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  1. Apparently this link was messed up during a server issue for the el-db domain a couple weeks back and wasn't fixed. I've fixed the link so these can be downloaded again. (I plan to just add them to the EL-DB website at a later time.) https://maps.el-db.com/
  2. The story so far, with 191 possible secrets: Most Secrets Entered by one player: 188 Players who have entered 150+ secrets: 6 Players who have entered 100+ secrets: 9 Players who have entered 50+ secrets: 12 And btw, an update today better organizes the NPC list, and gives more details for every NPC. For example... https://el-db.com/Haidir.html
  3. https://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst The correct URL is the same, but with https instead of http. This is definitely something that would need to be fixed in the client. Unless the website maintainer can set things so secure protocol is unnecessary for the /updates directory, at least until a new client is released. To do it by hand, seems you'd have to create a custom_clothes.zip that contains all the files listed in the custom_files.lst linked above. The files are downloaded like so. Files are listed like this: MD5(custom/guild/1313818956/meshes/cape1_green.dds.xz)= 03f68f49924b1d9b017c16d8ef950c7c Place the text in parentheses after https://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/ like so: https://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom/guild/1313818956/meshes/cape1_green.dds.xz The innards of the custom_clothes.zip would have to appear like this: The zip file then gets placed in your personal settings and logs folder... when you first log in to the game you get a line like this: [15:58:46] Your personal settings and logs will be saved in /home/flame/.elc/main/ Remove the /main/ (or other server name), and put the custom_clothes.zip in that location. I may be able to do an automated setup that creates the zip file, and can be downloaded from my website. If nothing else can be determined before a new release happens.
  4. Updating the Invance Map

    Pretty sure that input was the point of putting it on the forum before it's actually done. But if you prefer changes without it, and that's how most map work is done, actually, we can go that way instead. Now, force every single participant to have to be careful clicking creatures so they don't accidentally end up off the map because carrying a single ring for you is hard? You went and made it impossible to listen to you, screaming nobody gets input on a forum thread specifically for input. Your input does need to have a viable reason to change what's listed that is for the good of the many, though. I'm unaware of people having issues carrying 1 emu rings. I am aware of people ending up out of the invance because the invance shouldn't include links to c2 places that aren't part of the invance. One of those things outranks the other when the goal is to ensure people stay in the invance unless it's absolutely necessary to go out. (And again, the map would have been more like this from the start, no discussion, had there been active map editors when invances were created.)
  5. New: Alt Accounts and Quest Tracking - When logged in, you can add the names of your alts via your member page (confirmation must be done for each) - Quest tracking: Check off all completed quests, and keep notes for those you haven't. This tracking can be done for all of your alts individually (the first of coming reasons to add your alt accounts). This is done via the new Quests page, found in the menu under Info > Quests. There's a direct link to the quest tracker on your member page as well. (Information about your alts, which quests you've done, and even what secrets you've found are never shown to others.)
  6. Updating the Invance Map

    1) Entering some random building on C2 because you misclicked trying to click a creature that went around said building, with the only return in the C1 battle hall is the opposite of a feature. Your "also" is directly answered in the post. "Everything that's clickable (houses, flags, ships, etc.) will be made unclickable." The point is to keep people in unless they intentionally try to leave (tele/ring/go into the fort and use the statue). 1a) Iscalrith storage is not more helpful when the only way back in is in MM. The purpose is to keep people where they belong. And get them back in as quickly as possible if they do go out. Arguments that going to C2 on leaving the map is better than going to C1 when you have to be in MM to return to it are going to be pretty difficult to make. 5) We're discussing only map changes here that do not require radu to recode anything. Suggestions that require radu to code something need their own post in suggestions forum. As for the only way to exit the map... again, that's answered in the post, as 1a, the statue back to the battle hall along with all that were mentioned. Just like instances only have the one exit, and that one's even more difficult to get to. Perhaps you didn't grasp what (5) meant, it's still going to be Iscalrith, just when you tele you'll go to the C1 portal to more quickly get back to the battle hall in MM to get back in, instead of C2. 6) Keeping things difficult or annoying just for the sake of keeping things difficult or annoying may have been how things were done in the past, but I do QoL where it's possible. The "keep things annoying" route hasn't exactly helped with player count, and I refuse to go back to those days. If this tiny barely-relevant change makes things a little better, then I see no reason not to do it. If it were a "game-changer", it would be a different story, but it's not, it's just a tiny QoL improvement. And it's not a matter of the day changing to Acid while an invance is ongoing anyway, since those are normally started when there's no day change chance happening. It just allows them to be run should that day already be happening. There's still plenty of annoying days that'll stop invances, like Peace... The end result: This is making the map the way it should have been done back when invances were started, there just weren't active map editors to do it and it got forgotten about. Invance map should never have been clickable to the real Iscalrith, it's an otherworldly MM Battle Hall place. Leaving the map should be discouraged as much as possible, though it's still very simple to leave for anyone at a level high enough to go to one anyway. This is a map mistake due to lack of active editors at the time, that's just being corrected.
  7. Updating the Invance Map

    This is planned for 1.9.7. The server as it stands requires a map's def and elm files to be the exact same name. It currently "reads in" the Iscalrith map elm/def combo under two different map IDs, the second being for the invance. Changing the server side (def) settings would change them for regular Iscalrith as well for that reason. So a separate new elm/def combo of files will be made for the invance. Even if no changes were made to the elm file (needed in the client), it would still be necessary that it exists under a new name in the client. End result, none of this can be done until a new client release.
  8. Updating the Invance Map

