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  1. Annoyance

    You owe me 3Mgc from one of your contests on a public channel. shiidiman does a fantastic trustworthy job.
  2. >><<

  3. Server Update Suggestions

    But riding horses...
  4. Server Update Suggestions

    Fix the summoning commands to actually work. I.E. "Summon only my opponent" Allow the "Summoned Creatures" Tab to not auto close after selecting an option.
  5. Server Update Suggestions

    Unicorn Dung and/or LDB scales to reduce instance hours, or regenerate action points. A continuous (optional) counter for use while in instance Phoenix form upgraded with speed hax and reduce creature food consumption New boss mob, that switches who it is attacking mid fight - would eliminate a single person tanking.
  6. Hatwood

    It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of Hatwood. She was a unique individual and will be missed by many.
  7. Server Update Suggestions

    KF proposed changes - Page 2 - General Chat - Eternal Lands Official Forums (eternal-lands.com)
  8. Game freezes

    have you tried uninstalling?
  9. IP Ban?

    Check your firewall settings! Hope this helps
  10. I would try uninstall and reinstall. Be sure you follow the downloading steps found on the main site. Correct destination of files is key!
  11. Questions about game future

    Instead of a smartass answer I will give a decent one... The player base is much lower today as before, fortunately we do have returning players, and a few newer players. Marketing has never been a priority, but word to mouth has. Best case scenario, people like you come back, and start sharing stuff about EL on some sort social platform. Kinda like pulling teeth going any other route with developers. I hope you do come back and enjoy the game and I do not think it will be "dying" anytime soon. We still have a good player base, even if it is smaller than we all think it should be. Hope this helps!
  12. Guiness is Banned

    Just post the proof?
  13. KF proposed changes

    Any chance of having the map improved (even if just the minor proposals) happening? Uncap KF enable engineering Leave KF as no drop Add safe area
  14. Peace Day Poll

    speak for yourself!!!!