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  1. Ikale has passed

    ikale was the person who i did my first ever novac quest with at 35 a/d taught me how to fight how to insta gave me my 30 oranges loads of holams bought all my beaver tokens at crazy prices, man a very very good guy with his superman cape always on he will sorely be missed.
  2. Guiness is Banned

    Have all the evidence i need m8 read the post im just waiting to see what they deny first
  3. Guiness is Banned

    Hello guys and girls, most of you know who I am, bit of a knob i know I was banned basically for pissing off mods, I don't really have a huge desire to be unbanned but i guarentee this post is deleted, censored, banned or removed long before. I returned to Eternal lands in Lockdown of 2020 after not playing since 2017 and previously before that 08/09 2013 I've been around a long time, on my return in 2020 its the only time in which i took the game seriously. Levelled fast and stayed out of trouble being a low level and in 2021 i entered the uncap range. When I entered the uncap range things became very apparant to me in regards to the way moderators run the game and the powers they have. I lost friends to macroing, (big up kaelfury) and during the whole hecklar and kingpin saga. Those friends have never returned and never will and what pisses me off more than anything is i have PROOF concrete proof evidence of long time serving mods in pms not chat logs admitting to numerous amounts of macroing and influencing other plays to macro and how they did it how not to get caught. Lets be real here, the extension of mod abuse and the way its ran in this game is beyond despicable we are the playerbase we are the reason this game is this game. Without us this game woudlnt exist and quite frankly i am sick of seeing the way moderators patrol on that game the way they talk down upon people the passive aggressive threats it is NO way for a game to be run. Dont even get me started on the quite frankly sickening amounts of abuse moderators do. We are talking IP checks on players to check which alts they have, using the aloc command to find out specific locations, Private invasions but don't worry were gonna get into that further down the line. I was silenced during my time in EL due to playing on accounts I couldn't afford to have banned but here we are now and recently ive told some of you mods straight. Revi Lets start on revi and no this is not a character attack its reasonable to be listed here as this whole situation is what has contributed to my eventual ban. The way revi moderates is beyond despicable bearing in mind this is a game which not that many people play anymore he LOOKS for a reason to ban and mute people. I'm not saying revi is all bad i dont doubt his patrol of macroing is top notch and stops alot of people from doing it but the amount of people he bans because he personally does not like them is ridiculous and every single one of you reading this knows exactly what im talking about, Recently i had an encounter with revi i clicked trade on him a couple times boo hoo i shouldnt have done it but i didnt kill a man, bearing in mind revi is a moderator of this game whos main purpose is to maintain the upkeep happyness and rules of the game, Now any decent moderator would have messaged me and gone given a normal telling off explained the rules and kept it proffesional, this idiot replied " you are lucky i was afk when you did that" passive aggresive threats i dont give a shit if you were afk ban me if so. Revi isnt the worst but how many times have other players gone after specific people in channel 6? i know ive had my fair share of it because they disagree with that persons actions. Only difference is when someone disagrees with revi or vexes him in any way its an instant ban. Look through forums its post after post after post of revi replying to ban topics with unhelpful sarky ridiculous comments irritating the playerbase, Take kenshins ban post from 2020. The guy was banned through an old ban range and instead of looking at it and knowing it was a genuine mistake like aislinn did this guy looked at it thought nah lets be unproffesional gave a sarky comment and did nothing to further help the situation. Cherut Where do i even start with this one, i have 3 different accounts from 3 different moderators all testifying to her private invasions. Private invasions and lets not forget all the nexus removals she has sold upon the black market to high top level players many can verify this. Aswell as NUMEROUS occasions of cherut finding mine and other players locations within seconds of examples like magic days etc. But lets roll back the clocks to when i was a noob to the game back in 2020, bearing in mind mods are supposed to be helpful approachable easy to talk to as written in rules. I invited cherut to join our small guild at the time bearing in mind we have never spoken previous at this point. i was met with "i wouldnt associate with people like that" " i can solo my ice instances faster than your team can" and "LOL" now as a new player to the game looking for a friendly chat with a staff member of a computer game how is that in anyway helpful and benefical. Lets talk onto another thing aswell the GHOSTFACE char she owns, has anyone noticed that that char has gone from brown v high killer badge to level 3 in a ridiculously amount of time yet has never once been seen on the giant spawn like other players such as asyren and angler have. Ask around aislinn to your top players has cherut ever spawned you private mobs have you ever caught cherut spawning specific mobs on herself for personal gain ( you 3 moderators im looking at you here). Lion guildmap was caught with giants invaded in it which belonged to a guild full of moderators, reliable sources will testify. Hows about when i die in wtf