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20k sunflowers

10k rose quartz

10k red toadstool


Total 59,600gc


P.S. If you can't catch me online, try to deliver to my guildies Sir_Odie or Allandor. Thank you

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Week of Oct 1st and beyond Orders -


TeeHee - 30k Toadstools - 44,700 gc's

littlestar - 10k diamonds - 29,900

Giove - 10k lilacs, 10k impatients, 10k emeralds & 10k sunflowers - 47,100 gc's (in future please keep items to 3, to cut down the time to get the orders completed, thank you)

Chr0nik - 10k coal, 10k branches, 20k sunflowers - 34,600 gc's

Yaserameed - 10k diamonds - 31,900 gc's

Rasool - 3k Blue Quartz - 5,970 gc's

Koss - 10k diamonds - 31,900 gc's

10k coal, 10k branches, 20k swamp candles - 34.6kgc
just an fyi, chr0nik wanted swamp candles not sunflowers, just noticed and wondered wth he'd do with those :P.

Oh yeah, nice catch, thanks teehee. :P

Edited by chr0nik

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Told you we would be back :P))



HI all... PM me ingame with updates. im nomally on late US and lat Euro times... on week days and on weekends on for both full days :P

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