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  1. Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    auction closed see u in game elg
  2. Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    Auction Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal Starting 137k (bot price) BIN 250k Selling: 2x tit cuisses 53k ea tit greaves 36k tit plate 95k 2x col 88k ea mage robe pants 46k bd chest 125k js/os/cutty SoM steel greaves 9x BP cape 3x Mirror 2x fr 1x warlock/cotu 235 cord pot/90 att/426 vit/183 reas/218 GHP also got some books like ts/invis/eva worth about 50k
  3. Beware Terrance PKG

    ty for the entertainment looking forward for the next entertaining post when i log back next month to see & lol @ reporting urself for breaking the rules
  4. Bindings are going silly

    ty for ur comments on a 3 month old dead market thread <3
  5. a/p protection spell

    yea pk in a group..... sux for solo fighters (who need to flee 20x and chase the ranger who will just ttr on the other side)
  6. a/d gab

    dont know whats the highest gap atm....~2 yrs ago iirc fluj had ~40-50 a/d gap 60s/110s ask beol whats his gap, its probably the highest btw mr i beat ur exp/hr / min by far
  7. NPC

    since server is overstocked with bindings i dont see any reason for keeping the npc's deleted i say bring em back so low a/d ppl can make some gc and buy pr0 wep/armor to
  8. with bindings stones being sold for 60-80k/stone radu gave away 100 binders to 2 ppl (afaik only 2 ppl found the 100 binding stones) and the price is about the same. Instead of increasing the chance for finding them so every1 could take advantage (log in more/play more). Some ppl who worked very hard to promote the server are pissed off cuz of this.
  9. GodZ spawn serper

    2nd link didnt work
  10. a/p protection spell

    1st time fight with stivy vs me and amar the fight continued ~10 min with me dis/tele ~2x and than later elg3neral come to shoot with us stivy d/t after ~30 sec smurf d/t after few sec of fighting to (b4 amar had the chance to att) and just yesterday choris (ranger/mage) + snowghost vs me and i did ~40 dmg/hit on snowghost while choris did 60s dmg on me 2x (he hit me a lot faster with his arrows than i can hit with my sword and a lot more dmg to)... i tried ~4x and gave up. choris being a mage with pr0 mana didnt matter how many times i fleed/diss to att him..they were able to double team me very easily. The dmg was to much for me to even try to take a pic and take kgxjeff for example probably #1 pker who gets teamed by a lot of ppl and still wins he attacked me and elg3neral and choris started shooting at him and he d/t ~45 sec
  11. Auctioning instance booty

    32k for the scythe and 87k for the helm
  12. GodZ spawn serper

    lies it was other way around unlike him i haz pr00f in the pic u can see i paid him and he still p00fed it after the next trade bot i promise
  13. bot blessing coupon

    selling bot bless coupon also selling arti cape invasion token anti social/fr/gb/icd/hs & ied removal stones offer here or leave a gossip pm
  14. Phoenix

    Then you already won the fight, if they run. u only win the fight if u kill the person & ch6 announces the kill
  15. عرب

    you don't need the keyboard to type in Arabic or need to know the language لا, إنه لن. ow عمار آسف لا أعرف أحدا