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  1. Imagine trying to walk on the day of attraction, and an army of rabbits has surrounded you... o.o FUN!
  2. changes to the interface

    What if you set up a base that both interfaces derive their content from? Like have all of the menus/buttons/dialog/objects predefined then only the textures, colors, positions, and sizes used are changed. So, if the devs want to add a new menu option, ability, effect, etc... they need only add it to the base and the derivatives automatically include it with their custom looks... This method could also enable players to create custom overlays of their own by replacing textures or programming/installing interface "add-ons". I know its possible, but I'm not sure how much of a rework it would be for the entire interface. I've found in some of the things I've coded that total reworks aren't... The most wanted or pleasant... BUT often when you rework something and apply the knowledge from the initial work to a new perspective on your approach, it can come out WAY more efficient or interesting.. And I'm now just wondering... How long ago was the EL interface initially created? Has it been reworked at all since? ^^' Just my thoughts...
  3. Changing appearance

    Because as far as I know they are still working on texture swapping for facial animation... Even then, I doubt they would be willing to do frame-by-frame textures for each face based on possible charm key levels, nor do I see Ent implementing real-time texture editing. Morphs wouldn't really work out well to the facial "beauty" end in my opinion. That's just my thought, its all up to the game's developers. The idea is great, but due to the game's engine limitations I can only see this idea working for a/d.
  4. Changing appearance

    I don't see any problem with this, though I can only see it working for a/d.. Using morphs on the player/npc model that take effect based on a percent of their current level over a level limit, or a time scale, or even a random occurrence (Like you tick off a little imp and it becomes extremely bulky [Not really, just a humorous example... To be serious, maybe for fluffies?]). That's how I think it would work. (Oooo, and what if it worked for Lenny too? Then you could tell how tough he is by how bulky he appears.)
  5. Eternal-Lands first look

    I know I'm a bit late, but I have a little input on this... I still haven't seen the video... Can't have audio on at the moment... But just from the responses I will say- If I've learned anything from my computer apps and web design classes (Probably the ONLY thing I've learned from them) is that to keep the attention of the majority of your viewers, you need shorter information displayed in smaller segments. For power point presentations and (For some stupid reason) websites, we call it the 4x6 rule... 4 points of information with around six words- not many more words than that. In games, single points of information with few words is a common practice; EL is one of the few I've seen to not follow this. In the beginning of many games I've played, as you're learning the HUD and controls, eye-catching pop-up boxes come up with a small bit of information on some topic. (Small bit being one short sentence) Then the game either forces you do use the information at least once, or puts you in a situation in which you need it. This forces even illiterate players to learn how to play. I know with EL, you've been avoiding forced tutorials, but in my opinion, at least making them learn the basic controls and HUD features will help in the long-run. Maybe have it so that when they start a new character, for the first few levels, there is a button with a question mark glowing/pulsing in the corner of the screen somewhere, and when clicked it runs them through the controls and interface in small message boxes that pop up one->two at a time (even showing the different menus). The key point is to avoid paragraph-long explanations and tedious tasks to access the information. Even two sentences may be pushing it. You might think its demeaning to have to simplify everything, but I think it takes a smart person to understand something, yet it takes a genius to explain it to an idiot. EL is an awesome game. People who hate it are impatient, illiterate, graphic-conscious, uninterested in rpgs, or just idiots who want something to bash so their popularity grows (To be king/queen of morons) but it would be great to have a few of these people stay...
  6. skipping school

    I think, as a student as well, that the kid had an obligation to attend the school by being enrolled in the school. Its his fault for trying to skip out on an obligation. In my opinion, the person who reported him had the moral sense to do so to show the kid that there are consequences for your actions, which is a life lesson people need to learn. (So many of my peers seem to not realize that.) Who decides Whats right and whats wrong? That question always comes up, and I always say- Whoever has the other's best interests in mind. Honestly. If it will help them in life without harming others, I think its right. In the long-run, not short term. If it helps, it is very likely to hurt short-term Much like teaching the man to fish instead of giving him a fish. He will go on being hungry for a little longer (short term pain) but will come out knowing how to provide for himself even after you leave. (I believe this to an extent.. If it's trying to completely change who they are and how they act, then... no.. There are always exceptions which we must be open to...) I'm a firm believer in "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." While I will say that in the kid's situation, I would HATE the person who reported me short-term, in the long run I would look back and thank them for keeping me on-track (On track meaning teaching or restating a much needed life lesson) (I mentioned life lessons above. By that I mean a way of interacting with people in our world that is widely accepted and requested and will keep you "in good terms" with everyone or bring long-term rewards. For instance, in school if I turn in an assignment late, I get points deducted from my grade. In the real world, if I turn a project in late to my boss, I can have money deducted from my salary or be fired and lose income. That lost money could have gone towards food, clothes, shelter, etc... and I could potentially starve if turning things in late is a constant habit.) That's my word on it...
  7. (I searched the off topic forum, and skimmed through 10 pages to no avail. If this topic already exists, please delete this post and let me know.) As indicated by the title ^ this topic is to ask: What is your favorite game of the moment? (That is not an mmorpg) And why? Personally, I've been obsessing over Garry's Mod lately. It's a Mod of the valve engine (And thus requires a valve game to work) Why? The game provides an amazing amount of freedom. You can do and make ANYTHING easily. Anyone willing to learn its scripting language can make new items, npcs, playable characters, even entire gamemodes with few lines of code. If you're not big into programing, no problem! Just get in-game, put down a few pre-made wall models, select the weld tool, and interactively build a fort. Maybe even take it online and have a fort war with someone! Or you can build something else of your choice. There are many different pre-made tools available when you first download the game, and many more for free from the game's website, along with entire maps, weapons, items, etc, etc.. all from other people in the game community. Its really a game for anyone, just because it has everything. Though, unfortunately, everything in this case also includes the bad eggs of the community. Now, your turn to express away! (Unless a moderator deems this topic inappropriate)
  8. Sand Paintings

