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Found 9 results

  1. forgot password

    Had an old account 'dwarfgaurd' (the typo is in the username), which was at one point associated with my old email account dwarfgaurd@gmail.com. I still control that email, but cant figure out how to log in. Wanted to hopefully recover that old account if possible. Thanks
  2. Forgot Password

    I am checking out the game after a long break and I can't log in! Help?
  3. Recover EL character

    Hi, I see this question has been asked before so apologies if this is redundant. I'd like to recover the password to my very old account, but can't PM Entropy or Radu in game, and my login for this forum has not been approved so I am not seeing PM options here. Anyway, the characters name is Aexodus, http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Aexodus I recall all these stats as being right so I'm certain it's me. It's a little hard to prove that it was my account, but I haven't been on for probably 13 years (best guess). I was Draegoni for the length of one subscription (1 year)? had focused on A/D and Harvesting but was getting into new skills so most of them are low.. I created the account Dobbins a few months ago because I could remember my old password, but I'd like to get back on Aexodus. I also recognize the $5 fee.. Any help appreciated. codyjdobbs@gmail.com
  4. Change character password

    Hi. I'm just coming back to Eternal-Lands after many years of not playing. I would like to change my character's password. What's the way to do that? Thanks.
  5. Change password not working

    I downloaded Eternal Lands for my LG Stylo 4 from Boost Mobile. It's running a 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM450, 2GB ram, Android 8.1 Oreo 64-bit OS. (Not really sure these specs help but just in case. I tried to change passwords on one of my characters so my son can log on and play but the client won't allow me to do so. I type in the command as follows: #change_pass old pass newpass as instructed in help files and instead of the password change being successful it gives me a message explaining how to change the password. They server or the client is acting as if it knows that I want to change the password but it's registering my input as being typed incorrectly. I sent a #help in game and discussed with a mod but I decided to post here also. If it is a bug that others may encounter they can find information here. Thank you! Great Port BTW. (Please allow us android users a way to mimic a right click would be my biggest want right now)
  6. forgotten password

    is there any possible way to get a reset password option because i have played for a while therefore i have forgotten my password.
  7. password help!

    so. i have the privilege of being gifted a bot, and apparently i need to have an account on the el forums to do so. cool! so, also apparently, i made an account a million years and forgot about it, and also the password. several times, i've asked for it to be resent. i get a confirmation link in my email, and i follow the link to validate, and issue me a new password. i then get informed that my new password has been sent to my email (which i know works, as the first email is sent there). here's the catch : ITS NOT SENT EVER. pls halp.
  8. pw lost

    hello, i was a player years ago.. on the account jck i cant seem to remember the password to it is there anyone i could get in contact with about how to reset it? i can remember some things about my account which makes it kinda unique to help verify my character is mine thanks
  9. password

    My character name is "Corpseman" but I haven't played in so long I cant remember the password. How can I reset my password so I can play again?