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  1. A NEW DAY

    Go even older than that. Titanium chain mail, leather pants, leather boots, iron helm, titanium serpent sword.
  2. Added review. 299 more to go. EDIT: Don't be afraid to register to post a review guys, it literally only takes 10 seconds and just requires a quick e-mail activation and you're done and able to post your review.
  3. The Shop serviced by the Fear Guild

    10,000 Diamonds please. - Koss
  4. Buying Essences

    Buying essences. Please post below if you are willing to sell. Buying 5,000 Life Essences @ 5 gc ea. (25,000 gc) Buying 10,000 Matter Essences @ 10 gc ea. (100,000 gc) Buying 15,000 Energy Essences @ 10 gc ea. (150,000 gc) Buying 20,000 Air Essences @ 10 gc ea. (200,000 gc) Thanks, Koss
  5. Troubleshooting

    Could be many things. Check your phone line (call your phone company and tell them to run a Data Line Test). Make sure your phone cable is at max 10 feet. The shorter, the better. Make sure there is no splitters on the line. Run msconfig and disable all startup programs from running. If there has been rain in your area lately tell your phone company to come out and clean up the lines. If you need anything else let me know and I'll try to assist you more. I'm a tech for a dialup ISP company.
  6. Koss' Banishment

    Thank you very much Entropy, and also you Aislinn. Yeah, a person named JoshNZ was making a bot and wondering how to connect to the test server as he could not find the answer either. (Also sent you some PM's in game on this subject last night Aislinn, hope you get them. There was no reply back.) So I went ahead and just put them in this post. But thank you guys very much.
  7. The El Client

    Post the specifications of the machine you're trying to get Eternal Lands to run on. That will help other users assist you better.
  8. how do i register

    Post the specifications of the machine you're trying to get Eternal Lands to run on. That will help other users assist you better.
  9. Koss' Banishment

    Well I guess I have no choice but to comply. Thanks at least for listening Aislinn. No hard feelings. Koss EDIT: Someone asked me how to connect to the test server so they do not follow into the same trap as I did. Figured I would post here for everyone. How to connect to the Test Server: First, copy the Eternal Lands shortcut on your desktop and make a new one. So there should be TWO shortcuts to EL on your desktop. RIGHT click on one of them and click on "Properties" in the drop down menu. From there, click on the Shortcut tab if you're not already on it. After that, the second field you see is labeled "Target". We're going to edit that field. What you need to do is put the word "test" (without quotes) after the ending quote. Example: "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\el_170_rc1.exe" test Or for some people it would be "C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\el.exe" test After that, Apply, Save, Rename to Test Server if you wish, and you're done. Double click as normal and you will be connected to the Test Server. As for connecting to the test server with the bot: That should be somewhere in the bots config file asking for a port number. Change the port to 2001 and that should connect to to the test server instead of the main server (port 2000). Feel free to ask me if you need help.
  10. Koss' Banishment

    I never said talking to Entropy about a bot name was a good enough approval for working on a bot. I said asking him would be proof that I was in fact working on one. Yeah, you're right there very well might be instructions on how to connect to the test server. The fact is I simply could not find it. The only post that I found where another individual was asking the same question got the simple answer "You shouldn't try creating a bot if you don't know how to connect to the test server." Not much help, just negativity. Yeah it might be right..If you can't connect to the test server, you may not have business making a bot..but where's the learning in that? Everyone had to learn at some point. And at some point EVERYONE had the ask that question. Just because you know something that the other person doesn't, does not make you superior. (Not pointing the finger at you Aislinn, I'm not even sure if you posted on the topic I'm talking about.) I understand that the bot must be approved and paid for to begin using it in the game. If not hundreds of bots would be flying around, but I didn't see the harm in connecting it to test it out. There's no other way to do it. And call me cheap but I wasn't prepared to pay for something that I'm not sure might even work. Ignorant? Maybe I am. But I admitted I was at fault. I'm not trying to say I did nothing wrong, I 100% admit I did trade items on the same IP. I'm merely stating the reason why. And like I said on my first post, I'm not trying to say "Well I bought items I should get special treatment." Anyways, all I'm asking is if there is anyway that these characters can be unlocked? I now know the proper precautions on how to begin developing and testing a bot. Thank you for your time Aislinn, Koss
  11. Koss' Banishment

    Hello, This is Koss. I'm here to give my story on behalf of the banning of my character. I'm 99% sure the reason why I got banned is for IP/IP tradeing (same IP). If you check the server logs you will see that the things I traded had no value to them what so ever. (Trading from Coke -> Koss and Koss -> Coke) This is because Coke is a guild bot I'm working on. "Why are you not testing the bot on the test server?" you may ask. A perfect question that I'm prepared to answer honestly. I simply did not know how to get on the test server. I looked to see how to before I tried. Tried looking at the ports..that didn't help me. el.ini was already set to port 2001 so I had no idea what was going on. So stupid me just said to hell with it and started testing. Reading posts that just say "If you don't know how to get to the test server, you probably shouldn't be coding a bot." do not help. Now that I'm looking for that post I can't seem to find it, but I know it's there. You may ask Radu. If he looks in his chat logs he will see that I (Koss) asked him about a bot name, proving that I am in fact working on a bot. You may also ask Radu how many times I've bought items from the EL shop. Not sure who in there right mind would be more than $50 and then turn around as say "Hey, maybe I'll do something bad and try to get banned!" Not trying to say I've giving you money, I deserve not to get banned, I understand that I'm just like everyone else. The point I'm trying to make is...why would I if I was going to do something totally horrible and risk getting banned for it? Back to my story: After that, I asked Scarface (a friend and guild leader of mine) how to go about testing it on the test server he told be exactly on how to go about doing that. As you can see in the server logs now I've recently logged into the the test server with the character Koss to begin the testing. To make a long story short: Not trying to make a post saying "I did not do that!" because if anything I'm admitting what I did. All I'm saying is a reason why I was doing it. I understand it's against the rules, and I understand I should have looked further into the test server before I started testing the bot. I had no bad intentions, I wish only the best for this game, its community and its developers. Please take a look at the information I provided. I'm out of state right now, on vacation so it may take awhile to respond, but I promise I will. Thank you for your time, Koss
  12. EL 170 Pre RC

    Seems to be running smoothly. Minimap looks great. So far so good, keep up the great work!
  13. Sky Test client 2

    Much better Ent! Can actually run it now. Not sure what exactly you did, but nice job! Looks beautiful.
  14. EL Wiki

    I use this site regularly. I love it. Keep up the good work!
  15. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I just lost my grandfather to cancer not to long ago. How much that affected me, I can't even imagine what it would like like to lose your soul mate. I'm very sorry, and my prayers go out to you and your family.