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  1. It's in a testing phase, but the Top Players page is now getting auto-updated, and you have choices on how many players to show and during what time period of activity. It's linked in the website menu, or poof to https://top.el-db.com . Based on a combination of necessities for the website, and input from the forum poll to see where people's preferences were, the default's been set to the top 100 players active in the past 6 months. If you prefer a different list, it's possible to go to and bookmark a different one. Some notes on how things work at this time for testing purposes (subject to change): 1- This is not a real-time list. Several factors cause the top list to not show your updated level(s) for up to possibly 30 hours depending on multiple different timings. If you're not seeing the update after 36 hours, there may be an issue to report. I won't check before that. 2- Lists are updated once every 6 hours. Those updates, as stated above, may not include your updated data. You can see the GMT time the list last updated on the page. 3- An individual player's personal stats are only updated about once per 24 hours, and then only if you're seen as being online at some point in the 24 hours since they were last updated. 4- (For #3) To ensure you're "seen online" by the script, you need to be online 6 minutes or more. The online list is checked once per 5 minutes. 5- Lists may have more than the number of players requested to show. This is due to showing all who are tied at a certain level so all get equal treatment.
  2. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Just FYI to anyone reading, the image has been used, and graces the bottom of the new Top Players page, which he used to maintain.
  3. Best Default Top Players List

    Updated the list to fix the error mentioned in previous post, lists should be fully correct now. Should hopefully have the full setup done in the coming week, with the multiple list options.
  4. Best Default Top Players List

    https://top.el-db.com/ A static list of updated stats is available (with an error on a tiny number of players that'll be corrected when it's next updated). Just a temporary stopgap until I can get the multiple options and automated updating completed. The "Top Players" link on the site menu now goes to this page as well so no need to mark it.
  5. Best Default Top Players List

    It is occuring to me that perhaps the minimum shown should be 100, as I look through the data. No 50 list. As it is, we actually have 69 (giggity) people with OA 179, that's 69 (giggity) people at #1. Difficult to show in a 50 list. Unless I handle the overall list differently... that's a possibility... something to think about over the weekend.
  6. Best Default Top Players List

    I'm handling everything, setting it up under a subdomain I maintain, like Learner did it on his other-life domain. Any other means of doing it will have to be discussed with radu and take time, and I'm just gonna do it the way I've already been working towards at least for the time being, not really even gonna discuss any other possible options right now, too much already done. Check your PMs, I messaged you about some changes.
  7. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    That'll work.
  8. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Uh... that would require a client update. We're nowhere near ready for that again. (New 3d objects and map changes have to be done in the client. I haven't even been given these things to put in the data packs.) Not the topic anyway, the image of him is needed for a website thing.
  9. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Does anyone have a screenshot of Learner's character? Preferably sitting in his usual spot at the IP spider cave table but any will do. I have an idea to use it for a memorialization of sorts.
  10. Best Default Top Players List

    Well, I don't personally have such access. ;-) Radu didn't bring it up either when discussing it earlier. It would require knowing every single character's name from the beginning and grabbing all their info. Vino's list was over 85k names. And that's from the post-heyday years. :-o
  11. Best Default Top Players List

    Remember these options are just for the default page. You'll have the option to view all of them regardless.
  12. Best Default Top Players List

    I may be able to go further back later, maybe a Decade list. Last login doesn't get tracked by the server, and Learner's data is not available, so I'm relying on Vinoveritas' data from mercator to determine when people last logged in prior to today. That may give a reliable "past decade" list eventually. But I'll focus on just a year for now to speed up getting the page back online.
  13. I'm working on getting a new Top Players script done so we can get our Top Players page back, as Learner's is no longer available. It won't be exactly the same, but as close as possible with some minor updates. Learner's page had options to see top players for the past week, month, year, whatever. And you could expand the list to up to 200. I intend to do the same. (With thanks to Vinoveritas for providing mercator's data on when players last logged in over the past year to help fill the lists.) THESE QUESTIONS are concerning what gets shown on the default top players page. What should be shown when a person clicks "top players" in the website's menu?
  14. El on Chromebook - the night is black.

    Just noting the oddity in that the image seen is an indoor map, PL tavern, so its default lighting is the same regardless of time of day. Besides the normal full-map lighting (0.22 of 1 which is enough to light rooms without added sources), that tavern also has its own light object in the center of the room, a quite bright one at that. So both full-map and individual light sources are being ignored. As for the candles, it's just the particles being seen, not actual light. Fire particles also have their own attached light source, which is also not being seen here. The green carpets add to the oddness though. I checked and they are not self-lit, so the reason they can be seen is light is still somehow reflecting on them. (The only noticeable difference I have when using Ctrl-O > Troubleshoot tab > Use Animation Program is a slight lighting change on players. Have you tested with this on and off?)
  15. Peace Day Poll

    If it's to be changed, the option to reduce the hours to daylight only seems to be the best compromise. Definite "no" to allowing it as a Bad Day removal, for reasons radu has already stated himself.