instances because i forgot my rostos or a monster got me and thats it ive lost out, but you on numerous occasions have teleported players back into the instance who have died multiple times without a rosto. Now dont get me wrong for occasions such as a mischan or an internet lag i think its a perfectly good thing to tele players back in but not on numerous occasions without rostos which is just to stiff radu out of money and rostos. Aislinn Dont have much bad to say about you really you know the extent of poor abuse that goes on around you and you do nothing in order to prevent it. 3 of your moderator teams have messaged me privatly talking about how lion constantly host private invasions and theyve seen proof of it. Look into it because your mods seem to know about it all but dear aislinn seems completely oblivious Look through forums people look on how many occasions do you see moderators making players beg making crude and sarcy comments in regards to their banning situation. Dont worry we are not done yet. When i received my carnage char (this can be found on forums) i began to solo the MB everyday exactly the same like members of your guild had been doing every single day for the past year and you never once said a word when they did it. Everyone knows ghostface used to kill that MB solo everyday and when i began to beat him too it someone you didnt like you then made it an illegal rule for anyone to do so. YOU took no issue when your guildies did it over the past year but the second someone you dont like does it your throwing your rulebook in the air and kicking off. Other examples of your guild benefitting. Wizzy Raz Angler Sir_odie Riptide Ghrae ^ these people i find are exactly what a mod should be polite quiet does their job effectively, all of these people are majoritively liked by the playerbase no all of you aren't innocent from breaking game rules but it is what it is these people i find have a Positive impact for this game. Lets talk about whats going wrong in EL and frankly it is what is listed above anyone with half a brain knows about the unreal extent of mod abuse in eternal lands sia! im looking at you because i know many of you have experiences of your own in which youve broke rules. Everyone here knows how corruput NEW and LION were and have been and the rules in which they break. People dedicate their lives to this game and he has a team of moderators (not all of you) that ban people for no reason speak down upon people and in long terms just bring a negative impact to the game. How many times have i been exploring certain areas and had a mod zap to me or check my location and tell me about it. Lets also talk about the problems i faced as a player, I lost 200k worth of stuff for sitting outside a pk arena to watch a fight without a rosto as i was waiting on a delivery from radu and when i logged in someone was sat in the none pk spot i left and it auto teleported and was killed and all my stuff taken, now 200k means nothing to me but look at this as a new player he spent WEEKS harvesting 400k lilacs which new players do to earn all that stuff he finally got it and its all lost through a pk area he didnt even step in. But dont worry because when you turned to the owner and told him what happned you were told it was tough shit and all your stuff was gone through no fault of your own. How many times have you all been spoken to poorly mistreated been fucked over because of the way this game has been ran US the playerbase is made to feel like shit, many of you know everything ive said above is complete truth but you dont say anything as you know your scared of being banned the sole reason this game has not kept its playerbase is nothing to do with the evolvement of games its the fact you banned half of your playerbase and treated the other half like shit until they left themselves and if any of you have anything about you youll speak up and share your instances of experiencing the same thing which i know many of you have. Radu this is to you m8 you wanna message me privatly do so but numerous of your moderators sell rostos nexus removals gold coins all behind your back generated from the moderator powers you gave them, if theres anyway to view how many and what each moderator has spawned youd be shocked at what you find and who killed them. But im sure youll tell me to fuck off and quite frankly mint i dont care enough anymore im done of putting time and money into a game to be spoken to like shit and pushed over every few minuites. If youve wondered why your playerbase hasnt been retained mate look at the way the playerbase is treated by the people youve put in charge I have proof for many of these accusations, not all but some and i emplore some of you, deny each specific accusation i have said show everyone the liars you are and then ill expose you all with the proof i have Just as almost as if to back up my point id like you all to point your fingers to this thread, this is tovin now anyone who knows el well has seen tovin before he is a player who just kills animals in naralik all day in really bad armour just bashing animals and anyone with half a braincell can clearly tell he struggles to speak english or he/she shows the characteristics of an elderly person he is asking for help in this thread and is being met with answers which quite clearly he doesent understand either due to his lack of english or i wouldnt expect my elderly grandparents to understand either but the guy is not being malicous or unhelpful hes quite clearly just having a difficult time understanding what your trying to tell him and look at the conduct he receives, look at the way hes spoken to in all caps and the patronising condecending way hes talked down upon for simply not understanding what it is your saying, the way this playerbase gets treated is SHOCKING.
  4. Eternal-Lands Reborn