    Added the possibility of 6) No snow (rain) so Acid Rain Day won't be an issue.
  9. Updating the Invance Map

    On mod talk, tweaked 1a) above, the invance map will have its own unique statue in the fort, right about where you first teleport into the map... visible by the gate watcher. That statue will be use-able to go back to the battle hall.
  10. Updating the Invance Map

    Invance currently uses a copy of the standard Iscalrith map. This does have some issues... misclicking on a house and you're suddenly out of the invance or such being a common one. A plan to make a more invance-specific map is in place for a future client update. The invance version of the map would include these changes: 1) Everything that's clickable (houses, flags, ships, etc.) will be made unclickable. This will stop any misclicking causing players to accidentally leave the invance. 1a) New Exception, one path back to the Battle Hall: A new statue inside the fort when used will take players back to the battle hall when clicked. 2) All walkable tiling in the sw city area will be removed so it cannot be entered at all. (Not used in invance, and players aren't supposed to go there anyway.) 3) Invance map will be made unharvestable. With the exception of inside the fort... so you can still sit and collect harv exp on ogre toes while waiting for the invance to start. 4) Remove the PK area in the fort since no one is supposed to be hanging in the fort anyway, much less attacking other players. 5) Make the invance map C1 - Teleporting out sends you to the C1 portal instead of C2, for easier access to the battle hall to get back in, reducing the amount of time players might spend outside the invance. 6) No Snow (rain) - In the event of Acid Rain day, it won't affect invance. To be clear, the actual design of the map will remain the same. It'll still look exactly like Iscalrith, just limited and changed to better suit an invance. Questions or comments... with reasoning if there's opposition.
  11. What is considered a secret on the el-db site? Little confusion there... some paths are combined and treated as one secret. If you enter the primary way to enter it, it'll open up information for the other paths as well, and all are counted as 1. The green message you get when a secret input is accepted tells you how many paths are included with that secret, and all will show on the site on their appropriate map pages. Generally speaking, if any other secret information is obvious if you've entered the correct entrance, the site will go ahead and show the obvious stuff. Example of obvious: Idaloran's "Wytter's Room" secret. If you enter the correct entrance to it, all the exits from it require no knowledge to figure out, so that info is considered obvious. Example of NOT obvious: Whitestone Unolas Temple has multiple secrets in the path to get to the priest. Each requires its own item and a riddle hinting at the item. Those all are separate secrets. If you're uncertain if something would be considered obvious once you've actually entered the area, just view the map page to see if the secret is listed. What are the "freebie" secrets when you first create an account? When you first create an account, 6 secrets are opened to get you started, some of the most commonly known ones of course. 1- Isla Prima - spider cave entrances 2- Desert Pines - Fast Read room 3- Tarsengaard - Orc (daily) cave 4- EVTR - emerald mine entrance 5- Tahraji - paths to the floating summon arena 6- Tahraji - ways to leave the floating summon arena (I'll admit, I added the last two because adding so many so-close secrets was just not easily doable with the system I have. They're on me, heh.) Another one... One secret was missing. I added it. There's now 190. ;-)
  12. Getting 189 secrets set up so people could enter them as simple as possible isn't without its issues... I'm monitoring reports sent to /EL_DB of any difficulties entering a secret and made a few easier. One player has already entered over 130 secrets so for the most part it seems to be working. ;-) Alt accounts Coming features will include things like keeping track of quests: which ones you've done, notes on where you left off if in the middle of one... That and other things may be desired to be done for different alt accounts. I'll soon set up a system where you can add your alt character names (verified like the main account so you must be able to log in). Before the quest tracking and other stuff is added. You'll be able to switch between your alt char names to track their quests or other things specific to that alt. While things like secrets that are actual-player knowledge will still show no matter which alt you're switched into. So do not create accounts on EL-DB.com for your alts, just what you consider your main. You'll soon be able to add your alt char names in a different way. (If you've already done something like this, I can fix it later, just leave your alt accounts alone for the time being, no reason to be using them right now anyway.)
  13. https://el-db.com EL-DB, the unofficial Eternal Lands Database is open for beta. Do you really know your game secrets? Create an account and track them! As you enter map secrets, they'll appear (to you) on map pages, and you can access map pages for secret areas. The system tracks all your secrets and will tell you how far you have to go to find them all On your account page, you'll get 3 random hints for secrets to help you find more (or remember to enter ones you know) The hints can be really easy or incredibly vague depending on how well known the secret is. (Guild maps are not considered secrets so aren't included, and no information is ever given to find those) Game Mods - Once you've created an account, send this as a PM ingame: /EL_DB moderator Once confirmed to actually be a mod, you'll get access to more info (currently just tp/invasion coordinate+map numbers for every location)
  14. These include: 1- Top Players lists (as seen here on the official EL site) 2- Unofficial tab maps (at https://maps.el-db.com/ ) 3- Moderator invasion map downloads (mods know the URL) I will be doing my best to keep them online but there may be times they may poof out of necessity for a little while as I'm reorienting everything on the server to prepare for... well, a site... I'll keep them down as little as possible, so you can try back in a couple hours at most if they're down. (Nothing is getting lost, it's just a matter of subdomain redirection.) I'm saying the coming week, but that's up to real life. Hopefully only over the weekend.