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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not sure if anyone else struggles with this, but I personally have always run into an issue where I start a research project and get my food level nice and filled up. Then, I start doing other tasks as I research (it's only efficient, you know?). Next thing I know, a significant amount of time has gone by, my food level's at -30, and my research project has been paused for the majority of the time. My sales pitch is an (optional, of course) conditional alert, sound, and/or notification: If the player has the alert enabled and if a research project is active and if the food level has reached level x (to be determined by devs? Maybe could be a custom setting for the player to choose?), then alert the player with a printed warning or maybe a sound alert. For example, let's say I've enabled this alert option. I'm researching silver mining or something, and I'm under 100% complete on that research. My food level reaches a threshold that I set, could be anything under the max. Let's say 11. All conditions are met, so a little ding sound or chime is played, and bam, I suddenly remember to eat a hearty steak. Sorry if I over explained this, I'm running on very little sleep Thoughts? Would other people use this?
  2. sound_warnings.txt

    Hello I have EL 1.9.8 (from ppa) on my Linux Mint Mate 19.3. All is ok, sound + maps installed. The sound is working great. But when I try to type "This is a test message" nothing happen. I tried to change the sound_warnings.txt file from default to alert4 = You stopped. Didn't work. I asked ig but it seems the file are at the right place (el folder). Any hint ? Thanks
  3. Since I like to catch up on email, websites, etc. while harvesting, and generally like to have audible warnings for numerous events if I'm in game but Away From But Near To Keyboard, or get distracted by doing jigsaw, I have a great number of client alerts defined, up to 26 sounds, now. However, I can't seem to get _all_ of them to work, only about the first 15, so my question is: is there a numerical limit to how many sounds can be defined, or do i have to look for some other obscure error I have made?