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  1. tips for a long,healthy fight :)

    Be careful of fighting with pillows... Like to have gotten myself killed pillow fighting! Imagine two high school guys with feather pillows, each with a solid understanding of things doing more damage if you pack all the weight at one side and swing it like a sledgehammer at the other person's head...
  2. Walking wall :S

    :lol: Woo, nice. I saw the title and thought, "why isn't this in suggestions or visual art?"
  3. Stuck In The '90s

    Heh, rap underground... lol. By the early nineties, rap had started to crawl up from the underground party scene. Hip hop was dying and gangsta rap was picking up heavilly; Fresh Prince was still big but NWA was taking the game to a new direction. It wasn't a direction I was too fond of at the time, but people like violence over partying, I guess.
  4. Idea for an event

    Depends on which men and which women participated. Of course, I'm not quite sure who decided trivia was a good measurement of intelligence...
  5. REAL best game poll

    Not all games are good... I've played a lot of flushables in my day. Don't need them even as options. You know, like most of what Enix put out before they merged with Square. lol
  6. chatlog with some of my bots scammers :)

    :lol: :lol: Haha! That's great. It's just... Well, speaks for itself. They're right tho, you shoulda tested the bot out with some "scammer friends" before going live with it... I think ELMarket got delayed by a few weeks for testing, but as far as I know we never did get scammed. Which is fortunate since I had several kids swearing they were gonna scam it, heh. But back to topic... goofoffnoobie is, well, himself. I wouldn't expect anything different from him, even as little as I've seen from him in the forums.
  7. A Question

    Well, for most people it's a way to show off... Show off how much gold they have, or how much money they've donated to the game. Truthfully, other than trading everyone and showing them 500k, how else are they gonna know you're rich? And most people love to brag...
  8. REAL best game poll

    I voted "Other". Quite simply, I like lots of games, and I had to weigh each category there, versus the forces of ID, (Doom, DoomII, Doom 3) and Sierra, (Anyone heard of the Leisuresuit Larry series? Or King's Quest?), and Eidos, (Legacy of Kain series, LOVE that series for the story... plus Hitman games, etc), and then there's the classics that paved the way for us to HAVE video games, like Pacman, Pong, Donkey Kong and regular Mario Brothers, (Not Mario1, the first Mario Bros was later used as the minigame in Mario3). Plus Origin has made 9 Ultima games and then UO. Many longtime series covered in the other category So, when I started thinking about "best", it becoimes a close call between those top categories... But "other" covers so many that were left out, it just overwhelms those listed.
  9. A Question

    Far as I know, the magical weapons are all used for display at storage. No one actually takes them to fight with, I don't think... Except maybe hitting a rabbit to see how much damage a thermal serp would do to a rabbit... lol.
  10. A Question

    As far as I know, yes
  11. Tupac .Dead or Alive

    :lol: Gahd... Please tell me Jay Z doesn't type that poorly. Hey, you're the one who brought up something about being 40 and living at home with mommy... You're the only one who matches even half of that! Hmm, no, not Bone Thugz either... Maybe you're Vanilla Ice? Big Daddy Fresh Pants? Ice Cream T? Milli Vanilli?
  12. Best Rappers of all time!

    Apparently not, since it's your opinion and who else's? Woodchuck and I are disagreeing with you, so you're obviously outvoted, and therefore it can't be a "fact". Then take into account how many people posted the inane rap = crap stuff. They don't think Biggie and Pac are the best, now do they? You're pretty close to alone now... Where's that "fact" business again?
  13. Winners are...

    Most likely to spend more time in forums than play the game... All of us that quit playing but still post in here? lol Most likely to stay in forums after they've quit... Was that pointed somewhere? :lol: Is there a sunshine rule yet?
  14. hey take a look at this

    2 cheap-ass 15 in monitors are good enuff for me, lol. Tho I am looking at a good deal on 30in Viewsonic LCD's, $1600 TV for just a hair over $1400... Gonna get one for the living room, and one for my computer... Muwahahah! (Good to have friends who own their own stores, hehe)
  15. Eternal Lands Shop

    Heya Mythic... And anyone else... If you'd like, I could act as a gobetween for ya. You give me an amount of gold I feel is worth, for instance, $90 USD, and I'll make the equivalent donation to the devs. Obviously I couldn't resell 350k for $90, but at least it would give you an option, right?