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  1. Sold.

  2. Ranging fix

    Never really knew why this happened to be honest.. Should really be changed or fixed.
  3. New perk ideas

    This PLEASE!!!!!
  4. The Fully Random Joker

    I really like how he works on OL not that hard to find and can be a lot of fun, I would say Take all the Items off joker and make him give you a Random item giver When his found(Could be changed some to maybe not give some Shop items?)
  5. Defend the Fort

    Im all for it! As long as it isn't on a sunday.
  6. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    So no one has a pic of someone wearing it ingame for people to see?
  7. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    Im a noob who can't read
  8. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    Teemo stop (I hate you!!! "Starts working in scripts to auto bid") 40k
  9. Beware of faxie

    I leave this game and all the fun stuff starts to happen!!!! (p.s HI RADU!!! Hope your doing well!) p.s.s I still can't type and im sorry for that.
  10. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    Sorry but... What is this? 30k since I just wanna see what it is.
  11. Need team for ice instance

    Wow that will be easy...
  12. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    GG.. Karma really is a bitch
  13. So-long Eternal Lands

    Good bye my friend