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  1. EFE's giveaway

    166! glglgl
  2. Essences and More for sell

    I'll order 2k energy essences please! 21k total and IGN is the same thanks!
  3. Little storage cleaning

    fruit for 10kgc?
  4. Hey there, A signup for evening time for US timezone was requested by momr58 as there seems to be a lack of players during this time, so here are the min requirements and details for participating in this crazy ass instance.. at least 105 a/d (so you may use a/d pots to reach the required 110 a/d to enter) 60 AP and at least 50 range level Preferably at least one range perk, not required for tanks Maximum Mule level, as in level 12 is preferred, level 10 is acceptable Pr0 armor and weapons (such as dragon armours, radioactive rapier, thermy, etc) COTU or mage robe skirt, rostogol stones, NV, elven bow, at least 8 mule glyphs and 50 CF Decent lag and intelligence is preferred as well The idea is to have at least 3 players, usually tanks (who can at least tank Nasparlius) with at least one that can tank Bulangius, MBs, Ice Dragons, and Castellan. They should bring just tanking supplies (SR/HE, boost pots). The rangers should bring PK arrows along with some SR/HE (such as 750 arrows and 50 SR/180 HE or something like that). In the end, there should be around 6k Pk arrows and roughly 800 SR/3k HE spread across the team. The arrows are only used on MBs, Icys, and Castellan and sometimes its giant minions. At least 10 people are required to enter, whether it be players or a mixture of enters and players. And at the end of the instance you are paid back in GC the difference of SR/HE/arrows between the amount you brought in and the amount you came out of the instance with as well as your share. The whole instance can take between 2-3 hours so be prepared, like with food and drinks and have fun! Post here or PM momr58 for details and signups! And don't hesitate to add suggestions and improvements to the above.
  5. Tzu Stone Auction

    Hiii there, Putting this stone on auction for: Starting Price: 210k Min Increment: 5k BIN: on Tiredofstanding for 300k Deadline: A week from post. Happy bidding and thanks to all who participate!
  6. Titanium Shield of Life Drain

    Shield goes to pr0yx!
  7. Hii, Auctioning this bad boy. Start Bid: 300kgc Min Increment: 5kgc BIN: 600kgc on Tiredofstanding Reserve blahblahblah rights Auction ends Thursday at 12 pm EST Thanks for all who participate!
  8. [SALE] Various ingredients and items

    Hi, I'll buy the WEs please
  9. Essences and More for sell

    I'll buy the HEs and SRs please
  10. Essences and More for sell

    I'll buy the AEs and WEs
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'll order 3k honey comb please total 10.5k, if you want to combine with my 10k yew I wouldn't mind tyvm even if you can't.
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, Sorry for the change again but is it possible to replace my 10k titanium ore with 10k yew? tyvm
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I'd like to remove my previous order of honeycombs and replace them with a max order of titanium ore (10k?) please thanks!
  14. Selling 5k Health Essences

    I'll buy them
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Can I change my order of wood logs to 10k honeycombs please? thanks