    Wow... How quickly she composed each piece and transitioned between them was amazing... o.o And they were interesting pieces too.
  9. Emote Suggestions

    *poke (So I can visibly bother someone! ) *examine (The character leans forward a little with their hand up to their chin. maybe even a head tilt somewhere in there) *swingarms (Just a playful, childish action where you swing both arms in unison by your side) *brandish (Show off your weapon! ) *tiphat (tip your hat or helmet to someone: Slight motion forward or back, not completely taking it off) *theatricalbow (standing, legs crossed, arms out to the sides palm-up [maybe one arm crossed over the chest, your preference], your head tilted up slightly, and you take a bow) *cry (Leans over with closed fists in front of your eyes, rubbing ) *shrug (Eh.... Idk...) *glare *knock The biggest issue I can see with some of the emote ideas is that weapons may get in the way.. Is it possible, for some emotes, to hide weapons currently equipped until the emote finishes?
  10. Do you want different armor types?

    Maybe his suggestion makes it overpowered, but why not look past that and just generalize.... Wouldn't bone armor be cool? Change the stats from what was suggested... Maybe make it more of a lower-end armor that requires bone powder. And flower armor would be interesting to say the least; again, not with the suggested stats. Maybe they could be twin armor sets? Look similar with texture differences and a few alternating stats. Edit in response to something below: Why does the poster have to edit his or her post? Why can't people just look past the details and just take the general idea into consideration? Or at least post their own ideas for how it should work. That's what I am saying. I can't stand when one little detail is off about a good idea and people completely dismiss its possibilities.
  11. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    In the new quest, with Novac, when you kill the large spider, he calls it a goblin. Also, when you go to kill the puma, he tells you "god job" and "god luck" (Meant to be "good" I think?)
  12. Item creation change

    Instead of forced combat to increase interest in mixing, what about mouse gestures? You set the recipe in the mixture window, click mix (Maybe only works for mix all? Or mix one? But in mix one, it becomes a multi-mixer?), then do some gesture, depending on the object being made, to progress on/make the object. For instance: a zigzag gesture for sewing leather, an alternating vertical motion for hammering metal bars/rings/medallions/armors/weapons, a swirl motion for potions/alchemy, a waving motion for summoning. For every gesture you progress a certain amount on the object depending on a formula based on your skill level and the item's recommended level, with the current chances to fail still taking effect when the object's progress reaches 100% (Maybe tweaked a bit in favor of those who choose to use gestures.)... Whenever you finish mixing, just click the mix button again to stop it from mixing more by mistake. Just an idea..
  13. a/d and attributes changes

    Why not? The only downside I can see is that weaker players will have less of a chance to fight stronger players, but now they'll have a better chance at catching up. (Which is probably the other reason for "no"s.) I say yes.
  14. HOLY IS back.

    Woo! WB HOLY, I hope you can regain your old activity, HOLY used to be so much fun, I advise anyone to join if possible.
  15. Making EL better

    I agree completely with this ^. Its not just in mixing, but fighting too... ----It would be nice to have more of a variety in all skills. Something that would be nice is not just a ladder-styled object/combat system, where you take it one specific rung after another (Or you can skip up or down), but something more branched out, into a vine series. (Sorry for the annoying metaphors) Like the rabbits, beavers, skunks, and raccoons, more variety of items/monsters for a similar stat range, and maybe different requirements/stats to match different attribute builds so no matter your build, there is something you can take outside of PK... Just my thoughts... You heard nothing. >.>