    youve been warned boys! no talking about steam else revi will tell you off!
  5. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    A very good man always went the extra mile to help anyone loved working on new projects recently only made possible by him, a very tragic loss of such a talented kind individual rest in peace steve x
  6. Status update

    As one of your good el buddies this is a shame to see, brilliant mod one of the best but do what causes you more enjoyment end of the day its a game for fun o/
  7. 100-120 invance

    Today we went to 100-120 invance for the first time in maybe 6 months, small team but even getting one at all is an issue these days, with the new update can we see a reduce in difficulty for that invance? within MINUITES we were swarmed and i mean swarmed at the gate by giants yetis cockatrices and naspa, and i don't just mean a few i mean there were multiple of them all, to the point where my 150s alt woulda genuinly had problems, we had guys there 120/121 who were getting DESTROYED, i understand it was probably designed for alot more people but due to how hard u haft to try to even getting it to happen may we see a decrease in difficulty? as id love to run that invance on guiness but knowing just how insanely hard it is for the a/d after going today i have absolotely no motivation to enter again. Not trying to complain but come on that invance is ridiculously hard for the a/d just my thoughs
  8. Client issue

    Hi, ive gone to log on thiis morning and ive encountered this error with all my saved settings now unable to work such as my password manager and all my ingame settings anyone know a fix or why its happening? this is on the bog standard normal client aswell as the newer client just released for testing, many thanks Guiness
  9. Pk tournement

  10. Pk tournement

    OK everybody ida mines is a nono as we want SINGLE COMBAT arena, so it is now changed to an undecided SINGLE COMBAT location
  11. Pk tournement

    Ok so bear in mind there are still people yet to come current list of people taking part are Caduceus (WTF TIER) JOE (WTF TIER) STX (WTF TIER) MATT (WTF TIER) THECARNAGEX (WTF TIER) AUSSIEVIP (WTF TIER) DRAGONLORE( 150-160CAP) DE34DLY ( ALL RANGES 80-120) DMAN (150CAP)] EVENT (80CAP) RUKURO (80 CAP) CANCOWGIRL (100CAP) JAMESB (160 CAP) THEARROW (150 CAP) GUINESS (120CAP) KADDY (WTF TIER) DEMONIZED (150 CAP) KRAMXEL 120-140 BUSTERBLADER (WTF TIER) YETIQ ( 80-100 TIER) SNOWGHOST (160 CAP) i hope to see more of you joining soon in talks with alot of people to ensure fights
  12. Pk tournement

    oh and im just gonna add aswell, im setting up whos fighting who which is remaining secret obviosuly i know PK very well and how good certain people are so the tournement is gonna be as skill based as possible for the first fights all gonna be even matchups to the best of my abilty, im not gonna put the #1 pker in the game against someone who never pks and is just gving it a go
  13. Pk tournement

    Date for the tournement is sunday the 28th November at 8pm GMT Time put it in your calenders, dont put your name in if you know your not gonna be here!:)
  14. Pk tournement

    Ok so after talking to some people there are some changes as of this moment we have 10 people signed up for the tournement There are ranges 60-80, 80-100 100-120 130-150 150-160 and 160- uncap Obviously some ranges may get mashed together due to low numbers but we work it out Dont be scared of entering there will be NO FORMS of bagjumping from anyone and if there is the person will be disqualified from the tournement and if your that scared of loosing your stuff bring a rosto, People in lower ranges may fight in higher ones but higher ranges CANNOT fight in lower ones Oh and the arena has now been changed from WSCA to the PK arena in idaloren mines for a number of reasons 1) wsca has the leave the arena bug 2) not very much space 3) summons spawn outside the arena 4) good viewing space for ida pk arena
  15. Pk tournement

    The 2 loosers of the semi finals will fight in order and the winner will gain 3rd place and the looser 4th