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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not sure if anyone else struggles with this, but I personally have always run into an issue where I start a research project and get my food level nice and filled up. Then, I start doing other tasks as I research (it's only efficient, you know?). Next thing I know, a significant amount of time has gone by, my food level's at -30, and my research project has been paused for the majority of the time. My sales pitch is an (optional, of course) conditional alert, sound, and/or notification: If the player has the alert enabled and if a research project is active and if the food level has reached level x (to be determined by devs? Maybe could be a custom setting for the player to choose?), then alert the player with a printed warning or maybe a sound alert. For example, let's say I've enabled this alert option. I'm researching silver mining or something, and I'm under 100% complete on that research. My food level reaches a threshold that I set, could be anything under the max. Let's say 11. All conditions are met, so a little ding sound or chime is played, and bam, I suddenly remember to eat a hearty steak. Sorry if I over explained this, I'm running on very little sleep Thoughts? Would other people use this?