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  1. By now, the lists should be back to normal. Everything's good on my end, on my new computer build which appears to be running smoothly and much faster than my old 2013 build (imagine that!). Included switching from OpenSUSE's Leap to Tumbleweed so wanted to ensure that was running fine first before getting the lists back to work. (If your player got levels but they aren't recognized in the top lists: The system requires your character be logged in during one of my script's checks before it will recheck your levels, which are done approximately every 5 minutes. Make sure your character is logged in for at least 10 minutes at some point to ensure my scripts notice it, for your levels to be accounted for with the next player list update, which occurs approximately every 6 hours.) The lists are now part of the Red Light District...
  2. System is slowly getting back in place. You may see some updates starting. However, it may not be recognizing recent levels for everyone just yet. No guarantee on those updates being regular just yet either. Should be back to normal within the coming 24 hours. And about 48 hours for the lists to be fully back to normal with rechecked player stats. (Once it's running normally: The system requires you be logged in during one of its checks before it will recheck your levels. Make sure your character is logged in for at least 10 minutes at some point for your levels to be accounted for with the next player list update, which occurs approximately every 6 hours.)
  3. Now it says the part will arrive today, the 4th, so updated the above to reflect that the potential for lack of updates may start today.
  4. Updated the post to reflect that this may not start happening until Monday, May 6th, rather than today. (A part expected to arrive today is delayed almost a week. Grrr.)
  5. There may be times starting around Saturday, May 4th over a period of possibly several days that the Top Player lists will not be updated, or not correctly updated. Even if the shown "last updated" time is recent, you may not necessarily see any changes for your personal advancements during this time. This will be a known situation so no need to report anything. It will be back to normal as quickly as possible. ----- (Details for the curious, not necessary info, hehe) I'll be (finally) upgrading my personal computer I pieced together back in 2013 to a brand new build. The top lists are hosted on the web host that holds my el-db.com website, but the actual checking of players, updating the data, and building the lists happens on my home computer. I don't know how long it'll take to get the new computer running, as well as other priorities before I get the database set up and scripts running that handle the lists. EDITED: Changed the dates of this happening due to a delay in ordered parts arrival.
  6. It appears I made a boo-boo with the Content Report system where you could report any incorrect information or add missing info using the "Content Report" button that shows at the bottom of every page on EL-DB when logged in. A minor SQL query glitch led to me thinking no one was using it as I had no reports. If you reported something, I'm only seeing it now. I'm in the process of checking them and so you'll now be getting a response for stuff that's months or even over a year old. Sorry, my bad. Bad, coder, bad! I'll try and find someone to spank me later for it... giggity.
  7. PK server maps out-of-date

    I believe you'll need the 1.9.4 client in order to have the correct maps. I have no clue where to get that, maybe some archive service online has one. Maybe ask bkc56, I know he plays there.
  8. After a long delay, EL-DB has gotten a huge update... - All skill pages added and include info - Info pages for gods, nexus, attributes, special days - Pagefinder at the top now shows results for: the most used or relevant internal maps (pretty much all primary internal maps, not individual generic houses and such) alternate or incorrect names/spellings (racoon/raccoon, turqoise/turquoise, dung/s**t , etc.) common short names (EWE, Milf, R2, WVF, Lenny, Ivan, EVTR, BSF, etc.) every god, nexus, attribute, special days... It's much, much more functional. - And a "go to top" button for all those long-scroller pages.
  9. EL-DB is back online after a lot of "hmm, does it work now? No? Let's try this..." back and forth.
  10. EL-DB is temporarily down, seems they did a server update that shut off a necessary function. Working on it.
  11. Top Players Has Returned

    Computer cleaned out and updates done (Hello OpenSUSE Leap 15.5, nice ta meet ya... got any bacon?) so.. Lists may be a little late in getting everyone's stats updated but the scripts are live again and should get to everyone as they log in again.
  12. Top Players Has Returned

    Scheduled Computer Maintenance and Updates Between this and how often the scripts run that update the lists, the Top Players will not be updated for possibly up to 24 hours. Should be a lot shorter, I like to leave a lot of leeway in case I take a really long nap or someone lures me away from what I'm doing with bacon or such. The lists will remain, just not updated for a brief period.
  13. You started to harvest sunflowers. You started to harvest fruits. Get your whole guild involved, multiple people harvesting! You started to harvest impatiens. (Images taken from the new "Mike Judge's Beavis & Butthead" (2022-?) currently airing on Paramount+. Season 2, Episode 10 "Beavis and Butt-Head in Tobacco Farmers")
  14. *bump* It appears all stalls are now filled. Until some future 1.9.7, any further bots added to the market should be placed outside the north wall, directly behind bots that are against that wall. "Burn" is standing in one of the possible locations, behind Windu in the bottom image in the initial post above.
  15. I changed the instructions so they should be good for Mac users now, if you tried and had a problem. (If you already installed before this comment on Win/Linux, there's no need to change.)