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  1. Selling Ogre Toes and Iron Ore

    Mining iron and harvesting Ogre Toes every hour is what I spend most of the time in the game doing, so I keep getting more to sell. 1.5 for Ogre Toes, 3.5gc for Iron.
  2. Most Profitable SKill

    That's a point worth mentioning. I can make about 1600 an hour using fruits (essentially expendable). For me there are different ways of money that are all valid based on preference/mood/current needs. Sometimes I just want to make money passively, and that means iron or silver (slower but less trips). That yields about 10-9k an hour for iron. Gypsum is maybe 15% faster, but it is very click intensive. It's also only a good 20% faster than iron with no alt without being a mule, so I'd rather take the hit and mine iron. Iron is all fine and good, but sometimes I just want money ASAP because it takes a long time to get a single nexus. As you say, harvesting is slow OA xp and probably the only passive way of making cash. This is why I think it makes sense to have two ways of making money: One for harvesting (passive) and one for active (higher OA xp and gc per hr). I'm used to games where there's a lot of volume for goods being traded, meaning if I want to buy a gazillion ing and have it in my storage/bank, I can do that in a few minutes. It's much harder in EL it seems, because every bot except Adarah are prohibitively far from the storage and there aren't enough players to quickly buy anything I want at a well-settled price. So... it may be that I need 2-3 ways of making money... Passive, Active DIY, and Active buying ings. Or... just passively harvest ings instead of iron for ings that are rarely sold and thus overpriced from bots. If I buy ingredients and mix HE, that's 1600*(10-5-0.6-(0.6/(20/8))) or 6656 gc/hr. (This is with my 45 alchemy that causes more fails on HE than FE) For FE it's 2950 for 11,287. But FE is worse XP than HE and HE gc/hr will go up as my alchemy goes up. Profit per ess (Buy ing) (Not counting ess per hr, which varies based on alch level and food consumption, and failure rates): HE: (10-5-0.6-(0.6/(20/8))) = 4.16 FE:(4.75+2.6-2-0.75-0.75-(0.6/20))= 3.86 Also worth considering, XP per hr of HE is likely far higher than FE. Even if FEs end up being faster because I can mix more quickly with less failures and pausing to eat, it's not going to be 8 times faster to match the alchemy and OA xp. Dragrace said he got about 8k gc per hr killing cyclops and ~5.8k per hr killing fluffies. High level combat does seem profitable but it seems very, very far away. Still, it's the best OA xp so... SR: 17-5.5-0.75-1.2-2-(0.6/(20/9)) = 7.28 (Veg 4) EMP: 500-(30*1.8)-(15*17)-(10*10)-(0.6/(20/60) = 89.2 (Veg 6) EMPs are probably bottlenecked significantly by food usage and failures, but SR are barely worse than HE in that regard. Rare chance of EMP with SR, while there's no such thing as Enriched HE. But even if I make SRs at similarish rates to HE, I'd still be around the speed of gypsum mining without an alt or mule. Just some numbers I'm been thinking about...
  3. Most Profitable SKill

    So... how well do various skills do for moneymaking at high levels? For combat we have to make the distinction between limited "events" (instance, etc) and just killing monsters in regular spawns. I was suggested to take up Alchemy and make HE, but it seems to me that Potions is more profitable, with SRs and EMPs. Harvesting gypsum I can get 11.2k gc/hr, and anywhere from 5.7-10.3k per hr harvesting iron/silver with or without an alt with 880 carry weight and no mule.
  4. Gold for advertising

    So we need to bring in more money to the game ang your best idea in doing that is to make stuff cost less? The only thing that will do is put more Rostos in the game, people who spend 100 usd on Rostos will still only spend 100 usd on Rostos but rather then but them as often as they do they will buy them less often because there will be less of a demand for them... How does this help? Well also notice people would be more willing to risk their rostos if they cost less, so it might increase their demand. Also if ND maps in PK would be removed, it might again raise the demand for rostos. Add the 5 $ per month by players that are willing to pay for membership, I think it would be pretty much a +/- 0 Situation for business and add loads of enjoyment for players. Lowering the prices isn't always the worst option available. Depends on how the price is being driven down. If the price is driven down by cheaper IRL money... price is still going to drop, just not as much as we like, and rosto becomes most profitable item to buy from shop to buy GC. And that means more people will buy rostos putting more ingame. So as far as I can tell, the end result you mentioned is negligible. And for $5, depends on what the $5 is for. If it's partial like Runescape, eh. If it's to play (quite doubtful this is the case), it will kill the game.
  5. Gold for advertising

    How does a 100% inflation mean half of all future real income? And how does the doubling of the price of one specific item inflation? And there is real incentive to sell gc illegally, the gain is short term yes, but it outweighs any long term economic effects for them.
  6. First 2 million gold coins for auction

    Wow, that's 5 times more than I thought. Interesting... I wonder how long we have to wait for next auction, a week?
  7. First 2 million gold coins for auction

    It's sold monthly.
  8. Boxed in At EVTR Iron

    This is the fastest, safe spot I know of for iron. Harvesting iron is my current job and I'm not leaving the spot. Having only one iron won't get others to leave either.
  9. Gold for advertising

    I voted "IDC" because well, I don't really care. I can't afford 2m and I'm not wholly convinced anybody can know for sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Inflation is really low in this game due to lack of players.
  10. Nexus potions

    I wouldn't use it. I don't see a use for it. I have 7 human, and I would like 6 inorganic (4 more), but I use it to harvest every hour, 15k every hour is too much for that.
  11. Environmental Sounds

    I went to secret shrine with waterfall at Emerald Valley mine. Turned sounds on, heard no waterfall but could hear menu sounds, so no environmental sounds. Left map by going to mine, it fixed itself. And of course, there's that map bug. If I am in WS going to IP (for example), I open map for IP. Take off map, get on board to IP, open map again, I can't use map to move, I need to go to continent map then back before being able to.
  12. Can we have an item that helps locate where monsters are in the map? Useful for people hunting enemies for xp or drops, but I'd use some for Haidir tasks. Makes it less painful. Another item possibly worth making for engineering perhaps?
  13. Which Attribute?

    My bad, I'm the author of the last 3 threads in this forum section but it seems like I'm the only guy making threads here, lol. 32/48/4/4/6/18, 81/85 a/d Above are my stats. I'm wondering what I should put my pickpoints in. I heard if I raise physique like I want to (and to increase emu), I do too much damage while training? Then some think I should put it into instinct, some say vitality. I really don't know the game mechanics well enough to make an informed decision. Thanks guys!
  14. Buy Slots

    I err on the side of agreeing with Stronze, and that is because extra storage slots are not needed for many players. I am far from using up all slots and I don't really train all skills. If we had to buy an extra armor slot yes, that would be more pay 2 win. But this is more slots which I think maybe require more work to implement and maintain. For NMT cape, just mine iron. What I'm more against is paying $25 to have NMT perk removed; that means no NMT at all unless you get the perk or can finally afford the cape.
  15. Weapon of Choice

    Why would you recommend cutlass over jagged saber?