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  1. New Login Screen for Multiple Characters

    LOVE IT! Works Great! Logged into all my chars and logged in and out a few times to make sure it worked. Love it!
  2. Eternal Lands News

    So I guess the Curse of Mortos is now the Blessing of Mortos?
  3. Control Rosto Prices

    To be fair. my NPC idea was not radu stocking an npc, but rather an npc that was stocked by players who buy from the shop.
  4. Control Rosto Prices

    What if rosto's were not sellable by bots? What if you could buy rosto's online, but you could only sell them to an NPC for a set price? Then if you wanted a Rosto you had to either buy it from the shop, buy it from someone person to person, or buy it from the NPC. Then Radu would have total control over the $/GC ratio and the price of rostos? #edit Honestly you could use the npc for all shop items.
  5. Control Rosto Prices

    If there were a mini rosto i'd rather it save what i'm wearing and not protect my inventory, than for it to be limited to 5 human nexus.
  6. I searched and found this topic, but that topic was about walking and moving using WASD. Also, there may be a way to do this that I'm just not aware of. I'd love to know how if there is, but in case there isn't here is the suggestion. Let the "Shift" key act as a chat lock. You have to hit shift to type "#" commands and "@" channels anyways. Ideally, I'd like the "shift" key set as a chat lock and an option I could toggle in the settings to enable WASD camera control. But i'd settle for just having "Shift" be a chat lock. At least then I could remap my WASD keys in the ini file and not worry about them typing as chat. Why is this worth anyone's time to code? Well I think its very awkward and uncomfortable when I play on my laptop with a wireless mouse without an external keyboard. With a desktop its fine. Mouse is to the one side, keyboard positioned just right and the screen can stay centered. Same is true for laptops if you have an external keyboard and wireless mouse. But if you are in a, what I consider, realistic gaming position like sitting in a recliner or couch and just have your laptop and mouse to play with then things get difficult. Like my computer I have a large portion to the right of my trackpad that I use as my mouse spot, but it is uncomfortable to have to also reach with my left hand and do the arrow buttons to move the camera. I know this seems petty or lazy, but I just don't think I'm the only one who has this issue, and to my uninformed coding ignorant mind it seems like an easy addition to the game. #EDIT Just was informed about moving the camera with the mouse wheel. My mouse didn't work that way (extra buttons) so I didn't think that was an option, but one of the extra buttons on my mouse lets me adjust the camera. So if someone can delete this I'd be thankful.
  7. Carrier Pigeons

    A lot of MMO's have mail systems. Some even have Cash On Delivery options. Someone posts that they are selling something and you pm them and say you want it. Instead of meeting up they can just mail it to you C.O.D. and you get it when you visit storage next or whenever you swing by the mailbox. Another use I can think of is sending stuff between alts. Especially on the Android client since you can't have 2 windows open.
  8. New Login Screen for Multiple Characters

    That sounds awesome!
  9. Unable to Harvest occasionally

    It happened last on Amber, and I am under lvled for that, but the inability to harvest lasted for over a minute before I restarted. Yes, I'm able to see things and get the details about them and yes I can get the harvest icon to show up. Things it has happened to me on: Diamonds, rose quartz, coal, amber, iron, roses. At least that's all I can remember off the top of my head. The only thing I'm under lvled on is the Amber.
  10. Problem with Questlog

    I do wish the files for things like this and the configuration file had different permissions so you didn't have to root to access it.
  11. New Login Screen for Multiple Characters

    Couldn't there just be a detailed guide post on the forum in the help section that mods could point people to? I'd be willing to write the windows version. Also, the way I'm thinking about it. The functionality could be in the client and just let people figure it out knn their own. All of the current workarounds for this issue already require some minimum amount of technical know-how. And I know I've been on both sides of the situation with trying to figure out how to do it. I had to have it explained to me in detail years ago, and I've explained it to people several times since then. What would be the difference in the current state of affairs and what I'm suggesting? Honestly to me having a more official way to do it all seems way simpler to explain than the current state. And as far as the android client goes. It's already limited in several aspects. No reason this one would be a big deal that it wasn't available. Or would only be available to people who understand how to root their phones and manipulate their file systems.
  12. I was wondering if it was possible to scale the maps on the mobile version of the games so that the bottom of the maps are not covered up by the HUD icons on the bottom of the screen?

    1. Burn


      That requires more than map scaling, it requires code changes that determine where you click. The map graphic itself can't change that.


      So it's something Radu would have to handle.

    2. Affliction
  13. Enhanced Harvester Medallion

    Yeah, but isn't that a risk/benefit kind of thing that would need to be weighed? Like how often/successful would people macro with it vs how often/successful people use it legitimately? I think the benefit of legitimate use would outweigh the risks of illegitimate use... but then again I'm not the one policing the rule breakers. LOL
  14. New Login Screen for Multiple Characters

    I know some games have "Account" passwords and logins that you then get access to all characters on that account on a login screen. But I was trying to think of a simpler way that wouldn't require the devs to code a whole new security system for logins. I think that way would be great, but I'd be happy with the simpler method I suggested. And there is a workaround that exists now. You can have different files set up for each character so when you open the client it has your info pre-loaded. I just think this way would be easier. One client, one file, multiple characters login info. The way I suggest should also not affect people who share an account. they can all put the login info in their .config file and have the char listed on their login page. And yeah, I'd LOVE to have a visual representation with last worn items etc. But i'd be super happy with just a list of saved characters to log into on one side of the screen, and the current login form on the other side of the screen for people with just one character or for people who don't want to save login info in a file.
  15. Enhanced Harvester Medallion

    Love this idea. Had to resurrect it.