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  1. a newby's 'wish' list

    You forgot something in your chart, the skill "Ranging" itself. A few answers (some can also be found in the Wiki: http://www.el-wiki.net/Ranging ): re 1: Effective rangers have a ranging skill of at least 40 (prefered 50), the Ethereal Ranger Perk (saves ~42% of arrows) and have Armor Piercing 60 (max). Those are the "requirements" most people have to meet to go to instances/invances as ranger. IIRC with ranging 50 and closest distance you should never miss (at least during daytime). re 3: Might doesn't influence ranging, but the skill itself does as well as it effects ranging accuracy. Every 5 levels of ranging you gain +1 ranging damage and +1 ranging accuracy re 5: Perception helps with ranging (a good indicator is the gain of XP for a shot, the lesser you get the easier the shot) re 6: Body Piercing Perk doesn't help with ranging only with melee combat. Hope that helps a bit

    Wizzy tried to save PK years ago, I posted some ideas there, I think there are not that bad, so perhaps read and consider http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56909&do=findComment&comment=563915 edited: I took out one suggestion (doesn't fit here) In the following I lay out a few examples/ideas how bombing could be tweaked to make it more interesting to use or less OP. (all numbers used are for illustrative use only and not final) 1. New item: Mine defusor - When carried in inv it will react like a PD and will reduce damage from bomb by 0-100%, 1 use only. Price shouldnt be too expensive but still high enough since mines arent that cheap either. 2. Create a min ENG level for mines being used. Why should a noob engineer should be able to temper around with mines w/o having a chance to fail miserably? Example: RC mine has a req. level of 44 to be made, why not applying that to bomb layers as well? Lets say if a bomb layer has less than 44 ENG he should have a 50% chance to "crit" laying down a mine. Result: he gets 50% (or 100%) damage from mine and opponent only 50% (or 0%) 3. Take the ENG level of opponent into account when calculating damage he gets. It's a bit like casting a harm spell, where the mag level of opponent is taken onto account as well. Why not do the same to the ENG level considering mine usage? 4. Add cooldown for use of detonators/mines Just my 2 cents
  3. Expiring bots, November 2014

    A quick search through forums tells me you ask that nearly every year Well if that helps, I can see you once paid Sep 17th 2010 and another time Oct 10th 2012. I have no further data, ask radu if still in doubt when to pay...
  4. account block

    An old trick to never screw up when changing passwords in EL is this: - before changing the password for real, PM the command to yourself - Example: /trivium #change_pass <old> <new> This way, you can always search your logfiles on your computer to check for typos etc. The logfile is located somewhere in \Eternal Lands\main in your personal settings folder. Search for the file chat_log.txt
  5. New break quest

    Too many NMTs in game? Really? This rumor is here for so many years and untrue. Nowadays even more, since players don't need to grind on fluff/feros/FT/yeti/giants for a/d xp anymore (Haidir daily/invances etc.). So in fact quite the opposite is true. Have a look on the bots. ONE is for sale. And guess what, despite all the whining about too many NMTs in game the price for it is about the same for years now.
  6. Misleading message from Maia

    Well, many items Maia asks for can be too heavy for a newer player or simply impossible to be carried to her in one go (100 antlers), so before making some items required on YOU and some required to have in your STORAGE, it's easier to have it coded to have all in storage
  7. Night-side moderator for USA timezone

    I was on for years as mod during US night time hours (starting from approx 0-1 a.m. your timezone). Don't understand the problem here, or you mean the hours before that (your evening time)?
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    pls cancel my 10k woodlog order, ty and sry for inconvience
  9. Hall of the Dead

    Congratz to your kill, if it's worth anything to you to kill nearly naked ppl lol. But I am not a "cheapass" pls, I just have the power to calc hehe. With rosto prices of ~70k, it makes no sense to use it on hydro route, since you only carry stuff worth ~40k, and lose ~20k if getting killed. Even when I started hydro running and rosto was ~50k, it wasnt worth it. So what? I harved ~60k hydro ore in my life, that's ~2k runs and I got killed maybe 3 times? I hope ppl start to think and won't use rosto on hydro route, you just don't need it. And I think you will be lonely there soon, another thing ppl should start to think about. You killed me on one of my last runs I decided to do ever, since it's not worth it anymore. You ask why? Oh, it's so simple. Hydro bars are now ~14.6k market value, but wait, a miracle, the NPC only charges 15k, thats a whopping 400gc more, 20k gc for a hydro nexus. C'mon is that really so much more expensive? Now some ppl will say: We have recycling day ingame. I just answer, really? A day that seems to come every, uhm, 6 months? or even less? Is that really worth the wait? Recycling day has 5% chance for extra items, so if you have stuff for 1 hydro nexus, you get 2.5 hydro bars extra -> about ~36.5k gc extra, but you can also crit a hydro bar, if you mix it yourself, no matter how high your alc level is. If you get killed once or twice on your hydro travelling nowadays WITHOUT rosto, you break even, so really it's not worth your time and effort. Well, just make your own calculations, and ask yourself, if it's a worth it, or just go on strike and simply don't run hydro anymore Just my 2 cents
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k woodlogs (15k gc) pls
  11. Yethq - an update

    Best wishes from me as well
  12. prices

    Interesting that you drive prices up as well .... [LongMustache @ 3]: selling 10k FE 53kgc
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k woodlogs (15k gc) pls
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Confirmed, I PMd her in game and asked for cancelation. Sry for inconvenience...
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k woodlogs (15k) pls