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  1. Hatwood

    Very sad news, indeed. Hatwood was a wonderful person, who, despite challenges in her own life, never failed to make my day brighter whenever we talked.
  2. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I also am very saddened by this news. I have worked with and talked to Learner on and off over the years. He was not only an excellent programmer and system administrator, but also a very likeable person with a wry sense of humour that I appreciated very much. This news came as a very unwelcome shock. Rest in peace, Learner. We will miss you.
  3. El on Chromebook - the night is black.

    Thanks. As it seems that the water is working fine, one way I can think of fixing this is by writing a shader for the entire scene. Which is something we want to do anyway, at some point, but it will be a lot of work and I was kind of putting it off. One other question, you mention zooming makes a difference. Does the vertical camera angle also make a difference? Like when you rotate the camera down to a horizontal level, or even below (if that possible)?
  4. El on Chromebook - the night is black.

    The new water shader only works on water anyway. But I am curious if the water outside is also black, using the old water shader.
  5. El on Chromebook - the night is black.

    Thanks, I missed that. You're right, that is very odd. I will have to check what the global light is doing. It's worse, it's actively turning off lighting somehow. Even in the absence of any lights, there is a default implicit ambient light value of 0.2, which the client never turns off. If that were applied, the scene would be quite dark, but not pitch black as it seems to be here. Yes, that puzzles... wait. @bkc65, can you try tu turn off shadows and see if that has an effect?
  6. El on Chromebook - the night is black.

    I see more lighting issues cropping up, of late I have a sneaking suspicion more and more drivers are dropping support for classic OpenGL. Not saying that is the case here per se, but it's a possibility. What does #glinfo report?
  7. Try ./el.linux.bin lrnr-main to connect to the game through learner's proxy. (Disclaimer: on phone, no access to game data. Check servers.lst in your game data directory if lrnr-main is correct)
  8. Or your ISP has started blocking port 2000. It would not be the first one to do so. Please try the telnet command bluap posted, it will tell us whether you can make a connection to the server at all. If you cannot, you can try to connect through learner's proxy.
  9. Water display

    Raz reminded me of this. These two are harmless, I don't have these extensions either, and as far as I can see, the client (nowadays?) never uses them, only s3tc compression.
  10. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Thanks, this is useful. Two things jump out: I am going to try and track down what might cause these.
  11. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    I have already solved three problems with the water reflections, but yours presents an entirely new one Given that you do not see any reflection at all, I suspect the reflection texture is not generated for some reason. If you're interested in helping us debug this, I have uploaded a debug build of the client here. This should generate a more extensive log file. Could you do a short run with this executable (just place it in your EL data directory and run it), and send me the log file afterwards? Just upload it somewhere, or contact me for an email address. Also, can you send me the output of #glinfo? Thanks!
  12. Post 1.9.6 release - updates & issues

    Looks like there are no reflections at all, which is a new issue for me. I'm sorry if you already mentioned this, but do you have reflections when water shader quality is set to 1?
  13. Counters (Kills) not correct

    While that is true, OP has indicated they were the only player there. Besides, any dead actor that is on an adjacent tile in the view direction of the player should be counted. So kills can be counted for multiple players, but should not be missed. Unless the player character has moved away or turned before the damage update for the killed character arrives from the server.
  14. Water display

    This fix is incomplete, as (at least on my system) it renders the wrong side of the reflected objects. Although it looks more or less right, due to the waves on the water, what you are seeing is actually the inside of the reflected objects. This is also the reason you don't see the sky reflected in the water. Also, making this change unconditionally will break the water display for systems that currently display the reflection correctly. I am working on finding a proper solution, I already have away to detect if the reflection texture is upside down. In the mean time, if you really want to try what I did: in your EL data folder, there should be a folder named "shaders", which contains a file named "reflectiv_water_fs.glsl". Open this file in a text editor, and add a line reflection_tex_coord = vec2(reflection_tex_coord.x, 1.0 - reflection_tex_coord.y); right before the line that reads #ifdef USE_CUBIC_FILTER If you do so, please let me know here if that works for you. In particular, if it does show some reflection, I would be interested to know if you also see the inside of the reflected object (best seen with water shader quality set to 1 in the settings window).. It is possible you have to remove this change once a proper fix is in the client, though.
  15. Water display

    Looks like the vertical coordinate of the reflection is flipped on my Windows installation somehow. Patching the reflective water shader to flip the y coordinate: --- reflectiv_water_fs.glsl.orig 2022-01-02 12:17:14.316457200 +0100 +++ reflectiv_water_fs.glsl 2022-01-02 12:05:26.031011000 +0100 @@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ reflection_tex_coord += noise_diplacment * noise_scale.xy; tile_tex_coord += noise_diplacment * noise_scale.zw; #endif // USE_NOISE + reflection_tex_coord = vec2(reflection_tex_coord.x, 1.0 - reflection_tex_coord.y); #ifdef USE_CUBIC_FILTER vec2 coord_hg = reflection_tex_coord * size - vec2(0.5, 0.5); fixes the water reflection for me. Of course, the same change messes up the display in my Linux, so we either need to detect when to do something like this, or fix the root cause of this problem. Also, my actor textures seem messed up somehow. Perhaps a similar problem?