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  1. Auction's over, Congratz to Raistlin. please pm me in-game
  2. bump... less than 24 hours left
  3. got an anonymous bid of 50k.
  4. a kind Panda just dropped me a thick Book of Titanium Serpent of Ice , and i'm auctioning it for hardcore book readers: Starting Bid: 50k and auction will run for 3 days, increments of 5k please and no BIN, happy bidding P.S: enemy guilds, outlaws, scammers, bagjumpers and such are banned from this auction
  5. Woot its a birthday!

    C2 bag: You are in Palon Vertas [117,117] \o/
  6. selling some stuff

    570k on Thermal Serp
  7. selling some stuff

    510k for Tit Serpent Thermal
  8. I Want to join a guild

    no need to say, you always have a place in MWAR. good luck with any decision you make
  9. Selling storage

    eagle wing 27k

    Scythe 35k...
  11. Lots of Auctions :)

    510k for Tit Serpent Thermal
  12. Cleaning my storage

    falcon feathers 15 ea
  13. small sto sale

    1872 Turqoise 4 ea 521 Ashes 4 ea total 9572 gc