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  1. Best Default Top Players List

    As a returnee after a very loooong break, I can only say how pleased I am to see this being re-implemented. I'd been enjoying watching my slow climb back towards the top tables. I don't have any strong opinions on functionality but any form of top lists and individuals rankings would be nice, so appreciate the work to revive this whatever form it takes.
  2. Thanks for the quick turnaround both of you, you'll be pleased to know this fixes the error for me.
  3. With the latest build I get the following error on startup, granted this is on a very old Android tablet running Android 5.1.1 so I'm pushing my luck with compatibility but the previous version worked fine. Happy to provide more details if it would be useful.
  4. Selling Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain

    Sale over, Tempest wins. I'll see you ingame to drop off your new toy Xeone
  5. Selling Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain

    Glad to see plenty of interest here, I'll bring this to a close in 2 days time. Ends: Monday 24th 12 Midday GMT (that's 49.5 hours from the time of this post) Happy bidding Xeone
  6. Selling Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain

    Private bid 260k
  7. As the title says I'm selling a freshly made set of Steel Cuisses Of Mana Drain. (Sale Ends: Monday 24th 12 Midday GMT) I have a rough figure in mind that I want for them but depending on the interest i get here that may change. If after about a week I don't have an offer I'm happy with I'll hang on to them for now. I'm also open to items in trade for part payment. EFEs/EMEs Steel bars Iron ore Hydro bars Rosts HEs/LEs Xeone
  8. Alkapone

    As the member of IRON dealing with this I can indeed back Alkapone up on this. After I attacked a member of GODZ on NDD Paybackdude #IGed IRON making demands of restitution or he would reg tag us and BROD us. He was demanding an Emerald Claymore and MOL. Well after some confusion Tyrannis PMed me and we cleared the matter up, latter Alkapone PMed to confirm that paybackdude was trying to scam items and to apologise. I believe at some point I suggested someone give paybackdude a good hard slap for wasting my time too, looks like they did Xeone [iRON]
  9. As the title says, I'm selling 50 Hydro bars in one batch. After 3 days from the time of this post I will accept the best offer I receive of 525k or above. That's 10.5k per bar minimum. If after 3 days I have not received an offer of at least 525k I will either sell them in bits or use them myself and be selling some armour instead I will accept: Gold Coins Steel bars @ 45gc each (up to the full value) Fire Ess @3gc each (up to 30k FE) EFE @ 5k Each (up to full value) S2Es @ 800gc each (up to full value) Iron ore @ 3gc each (up to 50k ore) Xeone
  10. SRS

    As of last night I just passed the 50k SRs mark and finaly tipped myself over into the top 100 pot heads So I've only another 300k to go then to catch Ermabwed Xeone
  11. Selling 2 Titanium Cuisses

    Sold Xeone
  12. EFE issue?

    As Lorck has already pointed out the chance to make an EFE is the same for each FE regardless of how many EFE you have already made or not made. (The same goes for any of the special items) The only way you can tell what the rates are is to make massive numbers of FE and take an average, because over a large enough sample the inconsistencies are evened out and you will get a more accurate answer. For example if the rate really is 1 in 5k this would lead to only ~20 in 100k So even if you make 100k FE you can only expect ~20 EFE which is a relatively small sample of successes. Given the low chance to make an EFE each time you make a FE, it wouldn't take many long gaps or short gaps between EFE to adjust this figure in either direction If you want a truly accurate rate try making 500k FE as, at a rate of 1 in 5k, 500k FE will produce ~100 EFE all dotted out at varying distances apart. Xeone
  13. Lethal 666 - Liar

    Here I am minding my own business in silver mine, commenting on how nice it is to sometimes be able to leave a bag open with out getting it jumped, when I get a PM from someone I was just chatting to. [14:25:06] [PM from Lethal: oh god] [14:25:14] [PM from Lethal: i missed clik heal and went outside] [14:25:32] [PM from Lethal: u put my dam col in my bag?] [14:25:40] [PM to Lethal: opps I'll get it for you] So I hop of my own bag to grab it for him so It will be all nice and safe (while thinking to myself how silly it is to leave a COL in a bag) And what to I find, yup you guessed it no COL. [14:26:09] [PM to Lethal: no col in bag?] [14:26:27] [PM from Lethal: no its in there] [14:27:00] [PM to Lethal: it really isn't] [14:27:17] [PM from Lethal: are u kiddin me] [14:27:19] [PM from Lethal: your in iron] [14:27:29] [PM to Lethal: def not there] [14:27:41] [PM to Lethal: yup in IRON] [14:27:53] [PM from Lethal: ur such a liar] [14:28:01] [PM from Lethal: why u bj me] [14:28:06] [PM from Lethal: ur in a honorbale guild] [14:28:20] #Ig [Lethal:666] your guildie bj me my dam col [14:28:25] [PM to Lethal: yes we are, which is why I have not lied] [14:30:16] #Ig [Xeone->666] 1 more accusation and I will IG block you. I did not take your COL and you know it. End off discussion [14:30:19] #Ig [Lethal:666] please talk to xeone he obvouisly bj me and hes lying which should be unaceptable [14:30:36] [PM from Lethal: i had a nmt in a bag and i gave back] [14:30:38] [PM from Lethal: your a dick] [14:31:20] [PM from Lethal: fuck u bithc] [14:31:22] [PM from Lethal: go suck a dick] [14:31:28] [PM from Lethal: i can't beleive u bj me] [14:31:35] [PM from Lethal: we were talkin about trust with bags] [14:31:38] [PM from Lethal: and u bullshit it] [14:31:49] lethal was added to your ignore list! [14:32:19] K, done! You blocked #ig messages from guild 666 [14:33:22] #Ig [Fischer->666] better to check with us b4 u accuse a fellow chieftian of bj u. ig blocked ') He Then walks back into cave with his COL still on his head.... And now tries a different tactic [14:37:15] #GM from Fischer: lol, letahal just pm'd me that xe jumped his silver ore, chrysth, and toadstools [14:37:34] #GM from Xeone: sadly I did not, It went Poof So why am I posting this when I lost nothing myself? Well next time he accuses someone of bag jumping him maybe this will give his next target something to back up their denial Xeone [iRON]
  14. Selling various potions.

    I'll take some Alc Pots, PM me in game to arrange.
  15. Hun_Papa - Bagjumper

    You know I thought about checking for previous post and just adding to them, but I clean forgot by the time I got here, my bad. I'm blaming it on not feeling well today, that’s my excuse and I'm sticking to it. And ty Blee, always nice to know someone’s willing to deal a little retribution on the evil doers. Thats if I dont get my nice pointy sword in him first