paid to StouXy because the bot was paid for to Radu. It is a bot transfer while not behind on payment. Transaction ID 6P302908GB165904D Payment made on January 5, 2022
  7. Leeuwarden

    Purchased Leeuwarden from StouXy. Transaction ID 6P302908GB165904D Weevin Ctilist is the bot owner by proxy through me.
  8. hatwood.net

    Aislinn did you ever find anyone to create instructions on how to make capes not have stretched images and how to add folds? Llynara wants to make custom capes but doesn't know how to stop the images from stretching. I am asking because she lost her password for the forum. hatwood was last seen online 180 Days 19 Hours 22 Minutes 51 Seconds ago] This is why I am asking you instead of hatwood. Any help you can provide we would be grateful for, thank you.
  9. Is my character locked?

    TirunCollimdus or Tirun_Collimdus whichever name it was in 2005 when I started was deleted because the game said I did not exist when I came back. Whichever name it was you know my character existed in 2005 because of my forum account and the many persons who remember me from playing back then Revi. TirunCollimdus never got a name change. You can see that on the forum where no mod referred to my character by a different name as my forum posts moved forward. Simple searches can easily determine this fact. I found the character's name in a search of a guild list and when I tried to log into I couldn't. How do you know it was mine? You locked it and are telling me that I can't have it because it is banned as one of two characters in the ban issue so you know for a fact it is mine already. If it was unlocked then I could try to login to it and having the password would prove it was mine just like when I got the character Nimir_Raj back just recently which I found the same way and didn't remember other than the name as well. I have no idea why you are pretending to not know I am TirunCollimdus and Isiltari. I also know what the name means and how it was created. I am using the same TirunCollimdus forum account and not a new one named Tirun_Collimdus. There is zero question as to my identity and my ownership of these characters. I didn't know it was standard policy to not unlock more than one but that is actually part of my point and thanking you for making it for me. There is only one character that was involved in that in that case still existing because the other one was deleted. There is no indication in the forum before, during, or after the ban that TirunCollimdus had a name change. It is in plain black and white in this forum that exactly what I said happened did happen. If you are referring to what was said when Radu publicly attacked me for no reason at all and I defended myself then I suggest you check your standards. If you think I said anything about mods in the game other than Aislinn and Radu then you need to check your facts. When I used to play I counted mods as my friends and had friendly and respectful interactions with Maxine, Acelon, Ghrae, Chance, and others. I spent days working to help Radu get cooldown put into the game and helped get it close to half of the players willing even though we didn't quite win and Radu had to do it anyway. I fought for the change to No More Tears breakage for Radu as well. I was always respectful to Radu until he decided out of nowhere to attack me for no reason. How you can sit here casting aspersions towards me when you don't know me I don't understand. Aislinn and I have had very reasonable and sometimes a little lengthy conversations since I have been back as well and that includes after Radu attacked me. I am not the bad guy. I am not a bad guy. I am someone whose life is a miserable hell who was hoping that I could have a deleted character replaced with one that wasn't which were both mine indisputably. I thought this discussion was over and left it as it was until you came to it and started coming after me here. I didn't do anything to you or to anyone else to indicate that I wanted to pursue this any further after my post before yours. I thought the answer was no and it was over and I moved on so I am not the one with brass cojones doing anything. If anyone thinks any differently then I apologize for the miscommunication. I did not come back here for drama. My life sucks bad enough without adding any more stress to it. I am already on blood pressure medication so the bizarre idea that I am trying to create some huge fight with any mod let alone every mod is just completely made out of whole cloth. I hope we can just stop all of this aggressive behavior as I have accepted the decisions made and moved forward. I don't need to keep revisiting it to get told no over and over and cause drama and stress.
  10. Is my character locked?

    Yes because the character you see is the one that used to be named Nimir_Raj. I was able to rename Nimir_Raj to Tirun_Collimdus because the first Tirun_Collimdus who was started in 2005 and considerably higher level and better than Nimir_Raj was deleted. I already knew that. That is what I already said. I don't understand what you want me to see. Oh, did you think I simply misspelled my character name when trying to search for it? No. That is not what happened. You can see by my many posts in the forums that I did indeed have a character in 2005 named Tirun_Collimdus. The forum name character field was too short to put in the '_' as I recall when I made my forum account. That is why it isn't spell the same as in game. Everyone here who knows me on Facebook, Discord and EL is quite aware that I am the original and only Tirun_Collimdus. There has never been a character named TirunCollimdus in game.
  11. Is my character locked?

    Hello again. There were two characters here and I was given one of them back. The Tirun_Collimdus character was deleted completely from the game. Can I now have this character unlocked? It has been over 10 years and one out of the two is permanently gone. I did everything Entropy asked me to do and if there is something else I need to do I would be happy to do it. I don't remember anything about the character but I would like to have it back if I can. EL has changed a LOT and now it is the more the merrier. Please Aislinn will you unlock this character for me?
  12. Expiring bots

    Paid for Richery. Transaction ID 3WL761634M5041841
  13. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I just found this out and it is still fresh in mind. I met Learner in IP. He was always very gracious and appreciated. The ants and the ant pile were a large part of my game. I used to follow them and watch them at work. The amount Learner added to the game is amazing. I am sad about Learner himself and his talent and contributions to those around him. He will be missed by a great many because he touched so many lives making them better.
  14. Communication

    I didn't see an Official EL Discord channel. You could charge guilds to have their own chat channel and let everyone have a free for all voice chat channel. Each guild can do their own Discord of course but perhaps once a month direct voice contact with Radu for participating guilds would be okay. I have been away too long to stir up trouble but I always believe that the more you communicate the better your circumstances.
  15. Bigger Channel Limit

    I do not think Radu cares to make any channel improvements whether they are easy or not. Player communication is not a problem unless it is not happening at all. If something new gets put in that needs a new channel then that is just one more choice you are going to have to make in channel choices. Think of it as role play. Your character decides who is benefiting or who is suffering based on your choice of channels and conversation. This can be a daily decision if your character is fickle or it can be set in stone if your character has certain goals. Mix it up, push it around and have fun with it. EL has survived this long with the system in place. Written in stone and quantifiable to the last bit is the kind of improvement you have to present to provide a reason for change. Only more channels would do that and that does not seem likely to happen so lets forget about channel changes shall we?