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  1. Eternal Lands Discord Server

    Hi mate just an FYI as great an idea this was theres already a huge EL discord existed for years
  2. Streamz

    Hi there I do alot of Eternal lands Live streaming and videos I can do pretty much anything in EL let me know what you guys would like to see on stream and on YT vids Ideas like Instances mixing X number of items to see if we get rare Pk videos Tutorials I can attend any level of instance or invasion, let me know what youd like to see and ill make it happen! Jbx/Guiness You can find my links here Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/guinessfaf Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@butterbean1738
  3. Revis use of mod power for personal

    Sorry this is an utter pisstake Whole point of moderation is to stop players cheating and to make the game more enjoyable for people to play Not to use it because you personally dont like a player https://gyazo.com/5bb1006261e9bc53348cf8c53849d4a7 Revi channel muted me, fair no problem at all, but to then begin a convo about it and be instantly booted its absoloutly ridiculous I then logged on my alt to attempt to contact the mod about the situation and was permanently locked https://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=guiness This is the negative attitude that the community does not need. NO RULES were broken by me at any moment when i logged on guiness it was so i could contact the mod directly in question and was perma banned? pisstake
  4. Ikale has passed

    ikale was the person who i did my first ever novac quest with at 35 a/d taught me how to fight how to insta gave me my 30 oranges loads of holams bought all my beaver tokens at crazy prices, man a very very good guy with his superman cape always on he will sorely be missed.
  5. Eternal-Lands Reborn

    youve been warned boys! no talking about steam else revi will tell you off!
  6. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    A very good man always went the extra mile to help anyone loved working on new projects recently only made possible by him, a very tragic loss of such a talented kind individual rest in peace steve x
  7. Status update

    As one of your good el buddies this is a shame to see, brilliant mod one of the best but do what causes you more enjoyment end of the day its a game for fun o/
  8. 100-120 invance

    Today we went to 100-120 invance for the first time in maybe 6 months, small team but even getting one at all is an issue these days, with the new update can we see a reduce in difficulty for that invance? within MINUITES we were swarmed and i mean swarmed at the gate by giants yetis cockatrices and naspa, and i don't just mean a few i mean there were multiple of them all, to the point where my 150s alt woulda genuinly had problems, we had guys there 120/121 who were getting DESTROYED, i understand it was probably designed for alot more people but due to how hard u haft to try to even getting it to happen may we see a decrease in difficulty? as id love to run that invance on guiness but knowing just how insanely hard it is for the a/d after going today i have absolotely no motivation to enter again. Not trying to complain but come on that invance is ridiculously hard for the a/d just my thoughs
  9. Client issue

    Hi, ive gone to log on thiis morning and ive encountered this error with all my saved settings now unable to work such as my password manager and all my ingame settings anyone know a fix or why its happening? this is on the bog standard normal client aswell as the newer client just released for testing, many thanks Guiness
  10. Pk tournement

  11. Pk tournement

    OK everybody ida mines is a nono as we want SINGLE COMBAT arena, so it is now changed to an undecided SINGLE COMBAT location
  12. Pk tournement

    Ok so bear in mind there are still people yet to come current list of people taking part are Caduceus (WTF TIER) JOE (WTF TIER) STX (WTF TIER) MATT (WTF TIER) THECARNAGEX (WTF TIER) AUSSIEVIP (WTF TIER) DRAGONLORE( 150-160CAP) DE34DLY ( ALL RANGES 80-120) DMAN (150CAP)] EVENT (80CAP) RUKURO (80 CAP) CANCOWGIRL (100CAP) JAMESB (160 CAP) THEARROW (150 CAP) GUINESS (120CAP) KADDY (WTF TIER) DEMONIZED (150 CAP) KRAMXEL 120-140 BUSTERBLADER (WTF TIER) YETIQ ( 80-100 TIER) SNOWGHOST (160 CAP) i hope to see more of you joining soon in talks with alot of people to ensure fights