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  1. eternallands crashes when trying to start client

    It’s hard to tell exactly what went wrong from the log file you provided (Bluap is the man when it comes to stuff like that ) but my guess would be Raz and Esteria are probably correct re: something in your config becoming corrupted. IMO the most likely scenario is that your Mac performed a software update while you were in sleep mode (that’s the default behaviour, anyway) and the act of closing all three EL windows simultaneously caused them to write to the same config files at exactly the same time, resulting in some kind of unexpected behaviour. re next steps: my advice is the same as what Raz just suggested. Don’t copy over the main config file as that’s likely the culprit here, but the character-specific JSON files (counters, spells, etc) should be fine as they are only loaded when the character is logged in, making it very unlikely they were causing your client to crash and burn on launch
  2. eternallands crashes when trying to start client

    Hi Caladina, Please try the following: 1. Browse to the “~/Library/Application Support/” folder. You can do this via the command+space spotlight search, just enter what is between the quotes. 2. Within that folder, and with no EL windows open, rename the “Eternal Lands” folder to something else. Do not delete it, or you might lose counters or other important stuff you might want to keep. 3. Try opening an EL window and let me know what happens. The settings will all be back to default, but that is as expected for now.
  3. Hi Tempsds, Those TTF errors you are seeing are normal, it just means those particular system fonts don't contain all of the necessary symbols which would be required for it to be used in the game client. Pretty much every platform we support has at least a couple of fonts like that; the errors are harmless and won't be the cause of your client crash. If you're still interested in trying to get things going, could you please follow the steps below: Browse to your (My) Documents folder, in which there should be a folder named "Eternal Lands" Rename the "Eternal Lands" folder to something else ("EL Backup" would work) Launch the game and see what happens, note that a new "Eternal Lands" folder will be automatically created If the game still isn't working as expected at this point, please do the following: Browse to the newly created "Eternal Lands" folder Within this you will find a "log" folder containing a bunch of random .log files Upload the FULL contents of main_*.log to pastebin, or paste it in your response here
  4. changes made in game don't stay when logged out

    Hi Caladina, Did you copy any of your old EL config files when you moved over to your new Mac? A lot has changed in the years since the last Odie client, and I always recommend Mac folks work from the client-generated config file when switching to my newer build. Aside from that, the behaviour you mention also commonly occurs with folks who use multiple clients (on any platform). If you fall into that group I suggest making (and saving) the config changes when you only have a single client open, or ensuring that the client you make the config changes in is the last client to be closed when you're done playing - that'll prevent your new settings from being overwritten by your old ones
  5. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I heard the news this morning and I still can't believe it. EL won't be the same without you. RIP my friend.
  6. Eternal Lands for macOS - Download here!

    Unfortunately 10.14 is the earliest macOS version my builds support. I chose 10.14 as it is the earliest we can target without causing annoying compromises for those running newer versions. 10.14 was also the final macOS to support 32-bit apps, and it seemed like a happy medium between "old" and "new" whereby those used to their older apps would not be left in a position where they had to choose between modern EL and access to those older apps. For a bit of context, 10.14 was released in 2018 and is compatible with nearly any Mac released from 2012 onwards (including a 2015 MBP!). If you drop me a forum PM I'll be happy to discuss the barriers which are preventing you from upgrading. It seems a shame to be stuck on 10.11 (which Apple considers EOL) when you have the ability to run the latest and greatest
  7. I don't care for the rest of the complaining, but this is wholly incorrect. Our most recent release (1.9.5p9) had six unique code contributors, and numerous client testers who provided valuable feedback and bug reports. Client development has never been healthier.
  8. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    You are right, Revi, the text input behaviour has changed a little since p8. I highlighted this during testing, and it turns out it is an intentional change. The text input area can now expand multiple lines (useful for folks playing with a smaller window/larger font setting).
  9. Those errors seem to be normal for folks running a client with JSON capability for the first time (certain files don't exist yet). The client_state file seems to be created when a JSON capable client is first closed, and testing here without the client_state file isn't causing any crashing (but I do see the same errors as you, as expected).
  10. Login problem after changing password

    I have just put this to the test, and I can confirm that your suspicion appears to be correct. Useful info for those who might stumble across this in future LenSon, as bluap suggested, can you try logging in using ONLY the part of the new pass that was before the space?
  11. login screen Question

    Caladina, sounds like you're looking for the "username" option on line 11 of el.ini. You can find it at the following location: ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands/main/el.ini
  12. A hide and show option alone wouldn't make it possible to re-order those bars, as they'd still display in their pre-determined order when enabled (like elements on the side bar). This is just my view, but I would also suggest that things like health, mana, carry capacity and food level are important base functions of the game and should never have an option to disable them in the UI entirely.
  13. Eternal Lands for macOS - Download here!

    Version 1.9.5p8 is now available, please see the first post for the download link.
  14. Eternal Lands for macOS - FAQs

    What if I am running a version of macOS older than 10.14 Mojave? If you've been holding out for a version of Eternal Lands which fully supports modern versions of macOS, it is now safe to upgrade. If you can’t (or don’t want to) update to a newer version of macOS, you may have luck with one of Sir_Odie’s older Mac builds which are available here. These builds are not recommended for users with modern versions of macOS due to missing features and incompatibility with newer GateKeeper requirements.
  15. Eternal Lands for macOS - FAQs

    How do I install custom maps? As of version 1.9.5p8, the macOS client includes the minimal BurnedMaps pack by default, eliminating the need to install it separately. If you'd prefer to use an alternative (such as the full BurnedMaps pack) you may install them at the following path: ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands/updates/1_9_5/maps/<the .dds files go here> Warning: this feature is not officially supported. Mods are not obligated to help if you submit a #help_me request.